I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Examples of Time Rippling Backwards Forming a Whole

Insights are transmited by looseing them out of the subtratrum of thought and come with a frequency-prrint

9/17/2017  (original note was started on 9/8/2019 6 p.m.)

I already talked about how time is altogether different than what we think in several posts.  

To summarize, we normally see time as running from the past, through the present, to the future.  But I believe, time forms a unified whole, is holographic, and events from the future (as well as our variant lives) can ripple backward into this present moment, and send “pre-percussions” into the past.  

As a matter of fact, for time to be unified, it may have to be.

Really all moments are holographic and contain all, and thus there is wholeness.  But some events we give more significant to and become nexus events, attractors around and towards our lives organize themselves. 

Even in cutting edge quantum physics, there now is the idea of “temporal action at a distance,” meaning that events are tied across time, not just space.

We also have the idea of synchronicity, first proposed by Carl Jung, where inner and outer events align. This goes beyond this, in that events align across time.

I then started thinking back about my life, especially at the time after Heather’s death, about all the “strange” events that happened, because these all had this sort of quality to them that several events are tied together in time, even foreshadow each other.  

Below is this list of events that have this quality for me, showing possible bleed through from the future towards the past and forming a united whole. Some of these I already wrote about in more detail, others may follow

  1. Foremost: The story of Heather’s star, which started on the day of Heather’s celebration of life event.   This one like no other shows to me how events are linked across time, and has a particularly strong sense of premonition,  or picking up the  “pre-percussions” of future events
  2. The Crystal and the laser.  When we unpacked Heather’s belongings that we had brought back, I found the crystal and knew it would be significant.  I even tried to shine a light through it, foreshadowing what would happen a few months later.  These events are tied together very strongly.
  3. After my Aunt died, I got the message about “the testing ground of the soul,” and it was the trigger that set of a new round of spiritual studies at the time, where very quickly I found virtually the same idea expressed in the texts on Interlife / Life-between-life:  we go through this life here to learn and pass tests (not saying that is true or false here).  So you can argue that this message was the trigger going forward, but also that the later events made this phrase stand out to me.  Either way, they form a complete whole event-space, a nexus, tied together.
  4. All those times where I felt myself (physically) guided, like after Heather’s death to the book in the thrift-store.  Is that not following a premonition?  A feeling, that it will lead me to a certain space time event that will have significance?  Of course, I do admit, there were also many times where I tried to tune into guidance, and it did not lead to anything.  However, that particularly example here happened at a time of great significance, where I was very much open to guidance.
  5. After my father’s death I received his message “we will meet again where we see into the distance” (It was in German, so “in die Ferne sehen”).  And then, at the specified time, the old broken TV (tele-vision = “Fern sehen” in German, meaning “distance-seeing”) started working again!  Too strange of a coincidence, and I believe that what I picked up a pre-percussion of what was to come.
  6. The story of the bird of a messenger from mother, where after her death something made me pull up that old songbook she gave me a few months earlier and open it directly to that page.
  7. Related to #2:  As described here, I noticed how in  Frank DeMarco/TGU’s answer to my original question posed to him it states “even overlapping images don’t do it justice.” A few months later, that is exactly what I did with the crystal and the laser to explain the metaphor of the crystal and souls, so the answer foreshadowed it.
  8. On the day of the awakening event in January 1999, we first stayed at my friends place in Atlanta before heading down to Florida.  That morning, I looked at and studied very intensely a beautiful glass sculpture she owned, which was a series of crystal balls arranged in a stacked triangle, all reflecting each other.  Later that night there was the awakening, and the best metaphor I ever found for it is the net of Indra:  a net of pearls that all reflect themselves, each pearl standing for an atom or a consciousness or an event, etc. Her sculpture, I can argue, was a miniature version or metaphor for hat.  So here was an event earlier that day that foreshadowed the profound event later on.  
  9. Deja Vu, as described here, can be seen as cross-bleeding from either your own future, or a variant life, where you pick up either a "pre-percussion" or "cross-percussion" and live that moment "again."
  10. (added 9/18/2019) An incident with the moonlight casting this shadow of the wall, and linking it with the earlier reading about “quantum foam.”  A few hours earlier, I had decided to consciously skip ahead to another chapter to read up on the subject;  and then ONLY on that evening was the moon in that position to cast the shadow light that (due to the orbit of the moon changing).   It is as if something made me skip to that chapter, so that the connection between the two events could be made.
  11. (added 12/15/2019) Feeling compelled to look at the updated score of a football game right after a key play happened.
  12. (added 12/24/2019) The Christmas shoes miracle: A delivery is outstanding for two months. My wife remarks that she received an email two weeks ago (!) that the package had shipped.  A minute later, the mail man shows up with the package.
  13. ( Reminder for me: 1998: The pass of Cortez, the incident at Theohiucan, The Hospital de Jesus (where worlds once collided).  Several events very strongly linked. )

More to come…

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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