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Alternate Realities and Variant Lives do not just branch, but superimpose and merge again

Outlining a possible solution to how alternative realities may not just branch but also merge again, or influence each other.

As I go through some old notes, I found one from about a year ago, dealing with “alternate realities” that I thought was worthwhile presenting here, particularly in the context of variant lives and all being holographic, including time.

It outlines a possible solution to how alternative realities may not just branch but also merge again, or influence each other.

If you think, alternate realities are just the stuff of science fiction, then think again.  In quantum physics, there is one interpretation called the “many worlds interpretation” by Hugh Everett and Bryce DeVitt that, loosely stated, says that we create an alternate reality at every atomic moment. (Strictly speaking, Everett proposed a “many minds” and DeVitt “many worlds” interpretation.)

This sidesteps a hard problem in quantum physics, where in an experiment the result depends on the observer, for example, based on the observer we either measure momentum or velocity, or see Schrödinger’s cat as dead or alive. Poor cat.

In the many words interpretation however, everything that can happen, does happen, and at very moment at the atomic scale, multiple branches of reality are opened up. 

Of course, you quickly realize that this then opens up more and more and more realities. Infinitely many.  And humans have a problem with infinities, and here we have infinities upon infinities of alternate realities. So naturally the many-worlds-interpretation seems quite counter-intuitive, and at first was widely ignored if not ridiculed, but today it is actually being considered.

That is why this write-up here presents a different view at looking at this.  I am writing this up on 9/25/2019, but the actual note was written on 12/30/2018.  I think this one is interesting, because it does have a novel approach to this problem, and links directly to the more recent posts on variant lives and the holographic model.

So let me present it here, and then continue the commentary below:

From my notebook, 12/30/2018 (typed up 9/25/2019)

I always thought that in alternate reality branching, each branch was definite.  Like each branched reality was like an independent particle [meaning, separate and isolated from all else:  once you branch off, that’s it].

Normal View: Alternate realities branching

But now I realize that each branch is more like a wave (“pebble in the pond”), and that the ripples may interfere with other branches.  Thereby all is interconnected.

Alternate Reality: wave model

But note how the above diagram has a special organization. That may not exist, as all overlaps.  However, some alternates may be more “similar” than others, and in that may “overlap” or interfere more.

As a matter of fact, this model may allow for the merging of realities again, when two interferences produce another common reality.

So we have

  1. A branching
  2. Mutual interference
  3. Convergence
  4. A merging


Alternate Realities: merging

It is ONE fluent system, where all realities are interconnected.

Continue commentary:

At the time when I wrote that note I was reading “Seth speaks” by Jane Roberts, and Seth often talks about "probable selves" and "probable worlds" and how they all influence each other.  So I would say this influenced this view.

The point of the note is that we tend to think about the many-world-theories or alternate realities as opening up discrete branches, that from that point on are separate from each other.  But that is based on a human-centric view of it all, which is to see all things as entities and separate items.  However, from quantum physics we know that all particles are also a wave, so there is also the view of a more holistic field.

If we now switch to seeing possible alternate realities not only from the view of separate entities and branches, but ALSO as pocessing or being a wave nature, then these waves may superimpose on top of each other, and influence each other!  This is in a way of merging it all back together. 

In a way, it is a bit like thinking of the problem of Schrödinger’s cat, where the quantum states are superimposed or "superpositioned" until an observer opens the box.

Here, the alternate realities all superimpose on top of each other, and as you go through your life you open or experience YOUR reality, which is nonetheless intricately linked with all the others.

What we have here is also a way for variant lives to influence each other.  At many points, I talked about how at a given choice point in life a variant life gets spawned: If I go left, the other or others go right, etc.  But we also had talked about how there may be a bleed through, and we may feel a “cross-percussion” from another variant life.  

This is seen in the context of time being holographic, and how events from the past have repercussions, but also events from the future send pre-percussions as ripples backwards, which we sometimes feel as premonitions. Likewise, events from a variant life or parallel life may bleed through and have "cross-percussions." (Deja vu may be an example).

And in earlier posts I also expanded this holographic model to everything being holographic, matter, time, space, etc.,  so here now these alternate realities or variant lives are also just an extension to this all.  Only, instead of seeing these variants branching off into more and more infinities, this here gives a way of seeing it again more whole again, of each part influencing all others, each part holding all others and vice versa.

Thereby all is whole again: one undivided whole.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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