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Consciousness chooses at the level of reality appropriate for it


08/21/2019 8:45 a.m.

Sitting outside, it’s a very cool morning for August, only 6 degrees C.  The sun’s starting to peek through the morning mist; it will be a beautiful day.

So… I want to know about a topic that came up in my thinking just a few days ago. Since then, I had many insights on it, maybe given by the Club, and I want to write it all down.

The question is: since all that possibly is and can be is already given and exists (in parallel worlds, etc), including our thoughts and thereby the atomic configuration of all matter, all possible matter, and we choose ourselves and a configuration ongoing, do we choose every atomic configuration as well?  I mean, “how often do we choose,” like a hundred billion times in what is a second – all the atomic configurations in a time span?

So Club, are you there?

The Club:  yes, we are. You already had insights on all of these.  So just state them.

Yes. The main insight was, again, there are many levels of consciousness, whereby a level is just a partition of the universal consciousness.  And each such level chooses at its own “rate.”

Right.  So there is cosmic consciousness down to atomic consciousness.  The key to realize, as you did, is that matter and consciousness are really enfolded together, and only in the momentary process of churning do they “separate,” if that is a good word.

So each part that comes out and is build, each “layer” has its own level of consciousness.

Right, so it’s not just atomic matter vs consciousness, but each structural and functional part has its level of consciousness:  atom to cell to organ to human or plant to… planet to … universe.  All is enfolded together, and unfolds as it churns out.

So where is the choice?

Each layers chooses at its “level” to bring out a given total situation.

[ As I typed this up, this insight came:  “Yes, there are layers, but as often stated, these are only conceptual separations, a partition of the whole into functional parts.  Really, all is one.  So, yes, seen one way, we choose at the level of functionality, such as a human or an atom.  But all together, remember that it is all one; so seen from another view we do also choose the atomic configuration.” This point is hinted at again below. ]

So the key is the total situation?

Yes, and that includes everything there is, “moment to moment,”  but as we said before, it is all asynchronous, yet in that dance, it comes out into some situation.

Right, we called it the pulse of being, enfolding/unfolding, yet that it is done asynchronously, which is why there is no global time in the universe. [Relativity shows that it makes no sense to ask “what happens at this moment on Alpha Centaury?” ]

Yes, that idea has come up multiple times, yet you seem to have problems with it.

Who wouldn’t ?

Oh, so back to choices.  Your choice now happens at your level, choosing yourself into a given situation. So you do not choose every atomic configuration, every cellular interaction, no, that is for the other levels of the scales of consciousness, which nonetheless is all one and undivided [see the comment above].

Consciousness, too, is holographic.  Maybe that is the insight that is missing.  Just like matter and time is holographic, so is consciousness, each part containing the whole and vice versa.


Also as you already had in the insight, to think that you at your level would choose atomic configs to get into a certain situation, that is an artifact of the materialistic thinking: everything is then thought of as “bottom up” – where you start building the layers up from the atoms, and consciousness is but a bye-product.


Instead, it is all the total situation.  Once chosen, everything falls into place.

At your level, you choose more at the time-levels of thought or micro-thoughts, not at the much smaller level of atoms.

But if I/we choose at that level, and the situation falls into place, does this not mean that I create this situation?

[When I typed this up, some of what follows does not seem consistent to me.  Everything already exists in 3D, so there should be nothing to create.  The only thing created is the soul and the experience. I therefore marked the word “create” below with [?].  Maybe I did not pick this up properly, or something is misunderstood.  I’ll have to check back on this. ]

Yes, you (all humans together) create[?] YOUR situation and all falls into place for that.  But atoms and so on also choose but they are not a slave for it. There are others universes created [?] that are not privy to you. Infinitely others. And they are all “needed” by other consciousnesses.  You have no idea about infinities, as we often said.

Yet, it is all about choice. At every level: choosing, and creating [?] universes, including those not suitable for life at your level.

[ thinking, letting this sink in… ]

Hard to swallow that you (humans) are not the masters of the universe.  We laugh.

Yeah, smiling. So when we choose, then it is not just me choosing, but all humans (or sentient beings) that bring about this moment?

More or less, just remember it is all asynchronous.  Just like an atom is stable in its configuration until “some event happens,” a photon hits or a quantum jumps, the choices are asynchronous and add up into this situation.

Back to asynchronous. We should have a session on that alone.  

Probably, it seems to be what you struggle with the most.  Let’s stop. Enough to ponder.

Yes.  Holographic consciousness! Who would have thought?  (smiling)  Until next time.
[ a minute afterwards I realized: Isn’t that the substratum of thought? ]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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