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From Soul Threads, to Voice Prints, to Soul Waves

Losing Yourself in the Ground of Being.

Wednesday 11/14/2019 8:05 a.m.

I want to talk about soul threads (or soul strands) and rings, which are typically shown as a directed network, meaning threads from "below" combine "upwards" in a life, which then feeds “upwards” into other lives, etc.  Or vice versa, the direction could be reversed. 

But this always bothered me, this sort of linear direction of “only upwards” or “only downwards” – where up/down are but arbitrary designations. The key point is, in that view it goes only in a certain “direction.”

So I want to talk about how this can be seen more fluent, where connections also can loop back, and a purely linear flow is no longer discernable. For example, think of it more like neurons, which connect to each other – only the threads go through the nodes (rings).

So let me tune in…

The Club: We are here. So state your conclusion or difficulty.

OK, as often stated, a key concept is a hologram – an organization where each part contains the whole and vice versa.  Only that way, all possible organizations can occur.  But with a linear organization, you cannot get this. It has to loop around, doesn’t it?

Not so much “loop around” as each part contains all.  So if you were to flatten this out into some network, yes, there would have to be, almost by definition, links that go back.  And in that way, it does not even make sense to talk about an “up” or “down.” [Although these are but arbitrary labels].

Right. Because the one thing that bothers me most about the linear model is, where does it all begin, or end?

Whereas with the hologram it all arises at once.

Yes, I got that as a thought particle [from you], mutual arising, as in Buddhism.  So OK, when I said it is more neural like, that also implies a structure like the brain, and there are some theories (Karl Prigham) that postulate the brain is holographic.  For example, if a person has a brain injury, those affected memories or faculties will often come back, so the information of the memory has to be spread across the brain, like in a hologram.


Correct.  But the strand model is a bit different, as the strands go through a node, or “a ring” as Frank calls it. So they do not feed into a different entity, like a neuron would be, or a life [which is a composite], but feed in and out, or through it.

Furthermore, you must realize that strands are all but a model, a term, that gives wrong connotations.  Instead, it [the same concept]  could be related as frequencies, or resonances, or entanglements, and so on.  If will become clearer as you study quantum mechanics in more details.


Maybe like waves or an oscillator?


That’s going in a very good direction.  A certain combination of waves. Think of a fourier transformation that can dissect a complex waveform into its sub-components.

Think about the voice of a person. It is a characteristic of that person.  Now, a voice is a combination of wave forms.  The reason why each person sounds different is because of the unique makeup of his/her vocal chords, some are longer or shorter, and chest and whatnot, that all chime in together to create a certain timbre and characteristic.  So the “chords” form the sound, the unique sound wave for that person. *

*[Afterwards I looked it up:  it turns out that each person has a unique “voice print” just like a fingerprint.  Voices are even used as a biometric authentication means for a given person.  So your voice IS uniquely yours, no other voice can be exactly like it.  Similar, yes.  The same, no].

Now, a thread is really similar, where it also is made out of sub-threads (think sounds), and so on, that chime together uniquely.  And the end result of a life is also the same, a new “sound” in the cosmic symphony.  We smile.

So this analogy of unique sounds is actually quite good, as it is a superposition of subtle sub-sounds, or a complex sound-wave is made out of simpler sub-waves.

And if you analyze all this to the end using a FT [fourier transformation], you get very basic base-sounds, pure harmonic frequencies, pure sine waves, that each just have individual frequencies, wavelengths, and amplitudes.

And these are the base waves out of which a sound is build. [*Related: the celestial harmonics of the universe].

Now, here is the important thing:  waves don’t just go one way, they propagated in every direction.**

And that’s how the linear strand model (meaning “to go only upwards”) is wrong.  By that simple fact, waves go in all directions – in all dimensions – much more combinations are possible, and the holographic nature CAN be.

**[Technically, this is true only waves that are unconstrained -- for example, a guitar string has a standing wave along the string.  But the resulting sound wave travels outwards in space]


Now, the one thing that always bothered me with the waves model, though, was that it implies time and space. A wave has extension and its frequency is expressed in time.
Nothing is coming, so I guess “I don’t know yet.”

We are still here. The easy answer would be that time and space come out as part of the churning process as well.  The other answer is that all time and space in all its variants already exist.  Just as all the variant lives already exist, that also means that the time and space for these variants also already exists.  You see?  It is all enfolded together.  [See earlier article: is there a past?]

Yes, I sort of see it, and that would be path out of this dilemma.*
*[added later: my hunch right now that this is also tied to entanglement.]

So as a choice picks a variant alternative, it also brings along its variant time and space by necessity, in which the waveforms (threads) exist to form matter and consciousness.

Yes, I kind of can see that.  Good!  So then, should we drop the term “thread,” and use something different?  Like “vibrating string,” but that has connotations with string theory.

Maybe string theory is not as bad as you make it out to be.  We smile.

Golly!  Not another topic to review from my past! I am ready backed up on my QM reading list [quantum mechanics].

We smile. You know, it will never end, the rabbit whole is endless ( :) ).

OK, I hear the word “end.” But we should come up maybe with a different word for strands, which would capture that wave nature better.

Read some of Schrödinger’s work, that was his access.

It’s already on the list, I’ll move it up.  So maybe “soul voices,” I kind of like that.  “Soul sounds,” the sounds that shape the soul and feed into others.  Or just “soul waves”?

All good.  Think about it some more. Just remember, it is all just words, or labels, being put on something “ungraspable” (the “hologram”).

OK.  On that note, time to grasp some breakfast.  Until next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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