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All is holographic: All is there already, yet created at the same time

All is holographic:  All is there already, yet created at the same time.

All is holographic: All is there already, yet created at the same time.

Saturday 8/24/2019 9:45 A.M.

[ … after some short private guidance, the dialogue turned to a subject that has been on my mind for days now … ]

 … Yet, that’s the way it is.

The Club: Yes, exactly:  The way it is.

And is that not a nice segue to our topic of “creation.” And that all that can be, already is. So I still wonder why, and who, and how that came to be?

Earlier we sent you a flash of insight.  Consider it the other way that you create reality as you go along, meaning, you and everybody else’s actions influence the current situation, and thus a new situation is created on the fly.  It does not matter here if it also opens up new branches – just consider it all like you normally do, that all in 3D is created in the present moment, and thus brings about a new situation, “as normally” thought about.

OK, I am with you.

Then, how will this seem to beings beyond time – that is, not caught in the sequence of the present, but able to see all time at once, just like you can see a 3D terrain all at once?  It would be like a block universe, as Einstein called it, where all this sequence is perceivable “and there” all at once.

Yes, absolutely.

So, for beings out of time, the end-result, if you want to call this, is the same, no matter if the “universe” is created in every moment, in YOUR time, or if it is all [already] there together.

Yes, I get that, now I am curious where you will go with this.

So it’s just a different way to see things.

But to us, it makes a huge difference.

No, it does not, you still only choose.  The problem is in the distinction of how you see time, and out of it comes the distinction of lives and creation. To us, it does not matter, really, one way or another, we are able to see it all as finished, or as being created.  You, on the other hand, cannot fathom that.

OK, but does this creation still not imply a sequence?

Of course there is a sequence. However, and now we come to the crux of it: remember it is all holographic.  All parts contain each other and so on.

And maybe therein lies the answer, what you have been missing.

[I get the insight and they pick it up: ]  Yes, now you see it!

In the hologram (wrong word, but OK) – all possible combinations exist.  ALL.  No matter if they are physically possible or not.  And now, as part of the process, including churning, these membranes are drawn around certain configurations, so then you come up with these total situations, as perceived by some consciousness at some level.

Right, I see it now.

So, from one view ALL is there, all possibilities, all variant lives, all paths in these lives, all choice points, because in “the hologram” or net of Indra, all possibly combinations exist – have to exist.  You see?

From the other point of view, you can now ALSO say that you create things as you go through the life path.  From that point, a given action WILL cause a result, even though that result already existed in the hologram (net if Indra).  It “simply” draws the next membrane around the total situation.

The other distinction is that not ALL that is possible is always open to a consciousness to choose from, but only the choices it can recognize. That’s why we said different soul configurations may go through the “same life” yet discover and take also other choices.

You see, it all is not a contradiction.

But it all stems from the idea of the whole being “holographic.” That is the key to all of this.

Yes, I see it very clearly now.  ALL configurations of 3D do exist in the hologram. But seen from another angle, we create the universe moment to moment.

Exactly.  You could also say, maybe better:  You re-discover the universe changed, from moment to moment.


It is all very simple and beautiful if you can see it.  The universe, All-That-Is, is really nothing complex.

Well… [laughing]

Of course from your view… [laughing]

So why could you not tell me this simply before?

Because you had preconceived notions.  You had taken up the ideas of Frank/TGU as given. They did open up some space [of insights] and ideas, but also locked it.  So you were not receptive enough for this, and had to work yourself through it.  Eventually, enough contradictions of misunderstandings added up for this “to fester” and we worked with your subconscious (or your non-3D parts) to allow this to come through.  You see, you had kind of forced the discussion a little bit in some direction, and thus we said “We cannot tell you,” because it would not flow there.

So you say, take all other insights from TGU with a grain of salt?

Yes, much is true, but much is also filtered through Frank’s mind.  As you see now, as you study his later writings, some points changed.

Yes, because of the “A needs B, and B needs A” way.

Right, so he must take some intermediate steps to move this upwards, sort of dialectic.  He also “just” has a 3D mind [as you all do] that receives this input, and this process is fallible, or is given to faults – as you yourself know!


The best indicator is this flow. When it flows, there are none or few blocks, and you just receive.  OK, enough for now to chew on?

Yes, let’s top. Until next time.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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