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Football Cross-Percussions: Compelled to check the score

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Feeling compelled to look at the updated score of a football game right after a key play happened.

12/15/2019  11:50 p.m.

Just a quick note in series on how time ripples not only forwards (creating repercussions), but potentially also backwards (pre-percussions) and sideways (cross-percussion).

It’s a late December Sunday evening and crunch time in the NFL, with teams vying for playoff spots.  My favorite team is in the playoff hunt, and tonight is an important game.  I stay up late to watch the game (a 4:25PM game in the states starts at 10:25 P.M. here), and with about two minutes left in the first half my team just fell behind by 14, and is about to get the ball back to start supposedly the last drive of the half.

Being tired and disappointed by the game, I decide to pack it in for the night, planning on watching the rest of the game sometime the next day tape-delayed.  So I get ready for bed.

A few minutes later I get the very strong impulse to look up the score on the cell phone!  I remember telling myself, “Ah, come on, I don’t want to.  I’m tired… I’ll just wait until tomorrow and watch it!”   

Again, the strong impulse to “Check!” I mean, it really compelled me to do so, even though I did not really want to.  

So I think, “Fine, let me check, maybe we just scored.”  I look it up and go “Oh no!”  (only I did not use that polite a language). Apparently our QB had just thrown a pick-six and we are now behind by 21!  Bye-bye playoffs!  
What strikes me here is that a) I did not plan on checking, nor wanted to, but b) still felt compelled very strongly to do so, as if by an outside source.
In the context of time rippling backwards and sideways, I see evidence here for a cross-percussion.  

I think it is possible that other variants of myself were still watching the game and had a strong reactions when the play happened, which then bled over, rippling sideways as a cross-percussion into my own timestream where I picked up on it.


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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