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Chatting about the loss of the simultaneous now


Wednesday, 8/28/2019 6:30 P.M.

Just added our insight about wonderment and overcoming doubt into the summary.

The Club: Well, we did not specifically talk about doubt, did we?  But well enough, it certainly applies.

So I just want t put this to the test, and see if we can pick up a dialogue.

And why not?  [said vivaciously ]

You seem to be in a chipper mood!

And why not? Unlike yourself today, “somebody” has to balance out all this glum.

You like that word, huh?

Why not? Glum, glummer, Hanns today.

Heeey!  OK, so what should we talk about?  I just wrote so much about doubt, and trust, and just let it flow, whatever comes, comes.

That’s a good point. But we know what’s on your mind, right?

Topic for today, and last night, would be relativity, and the loss of the synchronous now. [See below*]

As you think, this explains about the process of asynchronous enfolding.

I would think so. If we cannot have a universal now, then there cannot be a synchronous enfolding.

OK, go with it. Let’s see what you learned.

Well, because every now is only local to a given frame of reference… OK, close enough frames, like even all life on earth, won’t see that difference, but say me and “somebody” in another galaxy far, far away would not be able to have a common now.  At least Einstein’s theory of special relativity showed this. *

*[Einstein’s theory of special relativity shows how it depends on the reference frame of the observer if two events are seen simultaneous or not, that is if they happen in the same now or not.  For one observer they may, for another they follow each other. ]

So it depends on the frame of reference. But mind you, enfolded there is only one, so there is no more frame of reference.

Enfolded space and time as well, so this is beyond space and time. So space and time only come out as part of the unfolding. At that point, the enfolded, “the one”, manifests itself in the myriad of elements across the universe.  And time comes to be “locally” a now in each frame of reference.

It’s all so weird and hard to understand.

And it helps separation, right?  “Trapped” in you own now.  Seeing and interpreting reality from that frame of reference.  

Maybe a good place to rest in wonderment.

Oh, absolutely.

Well, why don’t you stay there and see how far you can push it?

So you’re not going to tell me, again?

What would be the purpose?  Maximize experience, right?!  If we tell you, where is the fun in that?

You [^@#*#%], smiling.

Now, now… Oops, here is that word again.  LOL.

Yeah, he who has the last laugh.

Ain’t that so.  On that note, let’s stop. Did you have fun?

Yes, until next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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