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Existing in potential still is real for this life

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Do variant lives only exist in potential, or are they truly real?

Monday 11/11/2019 8:35 a.m.

The fog has lifted, a sunny day for a change… after driving yesterday to K. […] in the fog, and seeing how it was bright and sunny above the valleys.  Interesting to see how conditions are local: foggy here the whole day, bright and sunny just a few hundred feet higher in altitude.   Same location, different altitude, different result.

Strange, why did I just have these thoughts?  I just wanted to write some intro to get into the flow of writing.  Because I had already written down a question for discussion; I stems from a side comment you made in the last session, said off-handedly, here it is:

“… the organization into  […] all that which can be thought of as made from matter, already exists.  Some might say in potential, but it is in same idea.”

And this triggered this question:  
“What’s the difference between ‘exists in potential’ versus exists as a different variant?"

So are you here?

The Club:  Tune in some more!

OK. […]  So is there is a connection between this experience and the question?

You may see it as an analogy.  For at “the lower levels” [your altitude] all you saw was a cloudy day, and the sunny day was but there in potential.  To experience it, you had to elevate your level.  For the person at the lower level, the sun exists only “as knowledge,” as potential.  The sun was not to come down to that level on that day, so it was not a possibility, but a change in location allowed for a switch of the situation.  
Only as an analogy.

Interesting.  So then, what about variant lives?

Of course, to the person in variant life A, his [other] life of variant B CAN only be seen as a potentially different life.  No matter, it still exists.  
So from one view: potential (from Variant A).
From another: actuality (from Variant B).

So both views are right?

In a way, yes, except that variant B truly exists.

But what does that mean?  I can’t go and be that [variant B], so for me it seems irrelevant.  Just like the sunny day exists “ higher up,”  but I do not have a means to get up there, so what difference does it make?

Doesn’t the knowledge that it does exist make a difference?  And having experienced it yesterday?

Well, the sun is always there above the clouds – if I had an airplane to get there, but I typically do not. Smiling.  On a gray day, all I see is the grayness.  In my life, all I see is my life [and not variant B].

But that is your choice.  You could also have that knowledge affect your attitude.  At any rate, no matter if you see variant B as potential only, it is still linked with your life.

That came out a bit jumbled.   Let me rephrase it for you:  Variant B does exist, no matter if you see it as potential or not.  And thus, it is constantly linked to you/me.  So it will affect me and vice versa, as a whole.  It is “linked” with me.

Correct, stated better.  Just like the sunny day is above the clouds, the sun constantly interacts with those clouds, as a whole system: it burns off the fog, or clouds form from evaporation, and really it is all climate around the world.  So it is one system.
You just happen to live in a very localized different slice of it, yesterday in the valley that only had fog.  An analogy for only living in variant A, that still intimately links with all else, all the other variants, all other lives and history and All-that-Is, to make it this life as experienced by you.

OK, a powerful analogy.

Even more powerful if you allow it to make an influence on your living.

As in it’s sunny day is “just around the corner,” or better, it IS sunny here, just higher up?

Yes, good enough. It’s for you to figure it out.  We just say, use your “imagination.”

OK.  One thing that came up in my mind was also: potential in physics can be converted into movement, or work.  So potential (energy) can be actualized.

Yes, but that talks about energy.  And energy is […] E=kinetic + potential, so they can be exchanged. Here, the word “potential” is a bit different, [as in] potential worlds, potential lives, a potential that still exists.

So it cannot be activated?


Not in a way of doing things physical.  However, it does influence all else, as potential.  So part of it are constantly interacting with this reality.  Remember again, there is no change per se, only choosing and experiencing.  There is where the total interacts, and thus your next choice can and is (subtly) influenced by variant B.

Now, we said it earlier: “imagination.”  That is an access.  Receiving insights from variant B of how it is otherwise, and could be, in that variant.  And then to imagine, and actively move towards that point.  Imagine reality as you want it – taking up the influence from variant B – and actively shaping this one [your own variant].

Imagine the sun IS shining, and even though you cannot make it shine on this day, through the fog, imagine your life, your attitude, AS IF it is, and you will notice “a change” in how you see the day.


Sounds a little bit like Law of Attraction.

A bit, but they talk more about changing physical reality. We, right now, talk about the way you view reality.  So changing the context through which you perceive reality.  And thusly, it all changes; a gray day can be seen as sunny.

OK, interesting.  So to summarize:  potential variants for me, non-potential for the other, and vice versa, but we all influence each other, and can pick up on that and bring it “alive” in our lives (through imagination).

A good start.

OK, let’s stop, work is beckoning.

Enjoy your day.

9:15 a.m.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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