I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Choice, Free Will, and Destiny – a play with probabilities

This is an age old question in philosophy:  are we the creators of our lives, do we have choice in what we are doing, and is there free will?  Or are our lives predestined?  The extreme view is that everything, and I mean everything, happens because of some grand plan that only God knows, and that humans have zero choice in our lives.  In that case, we would be nothing but robots following a pre-scripted play.  

It certainly feels to us like we have free choice, doesn’t it?  At least for most of our lives.  And then certain things happen, and we wonder, was this destiny?  We meet “a soulmate”.  A strange synchronicity happens.  Or there is an accident, a fatality, a mass shooting…    How much of this was choice?  How much of this was destiny?

I never received a good answer for this.  

But when I started reading about the interlife a new view was presented.  As mentioned, the interlife is what people under hypnosis report about when they are regressed not only to a past life, but to the time between lives.  Similarly, people who can channel entities (like Jane Roberts/Seth, or DeMarco/Rita/TGU, and others) state the same.

They all state unequivocally that
    at every moment of our lives we have free choice, and nothing is predestined.  

This has to be expanded on a bit...

First, we do have free choice to choose, but it’s not like we can choose from anything we wish for, but only from the possibilities that are open to us at any moment.  So pigs still can’t fly.  We are bound by the system of reality we are currently in.  But within that framework we can choose.

As far as the accounts of the interlife, I have already said that I see these as only a narrow viewpoint of something vastly greater.  However, there is one item here I find fascinating. Many interlife reports talk about setting up some sort of life-plan, meaning that before we are born we pre-select certain challenges that we will have to work ourselves through in the life to come  (possibly tied to karma, another one of those iffy concepts).   These have to be seen from the greater perspective from the soul or oversoul.  Say you have an accident and you go blind, that would be a huge challenge for any life, but for the soul it may be an experience that it needs.

Now you could say that such a life plan is akin to destiny.  However, these are not predestined in the sense that they must happen, but are set up only as high probabilities, which means, they may or may not happen.   Furthermore, since at any time we do have choice and free will, this means that when a challenge presents itself, we can choose if we are to take up the challenge.  

Thus, it is not that anything is predestined to happen, but we write our own lives though our choices, and thus are able to learn.  (As a sidenote, this also means that this whole stuff about self-actualization that I wrote about in the Steps of Essence is actually pretty important, because it is all about choosing yourself.)

There is more to all this after I get into probable selves and parallel experiences (and life vectors) but for now that shall suffice as an introduction.

This, to me, solves the long standing problem of free will or destiny.  It is not free will VERSUS destiny, but free will and destiny, where destiny becomes “just” a play of probabilities.

(And whenever I say “probabilities,” I immediately think of quantum states, which are all based on probabilities.  So it connects somewhere with science.  Maybe, Mr. Einstein, God does like to play dice  after all. )

Now, having said all this, this is hard to swallow on a very personal note.  Because it implies that my stepdaughter, who was murdered, somehow chose to be murdered.  I really struggle with this. Does our free choice go that far?  Certainly, once more, from the soul’s perspective, we all have to die, so this is just one way.  But for me, as a survivor, it seems hard to fathom that anybody would choose murder.  More thoughts on this to come.


Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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