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Art makes the invisible visible, frames it and brings it to our attention

5/21/2019 8:16 a.m.

Hanns (H):  I thought today I could maybe prime the pump a bit by looking in the book of quotations and see if anything strikes me so let me.  So let’s do this.

[looking through the book]

These two in a section on Art jump out a bit:

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

“Art does not reproduce the visible, rather it makes it visible.” – Paul Klee

 So, Club, are you here?

The Club (beyond Time and Space): We are here. So, you just had an inside as you wrote it. You looked at several pages of quotes, they were all good, but these ones you picked. And there's another one, state it here:

On beauty:

“Until I saw Chardin’s painting, I never realized how much beauty lay around me, in my parents’ house, and the half cleared table, in the corner of a table cloth left awry, in the knife besides the empty oyster shell.” – Marcel Proust.

Now read all these again. State you inside.

They are all thee on awareness. Washing away the dust, so we can be aware. Making the invisible visible. Seeing beauty.  It is, that through art, we become more aware.

That's right. So this continues our discussion from two days ago.

So, art frames.  And zooms in on something, frames it, and thereby elevates it to your awareness. Plus, the artist may use various techniques, the brush stroke, or abstractions, to point out various things.

Abstractions are especially powerful, because they strip thing down to its perceived essence. That is a very important distinction, because “a thing” does not exist per se, as all is whole, but the perceived essence is what makes it that thing for you.

Think of Cezanne, how he tried to simplify everything to get the basic shapes of sphere, triangle square, etc. That's what HE saw as and their essence. Was it their “essence”?  Clearly no. It was one way to see it.

So art gives a viewpoint. And lets you see different aspects of something you may not have seen. Paintings, sculptures, capture that inside, hold it for you to discover. Otherwise it would be fluid, dynamic, yet always there.

So art, yes, clears the dust of everyday living off the soul. Of “us,” having become mundane to the beauty all around, and lets you see it, experience it again.  

It shows the extraordinary in what you might call the ordinary. How there is beauty in it. Eternity.

And thereby it makes the invisible visible.

And most importantly, by bringing it to some awareness, it creates a connection -- between viewer and viewed, between observer and observed.  Because now the observer noticed, the beauty, the inherent beauty, that is not just in the observed but also in the observer. The same beauty connects the two.

And out of the seeming object that is distinct, a new union emerges. Or rather, a union that was always there re-emerges. And becomes perceived.

All is well. All is beauty.
You are beauty.
You are divine.

That is the real marvel of art. A marvel that your scientists can but wonder at, never to grasp it with their formulas. But that is another topic.

That was beautiful, in itself.

Words can be beautiful as well, another way of art. 
But let's go back to this: Art frames.  
Because in your everyday live, your field of vision……

Loosing it.

Yes, stomach is growling. Let's stop here.  We can pick up another time.

OK ....

And that’s what happened, the dialogue was picked up the next day.


Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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