I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

Beautiful Dawn: The Goddess of Nature and Dawn Awakening

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Beautiful Dawn: The Goddess of Nature and Dawn Awakening.

2019/04/18  6:08 a.m.

As I sit here, early in the morning, I sit outside and the sun comes up.

It is dawn.

The birds are waking up around me, filling the air with an incredible symphony of twitter this, twatter that.

It is the earth, nature, and life awakening – at least here in this little neck of the woods.

Dawn: the time of awakening.

You see, I always preferred the sunset, for its calm sereneness.  But an insight yesterday made me see and feel and experience dawn, awakening, all different.

Dawn is actually an amazing word.  It expresses the night turning into day. It originally meant “daying.”  It wasn’t a noun, but a verb (we still have this in “it dawned on him”), a process:  the universal process of  “becoming,”  of the day, life, becoming.

And so this post is about dawn.  Life an Nature awakening.

And is it is about a painting I created last night, which expresses this process, and which I named:

“Beautiful Dawn: The Goddess of Nature and Dawn Awakening.”


Beatiful Dawn: The Goddess of Nature and Dawn Awakening
Beautiful Dawn: The Goddess of Nature and Dawn Awakening.   (c)Hanns-Oskar Porr

As I sit here, I remember James Blunt’s song that I wrote about the other day (listen to it on that page), which had such an emotional impact on me:  “High – Beautiful Dawn.”   I hear it in the back of my mind, while the birds are singing, celebrating this new day, as the earth is slowly rotating me towards the rising sun.

I now have two favorite times of day – not that any moment can be beautiful: sunset, calm and serene, and sunrise at dawn, awakening.

So let me explain about the painting, how it came to be, and all the symbolism in it.

DateNight is ArtNight

Last night was “ArtNight,”  a social event held locally at a restaurant where you paint a picture –a theme- while you have some wine and food (or a whiskey and a beer in my case).  My wife had signed us up, because she once did something with Heather and really had enjoyed it.   I wasn’t sure at first. But it was a datenight, with the love of my life,  my own goddess, my wife, so how could I say no?  But I really ended up enjoying it.

The theme for that night was “Dancing Ballerina,” and the original painting showed a dancer in the moonlight, painted in mostly blue and cool tones.

But I had a different vision.  Right away, I knew, a golden background, and blue skin.  And I also added some wings that were not there template.

And then it just flowed; a completely different interpretation of the theme.  Each image created in our little group, about 20 people, turned out magnificent in its own way, perfectly expressing the person at that moment. Mine was not better, just different.

Symbols in the painting

So here is what it represents.  The whole image is a culmination of so many thoughts and experiences I have had over just the last few days, many I have already written about here before.

The figure itself is the goddess of nature, awakening at dawn, at sunrise.

It shows a goddess, but it really represents all of us: you, me, us, all.

She is the goddess of nature, which is represented in her gown, in warm earthly colors.

And as she awakens, she looks towards the sun, a star, and a light forms around her head. And this light, her own light, connects her with the greater light.

This represents our (yours, ours) divine nature. We ARE this light and the light is us, shining through us.  It is so well represented in the word “Namaste,” which I use after each blog post.   In Hinduism, it is the Atman (for lack of better word, the incarnated consciousness in us) realizing it is Brahman (the cosmic consciousness).

And this divine connection is the connection between the local light and greater light. I also let this shine through as white specs in the dress.  These are stars. We are these stars. We are made of stars.  And their light shines through to us, divinely.

And the goddess has wings, which represent this divine aspect – an image taken from the angels in Christian belief.

But there is more. It was immediately clear to me that the Goddess should have blue skin. I wasn’t sure why.  My initial thought was that it represents water, the eternal divine water which flows inside of us.

But I now realize another connection.  In the Hindu story of bringing back the Goddess of earthly wealth who was hiding in the Milky Way (“the great cosmic ocean of milk), as soon as she materialized, her sister came out, too:  the goddess of strife. And it took a God (Shiva) to neutralize her. This turned him blue, thus the blue skin (OK, I am mixing metaphors, it was the elixir of life and the elixir of disease).    But Shiva also has a female form, the Goddess  Pavarti, thus a blue Goddess.

So that’s what the blue represents:  nature holds all, the good and the bad. We tend to push the bad away, but it is part of life awakening.  If we can realize this, then we also elevate ourselves.

An ongoing process, never finished

But, also knew my picture was not finished.  It’s OK, but not quite like what had it in mind.  I was not bold enough with the use of darker colors.  But we only had 2 hours to do this, so I let it be.  

I purposely left it unfinished.

Because that also represents us, while we are living.  We are never finished, always becoming.

I realize my own picture is also not done, yet.  I am still painting my life.

And so are you.

And so I’ll ask you, please, listen to your own inner light, awakening, and see what the new day bring into your life and what you can bring to life in this day.

[PS: there is a follow up story about latent talents.]

Added later 4/19/2018  "Divine" The word divine is tied to God (French "Dieu", Spanish "Dios").  But it originally meant "to shine."  To shine, like a start.  And that is the underlying meaning in this image.  Shining, not just the star, the sun, but also within you: everything, including you, IS divine, shining.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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