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An Oversoul will send infinite soul variations through the same life paths

An Oversoul sends infinite soul variations through the same life

8/14/2019 7:30P.M.

Sitting in the backyard, in the afternoon sun. It’s late summer, most birds have left. Tuning in, finding a gate of truth, the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze, a few birds singing.   [Nothing is coming, several disturbances].  Ah, nothing like having a talk late in the day; mind is not ready, disturbances…

OK, let’s get going. Club, are you there?

The Club: Yes, we are here [faint].

But not very loud.

As loud as ever. Your reception is muted.

OK, let’s try it. What is up with this notion of souls not just being reconstituted anew from strands, but whole souls being reused (by the oversoul)?

Well it’s partially right.  The oversoul tries to get every possible experience. This is why a life goes through all decisions and variant lives, with all strength of choices.  But if the oversoul builds a given life only in a singular way, won’t it limit itself to the experience?

UN-LIMITED.  INFINITE experience of all lives and all choices.

The maxim, so to speak, is to have every possible experience possible.  So why would an oversoul limit itself in any way! If it can have “just” the experience of one variant life-set (all variants of one life), or reinsert…

[Longer interruption; a neighbor stopped by and we talked ]

I guess we got interrupted at the key moment, cause I am curious about “reinserted.”

State your thought.

OK, if all already exists that can exist (in 3D), in all its infinite branches, choices, variant lives, alternate realities, if all this exists in 3D, can at a given birth point, when a soul is inserted, can that birth-point be used multiple times? Can different soul configurations be inserted at the same point in 3D and run though all-that-is-already?

That is a good question, and will take time to answer. In short, it depends how you look at it.  So the first answer is yes.

A given insertion point, a birth, can be used infinitely many times.  In fact, it is.

Remember, the key is to maximize experience.  So that, at that point, let’s say the oversoul has configured the strands, let’s call it “A,” it inserts A at this point and A runs through all variants and you get A1 through, say, A-Ten-billion variants. Remember: infinite. Don’t be scared of big numbers.

Now, the oversoul can now configure a new soul, call it B, and do the same.  That is reinsert it. Or it can take what is A, and mix in just one other strand, so you have, say, 99% of A and 1% of X, and insert that at this point [ the same birth-point], or another point, etc.  Or just take 1% of A and 99% of X and insert that again.  And EVERYTHING in-between.

And insert any of them into any life points, call them entry points.

Not only that, but there are infinite oversouls, and any of them can do all this, too.

This is how you maximize experience.

Wow, not sure what to say now.  But earlier you said, it depends on how you look at it.

Right, that viewpoint [above] is to still see it all as separated. But you have to remember that all is really one, the Net of Indra.  It really is just a remixing of the “ingredients,” the churning out, the unfolding of the enfolded.  

It is simply to extend the idea of choice up one level, to the oversoul. Instead of in your life deciding on a life-choice by choice basis, “should I drive to the store or not,” this is choosing on a “life by life basis,” “how do ‘I’ [oversoul] build a life [soul], and where to ‘I’ insert it.”

It is the exact same thing, living out all possibilities, only at one level higher. And thus, just as one life forms a possibility cloud, so does the oversoul itself, by living through all possible combinations.

OK, so the other way of looking at this is…

… seeing it as one “thing,” one complete “set” of all possible lives or experiences. It is just to expand this notion of “all is experienced” one level higher, whereby we have seen that “level” does not really apply.

All you need to understand is that: Maximize experience.
If there is one mantra for life, it is that.

OK, but if the oversoul inserts a life A vs. a life 90%A + 10%B at the same entry point, won’t that run though the same  variant life, and the experience will not be different?

No!  Because while it is true that all branches are at any choice points, it should really be all branches open to a given soul-configuration.  For example, a more stable A will not have a choice of suicide at a given point, or would not take it.  While a more unstable version does. So only by having all these different versions go through an entry point can all experiences be lived.

Hmmm.  It seems we are opening again the door to destiny.

No, in a given life, say A, enough variants will exist that there cannot be destiny. However, there will be life-point-attractors around which a life will congregate, no matter what.  That’s because time is not just branching forward, but also connecting or collecting backwards to these attractors.

OK, let’s leave it at that.  I want to come back to the purpose of A vs. B going through the same life set [of choices]. But it’s enough for now.

Sure, as you wish.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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