I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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A deeper experience of time and Being: All is connected, but a whole does not need to be connected.

If you really get time, experience it, it is so simple that it is magnificent beyond measure. In this moment, it all is connected. Only connected is SUCH a wrong word. How can a whole be connected? We/You/I are that whole, and it is I/You/We. And it is all right now, here, in this moment. So simple. So magnificent. So divine. Just like you are.

For technical reasons, I had to shorten the above main title a bit until it fit.  The real title of this document is this:

A deeper experience of time and Being: All is connected?  Yes but no.  A whole does not need to be connected.

About a week ago (on 4/12/2019), I had a deep insight into time.   Maybe even "Being."

As already briefly mentioned before, my wife and I were sitting in a café, talking about life after Heather’s death, and our struggles.  And I talked to her about all the other insights I was thinking about:   into all is connected, and time.  And how we are all divine, and she is divine, and we only forget this while here on earth.

But so far, my realization had only been theoretical.  I understood, theoretically, that there are variant futures, which are all taken, with all possible weightings, and they all “interconnect”  in some big “cloud of possibilities” (I don’t know how to say it better) also linking all pasts, and all futures, together.  It is an infinite space of possibilities.  It is “All-That-Is.”

I got that theoretically.

But at that moment, I experienced it.  It came to life to me.  I experienced wholeness again (second only to this and later, this one).   In that one moment, all other moments existed.  This moment expanded to include all, all time, as a whole.  And it was ALL RIGHT THERE. All time. All Being.

And it was beyond magnificent.  It was so magnificent, that it brought tears into my eyes. 

And said to her, If you could only see what I see, you would understand.  You would understand: you ARE divine.  As a matter of fact, if you, reader, can really see that, you will have the same experience, you will understand, it is beyond magnificent.  It is all right here, in this moment.  ALL.

It is at that point, that a song came on, that had special meaning.  As already briefly mentioned in this article,  we had been talking for some time, 2 hours, and there was background music all the time, but that song made me loose my thread, and I had to listen, I HAD TO, and it turned out to have meaning for my wife.  A sign was sent, and received.  Thank you!

And I said to my wife, as I always say:  “You see, it is all connected.

But today, I had another insight, where I now understand that “it is all connected”  is such an oversimplification.   

Because, everything ("every thing") is one whole.   And how can a whole be connected?   

When we say “it is connected,”  it implies separation.  It implies that we are still separate entities, separate jewels in the net of Indra, separated against each other and that we have to be connected.

That somehow, this is not a whole, and these little jewels of divinity that we are have to be connected together.  Again, in that view is still that view of an individual vs a community/whole.  “Connected” expresses the view of an individual  needing to be connected.  

But we are so much more!

When you can see that, from another viewpoint, it IS already one whole, undivided, and perfect because it contains all, including itself, then there is no connections needed.  It is all one.  

YOU are one with ALL, and ALL is one with YOU.

That is what we are.  One without another.   ONE:  Containing all, all individuals, all possibilities, and all what we call time.  And We/you/I containing that one.  Unbroken wholeness.

And it is all right here, in this moment. All of you, us, all versions, and all "time."

What we call "time" is simply an experienced separation , as a directed “movement” over that wholeness within us as it unfolds itself, interating,  into this MOMENT of space (spacetime) and matter (atoms and such) and our individual consciousness (see churning).  I will talk more about that shortly

No need for complicated concepts like entropy and such crap to explain an “arrow of time.”  All way too complicated.

Time is all so simple if you only get to see it.  SO simple.

And SO magnificent.

Just like you are.  Everyone is.  All is.  We are:  divine magnificence.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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