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A message from the near future: The Christmas shoe miracle


This is part of a series of articles that deal with evidence that the future sends information back into the past, and how time also ripples backwards, forming a temporal whole.

The following occurred on Christmases Eve 2019. It is, in a way, a small Christmas miracle.

About two months prior, we had ordered a pair of shoes for my wife's upcoming birthday from a small online retailer. The shipper was based out of Hong Kong, and initially there was a problem with our payment; it took a while to clear things up, and by that time the item was no longer in stock.  So by now, two months later, I had pretty much given up hope that this would still work out, and that my wife would receive her shoes.

It is now about 10:30 in the morning, Christmas Eve, and we go to get the car out of the garage to go run some errands.

At that point, my wife say, “Oh, you know what, I got an email from the company that they had shipped my shoes.  That was about two weeks ago, and they still are not here.”  “Two weeks ago?," I say, "well they do come from Hong Kong.”

At that moment, the mail man pulls up, the vehicle filled to the brim with last minute Christmas packets.  “Wait, don’t leave yet,” he says, “I have a package for you.  It feels like it is some shoes.”

Low and behold, it was the shoes my wife had just remarked about.  My wife was quite ecstatic, to finally get the item.

I find this remarkable, for several reasons. 

First, she had received the shipping notice email about two weeks prior, but never had mentioned the message to me, even though it had been a continual topic for us.  Second, for her to then bring this up, exactly at this moment about one minute before the mail man was to pull up with that package is quite amazing.  Furthermore so, because (unlike me), my wife typically does not show any sort of "psychic" or clairvoyant abilities, nor does she really believe in it.  

So I told her, “You see, you probably got a message from your own, excited future self, sent back in time to you, that the shoes got here.”

And to boot, pun fully intended, she even loves her new shoes.

In a way, a minor Christmas miracle.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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