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Consciousness at different levels: electrons choosing

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How consciousness chooses at different levels, including electrons choosing, which is the reason why we see indeterminate results at the quantum level.

Sunday, 11/17/2019  10:08 a.m.

The following came as a momentary flash of insight, which I then broke down into this write-up:

When we talked about churning, I always wondered how consciousness can come out along with matter?  Because if that is so, then who does the choosing at each instance, does it not take consciousness here as well?  

But during churning, only the local subset(s) of consciousness comes out. 

This is the momentary local consciousness, such as my on consciousness, or an electron’s consciousness, at this moment.  

JUST exactly as matter that comes to appear -- it is only the local matter as of this moment. The cosmic soup (call it hologram, net of Indra, All-That-Is, God, or whatnot) out of which each comes contains all matter and all consciousness, at all levels, enfolded in it.

Next, we said that each part, or each layer of organization, that comes out has its own applicable consciousness – such as electrons, cells, humans, etc.

That is easy to see for a human, or some intelligent life form.  But cells, and atoms?  Or electrons.?  Where could there be consciousness at such a level?

Let’s just think about an electron.  We could say that an electron feels all other electrons, and so on, and thereby it is aware of the sum of all influences, just like we are aware of our environment in a way.

But from physics (mechanics) we know that the force exerted on an electron is the sum of ALL other electrons in the universes, such as the electromagnetic forces pushing and pulling it, as well as the week and strong and gravitational forces or all other elements of matter in the universe.  Of course, the ones that are closer will influence this much more and the furthest ones will be almost negligible, but still, it is the sum of all influences.  

So if you knew the position and momentum of all other electrons, you could compute it. That is the idea behind the so called Laplacian demon.  But as Quantum Mechanics shows, you can’t ! (Due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, we can only know position OR momentum with certainty, whereas any mixture of the two becomes blurred). 

And yet, the electron still is influenced – somehow—by all others.

But let’s say it still is mechanistic somehow, even if this is some stochastic determinism that only deals with probabilities. Then we still have the question WHY the electron appears here?  We can only compute the probability for it to appear in certain regions (with stochastic determinism) but not say deterministicallly exactly why.

That is the great mystery of quantum physics:  Why does it appear here?  

And now, by extension we could answer:  because it has consciousness and chooses.

It's he same principle with all levels.  Here, the electron perceives certain alternatives that are possible and applicable to it, as given by the probability distribution, and then chooses  one of them. 

And thereby it appears here.

This then becomes part of THIS moment, this reality.  

In fact, it IS this moment, this time, for this electron.  It chose it!  And that choice then ripples upwards into other layers, which likewise ripple downwards into the layer of the electron, setting the alternatives that are possible at at given layer.

This is then a possible reason why we see a stochastic fluctuation at the quantum realm:  because at each seeming level of the cosmic organism the appropriate consciousness for that level chooses.

And since all levels are really just one, it all influences each other, “bottom to top” and “top to bottom.” 

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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