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Consciousness, Matter and Time are Holographic and Enfold Asynchronously, like waves in an ocean


Friday, 8/23/2019 2:50 PM

Beautiful, warm summer day. Not a cloud in the sky.  Today I will just play with this dialogue (taking up yesterday’s private guidance), and see where and if it flows.  So Club, are you there?

The Club: Not so fast, prep some more.

OK, so there are so many loose ends. Foremost on creation, and this image of “thought is holographic.”

Therein lies creation. All is “holographic,” fully understanding that this is an incomplete word.


V: So far we had that matter and time is holographic. But now also thought and consciousness. All is enfolded, to use [David] Bohm’s word, in this “soup.”  As you already had this, matter and consciousness are really enfolded together, and later churned out to be separate.  And you had time as well.

OK, so then the unfolding is “just” to draw a membrane around a sub-set?

That is correct, in a way. But who draws the membrane? It is not draw by something external to the enfolded, as all is in there, only as it unfolds again, the membrane comes out.  As we said before: the total situation falls into place.

And time is just then a sequencing, the iteration, that you 3D beings are privy to, but we are not. For us, we can survey the whole terrain [ of 3D+time+branches], all possibility so to speak, and place ourselves into them at will, just as you can as well (on a 3D terrain), and then follow along the sequencing or branches.
[… some thoughts….]
But the key concept is that of all is enfolded.  Asynchronously. [first mentioned here]

Here is that word again. Can we please get to the bottom of it?

OK. The other day we gave you an image of an ocean, and there are waves in that ocean.  The waves are the result of many processes that happen, well, not independently but interdependently, but yet are various processes, like currents, water rolling to make wave A, other waves rolling in bigger movements to make wave B, and so on.

So it all happens at once, but also asynchronously, you see? Bigger motions and waves interacting with smaller ripples that are much faster, all asynchronously to the bigger picture of the tremendous ocean, churning (there is that word) itself.


For it is all one ocean.  Yet, seen from one view, many different processes interacting asynchronously, and from the other, one whole.

That is as good an analogy as we can give you right now.

A bit like chaos theory.

In a way, a lot of smaller chaos forming one whole, or vice versa.

I just got another image of a big surf, waves hitting a rock.

Yes, the point is you only see the top of the ocean. You only…
[ Interruption, a delivery person drops off a package… Tuning in to that image again of waves hitting a rock.]
Let’s pick it up. You only see the top of the ocean, the surf hitting the rocks, the whitecaps on the water, the waves breaking.  But underneath are all these processes, some orderly (energy rolling, flowing, currents), some chaotic, etc.  And it produces this whole, the ocean, of which you only see the surface (unless you dive, and so on).

And it’s the same in the 3D and the enfolding, and the All-D, and so on. There are also these processes, ASYNCHRONOUSLY, and they all affect this world, all worlds, parallel or not. They all feed into it, as you feed back into them.  And all consciousness at all levels, your fellow humans, the cells and all atoms all interact.  They all enfold/unfold asynchronously, but they produce the total situation as you are in.

And then your consciousness will enfold again, as do the atoms [and matter] at their pace, much faster, and out comes the next situation, the one that was chosen by the respective consciousness for that [level]. The other choices, are also taken, in parallel branches.  

But the point is, it all enfolds / unfolds at the level of consciousness as appropriate, chooses…

Hold on – is the choice done while enfolded or while unfolded?

We will not say anything on this, you will have to find out. Let’s keep going with our points here.  So… unfolds at its level, chooses, and brings this back into the mix, asynchronously.

Sounds like you just said choice is at the conscious level – unfolded?

Not so easy.  Again, you see it too separated, but it really is one whole, and the whole must be incorporated in the choice. Let’s leave it at that.


The point was that all these levels do their own choice, asynchronously, as do your brethren in 3D at YOUR level, and it all gets unfolded in this mix, so that when you choose, it is incorporating the whole, with the choices open to you.

Whew, I just glanced back, and hope I can read my handwriting above. It all came so fast!

That’s what it is like when you are in flow.

You know, it seems, sometimes some insights bottle up, and then it’s like a pressure that explodes itself into these words.

That’s a good description of what just happened. And other times, it is different, a trickle, right?

Right, then it’s like counting pennies.

It has to do with the mental preparation, the readiness, the willingness, and trust as well. When the channel is wide open, then yes, it can flow, just flow, like now in this session.

OK, so while this is a good session, so how about creation?

As stated, you always create, but it [does not pertains] to any of the 3D parts, which is a terrain. That is all we are ready to say on this right now.

OK, anything else?

Remember, from yesterday, try recording this instead of writing it down.

Yes, I forgot. Worth an experiment. OK, let’s stop. Until next time.


Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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