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An inner dialogue must flow, on exploring a topic, abstractions, and seeing connections.

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An inner dialogue can only flow if you have no strong preconceptions about where it can go. This is to explore a topic: to let it flow -- naturally. At that point, new insights and connections can be glimpsed.

5/15/2019 6:10 a.m.

Hanns (H): Sitting outside. Sunrise. Very cold, chilly morning. Brilliant sky, colors, birds. Beautiful.

So are you here? Nothing. Just talking into a void again. No inner dialog? Too early? Too cold?  Are you here?

The Club: We are always here. What do you want to know?

"Abstract." [I had been reading about abstractions and concepts in philosophy, so I wanted to talk on that topic.]

[ --  nothing -- ]

Are you guys not ready?

We are ready. You are not.

What do you mean by that?

Your mind is not receptive.

What does that mean?

You have preconceived ideas about where this should go.  The dialog will not be ready to flow.

It’s all about flow. About not blocking. Do you see that?

Yes. That's how it was when it worked the best. It just flowed.

So Flow.

What do you mean?

Flow with it.

Should I look up the word?

No, not necessary. It's an easy concept.

Aha! The word “concept.” 

OK now you don't trust yourself.  Again, like something has to come and if it's not there it is a blockage and it can’t flow.


So picture flow. Flowing water. Water flows around obstacles but along a channel.  The channel gives it a direction, overall, but if it hits an obstacle it simply branches. It goes where it needs to go. So it is with this dialog. It needs to go where needs to go.

Ok, so where does it need to go?

here. To this. Obviously. [laughing]

So is there no inside?

But we are teaching you right now. Maybe you have to “think” about it? Or, as in the book, meditate on it?  You are too close, and need to step back so that it can flow better.

OK, but can are not have a question?

Of course.  And it helps to prime the pump. You must have a focus. But it can't be hard, it must stay playful, loose, otherwise it cannot flow.  

So we’ll ask you, today, to think about flow. Because flow is movement. It is not static, but alive, dynamic. Thought, too, must remain dynamic and subtle, bendable.

Interesting. This is going in a completely different direction from what I was thinking.

Yes and no.  It really is about insights. How to you get them.  As you are thinking about concepts and abstractions. But that is too far down-the-line. First it must be able to flow, and find it's “natural” connections.

Why “natural” in quotations?

Because the connections are, how shall we say, all there -- you just haven't found them.  And sometimes it takes a little guidance to find them.

So connection -- to look it up?

Yes. That would be a good start. Flow, to find natural connections.

Glass bead game. That's what the glass bead game is: to abstract, yes, but to find connections. To see the oneness.

So abstractions abstract away until you can see the original, natural connection -- and then you stop removing attributes. Until the flow has revealed a connection.

That is to abstract. It is not an unlimited movement, because then, like Frege said [19th century philosopher and mathematican], it is back to simply “one,” but the human mind cannot conceive of that.  That is beyond rational thought, and must be experienced.

Ok. So now the dialog is talking about “abstract” and “concepts.” A bit more what I wanted to get to.  

Ah! But you see, it flowed there naturally. It did not jump there out of nothing, but you let it evolve, because you are open to it.

I may have more questions on all this.

And answers will come. Just be open. Trust yourself, and you are doing fine.

You're not alone in this.

An ending for today?

Probably yes. You are not ready to go further yet.

Did I say that last part?

In part, yes, as you still doubt.  Let's stop here.

Ok, thank you. I enjoyed it.

And that is the key: to simply enjoy it. Then it can flow.   So what if you write something “strange” and off topic.  It lets you stay lose, and light, and let’s you go exploring.

That is the whole spirit.

Look that one up, too.

Flow – Connection – EXPLORE.

Enough for now.

Ok, bye

So later during that day I did look up the three words, and as I always do, went straight to their etymological root.

Flow:  from IE root *pleu,  to flow, or float.

Connect:  tie together.  Latin connectere = con + nectere (together + bind, tie).

Explore – now that one was a bit different, and it almost a bit eery how well it fits.  Apparently, they are not quite clear where that word comes from.  There are two different descriptions:

  • Latin: Ex + plorare:  to let out a loud cry (plorare, to weep, cry).  It may have a hunter scouting out an area by means of shouting.
  • But there is a second possible sense:  Ex + pluere:   to make to flow.  From Latin, “pluo”, to rain, to fall (or drip) like rain, to rain down, ultimately from IE *pleu, which also gave us flow!

This is an uncanny connection that I did not expect. Exploring is indeed tied to flow! [Also, it is tied to the rainy day the other day].

There is no way I could have known this, but the dialogue let me to it.  To be honest, I am a bit flabbergasted here.

In this context, then, to explore is to start the flow, so that we can see natural connections.

By exploring, and not having strong opinions, but staying loose about it, the flow can start, and the dialogue can begin.   Again, it is / they are asking me to trust myself. 

To set a focus, yes, that is necessary, but not to hold too strong an opinion, as that will stifle the dialogue.  Only, if I set the focus, and stay loose about what comes trusting myself, can it flow.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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