I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Alternate soul configurations experience and explore a life differently


8/16/2019 4:20 P.M.

I would like to attempt a dialogue. […] Anyways, tuning in to the substratum. How different late summer is from spring, where has all the teaming-with-life gone? All the birds? Still beautiful, but quit, almost eerily quiet.   
OK, let’s go!

The Club: What would you like to talk about?

I’d like to continue on the topic of the other day. Maximizing experience (for the oversoul).  How is it possible that some configuration of soul-strands A  and B both go through the same entry point (a birth) and do not have the same experience?  You’re up.

You’re too constraint.  Let it flow differently.

OK, then how should we do it?

Do you think a different configuration could have this moment, this complete situation right now?

I am not sure.

Work it through.

A different config would have had to have made every same choice in life up to this point.  For that to happen, given my age, it would have to be pretty much the same.

OK, then when would it ever branch off?

As you said the other day: at one choice point, some choices are not aware for me, but they are for a different configuration.

OK, so go with that.

Only at that point would it really fork into a set of different experiences.

So state your difficulties.

I thought that at any point, all branches are available and taken.

Yes, but not open to a config!

I don’t understand.

Quite simply, a given config would sometimes never choose a given path.  As we said before: a more stable config A would never seriously consider suicide, a less stable would – that of course being an extreme example.  

So vastly different configs, not B but Z+++ would tend to branch off in different regions very quickly.  Very similar ones will mostly parallel the same lives and only branch off much later, but not necessarily [i.e. could be earlier].

The difficulty is, you have been assuming that probability 0 and 1, meaning “never” and “always,”are completely excluded.  And they are from the choices that are recognized.

That is the key.

If a choice is recognized by the individual awareness, then it always will explore them all. It will never exclude any, or take one exclusively, but always explore all: to maximize experience.

But some choices are simply not perceived.

What is the different then, between A and B configuration running through the “same life,” you ask?  Well, the difference is exactly the configuration! Remember, it is not only the 3D parts but also the All-D parts, the connections, the threads, that will –as a whole– do the interpretation.

Oh, I remember from CS*  there is a design pattern called a “visitor.”  There is a scene graph, and you run through the graph using different visitors,  for example one to produce a wireframe or a fully rendered image.  The visitor “reads” the same data, the 3D scene graph, but the interpretation of it is different.   
*[ CS: Computer Science:  I used to work in 3D special effects and animation in the movie industry.  In computer animation (CGI), a 3D scene or object is represented internally as a “scene graph,” a hierarchy of parts, which the render system traverses to produce an image ]

Very good analogy!  So each soul strand configuration runs through the real 3D life graph, so to speak, and has a different interpretation.  

All atomic movements are the same –they already exist, even all thoughts are the same, but the context in which the thought is interpreted is different based on the soul configuration and its connection with non-3D. And in that total situation, that includes the 3D and non-3D parts, a thought produces different emotions and experiences, and thus choices.

And thereby a configuration A of strands will see possibly slightly different choices as, say, B or indeed a substantially different configuration of strands such as Z-Two-Billion.

Very interesting. Is there any evidence that can be found, as seen by us?  Like a past-life remembrance?

Well, you do have déjà vu.  We talked about this. Before we said it is parallel lives* (which all of these are),  but now we have parallel lives that are completely different configs.
*[That article did not state “parallel lives” explicitly, but here is the key sentence: ”So we, you ARE or have been ( a temporal distinction based on 3D only) simultaneously in all of this. So your déjà vu is just a remembrance of that fact, of a greater you that has been, or is, in all of this. ]

So, it is kind of hard, because you are all running through the same “[life] scene graph” at the same time.  And déjà vu can only be done or happen if another parallel life or config hit that same point “before,” right?

But remember that “at the end of the day”(completely wrong term) it is all one. So all experiences are in effect experienced, all choices are taken, it is just that a given config CANNOT take them all, because it will not detect them all, so to get all possible experiences this “multi life” is the way.

So you are saying that there are different versions, configs, of “me” that have committed suicide, or had accidents, or were murdered, or committed crimes or whatnot terrible you can think of ?

Have there not been dark hours in your life? Of course, committing something horrible like murder is pretty much ruled out in this config, because you always valued life too much.  But other configs have VASTLY different life branches, and VASTLY different interpretations, especially for the times after you left home and set out into the world.

Your love of life, your resistance to organized warfare, etc. have greatly to do with the strand configuration that YOU are as this individual.  Another strand configuration may have joined the army as a young man, for example, because it did not have this spiritual heritage.

That is a very good point. If I think back over my life, there is really nothing that would encourage this disdain of warfare, or organized religion.  Other than an ethics class, once, but I doubt that would have triggered it.

That is correct. Another configuration of “you” would not even have chosen that ethics class, right?

Very much so. I really cannot say, based on my upbringing, where these disdain would come from.

Or your sense for independence, going your own way.

Right, if anything my parents had argued against that.

True.  So that is your spiritual heritage. Your psychologists call it the “temperament” of a person, and people are born with it.  We had talked about it once.
So here you go: given this “pre-tuning,” this temperament, this configuration of strands, you interpret a situation including “your” thoughts differently, and have a different reaction and then different choices available to you. Often, if the tuning is quite different, paths will diverge early on. If similar, they are the same for along time, until at one point quite late in life there is a divergence.

And now I have an insight into why you said “the life entry point” can be seen in different ways [previous session].  Because all configs run through this at once, because in All-D there is no time.
Exactly! It is not like the oversoul inserts first A then B sequentially, but rather it is all done “at once,” we cannot say it better, because it is outside of time.


Yes, Mr. Spock, it kind of is. Again, “maximize experience.”

OK, let’s go back to destiny.

No destiny, only attractor points with higher probability. Many of them.  Let’s leave this for another time.

Remember: as far as this topic here how as a teen you had this disdain for war, etc.  That is as strong an indicator for a certain config going through this life path and making choices. And as you know, it is based on some strong strands within you ( Hello, Sr. [...]), which you once interpreted as a past life, but today you understand it better.  Other configs will not have this, and a completely different experience will emerge.

Back to thoughts, for a moment. We all have the same thoughts as we go through this [life-scene-graph], but a given config will catch a certain thought stronger than another, and it goes from there, a different path emerges not seen by the first config.

Yes, I understand now clearly. [Thinking of Heather’s death]  It’s been good talking today.  Let’s stop.

Until next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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