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Equanimity: even mind and even breath

Equanimity: even mind and even breath

Tuesday 10/22/2019 8:45

It’s a bit late, but I’ll try a session, see if anything comes through.  Hmm, I seem to be strangely indifferent or nonchalant about this.  What was the word yesterday, in the book about Vipassana mediation?  


So I look it up: “equanimity” literally means “even-minded,  from equal + animus (mind, spirit), thereby meaning evenness in temper.  But there is more, “animus” goes back to the root *ane-, meaning “to breathe.”  (and by the way, on a personal note: "animation" means to breathe live into).  

That is an interesting connection, though.  Vipassana mediation stresses breathing as a gateway, as so many meditation techniques, as well as equanimity towards sensations. And then in that very word we have “even mind” ( or temper) and “even breath;” the breath regulates.

So Club, this is interesting, are you there?

The Club: We are here; so now you want to talk after all (smiling)?

I guess I must not be equanimous (is that a word?) after all! (smiling)

OK, so the breath is everything.  In-Out. Just not forced, but naturally arising. The breath is a contraction and expansion, in and out.  In that, it is related to the pulse of being: enfolding and unfolding, in and out. Through this movement, if done consciously, you put attention on this, while pulling attention away from all else.  That calms the mind.  In/out, in/out, in/out with attention on the breath. And you do not “animate” [become animated, agitated, etc.], but become calm.  
Even breath, even mind. But done so consciously.

H: Nicely said. So this is a gate of truth?


Anything that calms the mind is, what makes “You” merge with “It.”  Here, you merge with the breath, until nothing else is, your  body sensations fall away, or you just notice them without merging with them.

Because that is the normal way, of being conditioned. A sensation is perceived, and you merge with it, follow it, follow the white rabbit. Pain comes up, you perceive it, and the machine kicks in [the conditioned response follows].

Here you just notice, let it be, do not engage.  In/Out.  Calm.  In/Out. Calm. And it falls away after a while.  All sensation will diminish until there is just the universal pulse:  In /Out / Calm.


Equanimity, even mind, even breath.

The breath is the access.

As is stressed by some many masters.  Must be something to it.
I’ll stop.  Work beckons.

In. Out. Remember.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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