I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Getting answers: Inner voices, inner Dialogue, inner Guidance: Who or what are we talking to?

Getting Answers: Inner Voices, Inner Dialogue, Inner Guidance.

Getting Answers: The process and theory behind holding an inner dialogue with your Higher Self, guidance and soul-strands.

Often on this blog you will see me posting dialogues with my “inner voices,” sometimes I call them “the Club.”  And you may ask, justifiably, what exactly does this mean?  Who or what are these “inner voices?” Trust me, sometimes I even ask the same thing.

Now, on the surface, I might describe it simply as talking with my subconscious.  There is nothing unusual about this, we all do this all the time; everybody has an inner dialogue with their own inner voices, arguing back and forth in our heads – that is part of being human.  

So you might say, I am simply writing down this dialogue as I am having it -- with my subconscious.

But there is a bit more to it, because I am not just “talking” with these inner voices, but I ask it specific questions -- about things I wonder about, or about getting guidance in my life, and so on.  Often these are things I am not clear about on a conscious level.  And yet, answers come.  

But here is the thing about these answers:  Sometimes I go “there is no way I could have thought this up,” or “where the heck did THAT come from?,” or “this is a new twist I have not thought about.”

So is this really just my subconscious?  Or am I able to tap into something beyond?  Maybe a higher self, or guidance, my soul, or whatever you want to call it?   Or is it a sort of channeling (on a much smaller scale)? You know, I am really not sure myself.  At times I think I know, and then I get doubts -- really not a bad thing to have because they keep me grounded.

Therefore I thought I talk a bit about this, how it came about, what it is, and so on.  And then you can make up your own mind, or maybe you get curious enough to want to try it yourself…

Messages from beyond

As already stated, we as human beings always carry on a dialogue, all the time.  If it is not an external dialogue with others, then we have an inner dialogue, ever ongoing. That’s just how we think, in a sort of dialogue with ourselves: a thought arises, comes to the forefront, then subsides again while another thought comes up and argues or strengthens the previous one, and so on.  We are all familiar with this process.

Often we just repeat something we have learned or experienced previously, the voices of our upbringing, belaboring some point in our heads. And most of the time, it is simply our own “voice” that we hear internally.  

But sometimes we can also hear “other voices” that just sound differently, meaning their quality and tonality.  You can try it yourself right now very easily; just remember what a friend or relative, or some actor sounds like.  Remember the voice and then cast one of your thoughts in that person’s voice. It’s not hard, we all can do this. So perceiving another kind of voice in our heads is not that unusual.

Now, in my life, before I started writing these posts, there were two occurrences where I heard a distinct voice other than my own.  Both were after the death of a loved one. The first time was after my father died, when for a short time, a few days, I picked up his voice.  

The other occurrence was after Heather died.  She was murdered on Thanksgiving day, November 23 2017, and on December 5 we had a celebration of life event for her.  On that evening I was lying down, thinking of her, and I asked:

“Heather:  so, Germany or Florida?”  (as in, where should we live? )

And immediately, and I mean immediately, I heard this response in her voice:

Well, you guys have to figure that out.  As for me:  I’ll be with you guys wherever you go.”

It was so clear and in her voice and in her manner of speaking.  And it struck me as something that I would have never thought to say, especially in that moment, on that day, in that mood of sadness.  

“You guys have to figure that out,” I mean, where did that come from?  

After that, in the weeks that followed, I picked up some more distinct thoughts like that.  Plus, other strange events happened, some of which I have already written about, such as lights flickering off and on, a radio that could not be turned off, a package that had the wrong tracking info showing her time of death, the story of Heather's star, and more.

So were those messages from Heather?  

You know, I am a very self-critical and rational person, a trained scientist and analyst. But the events here, plus some others I experienced, are so far out there that I cannot rationally explain them anymore, nor write them off as chance.  And hearing her voice, just as it used to be, saying things I cannot imagine myself saying, it really makes me think that there was more to it than just my subconscious.  Therefore, I personally believe that, yes, these were signs.

So that prepped me, and made me more open to the possibility of receiving messages from “beyond,” whatever that may mean.


After Heather’s death I also picked up my spiritual studies again, reading books on souls, reincarnation, life between lives (the “interlife”), eastern and western philosophy, and so on.  One of these was “Beyond Past Lives,” by regression hypnotist Mira Kelley.  It stood out a bit from similar books because she talks not just about past lives and life-between-lives, but also parallel lives and simultaneous time.  

That was new to me, and my introduction to “the next level.” As I found out, a lot of this was based on the material by Jane Roberts, who, while in trance, channeled an entity called “Seth.”  

I have to say, I am very skeptical of channeling, as there is so much, well, “weird” stuff out there.

But I was open to the idea and read a few of the Seth books.  And I found the material highly insightful and original (and at times, yes, weird), and overall integral and consistent. Often I found myself thinking, no person could ever make this up.  Let’s put it this way:  If Jane Roberts had written these books differently, and presented the same material as some sort of philosophical thought system, it would have been highly original, and arguably would have stood up there with some of the greats. Of course, at the same time, it would have been harder for her to become noticed, so presenting them verbatim as channeled material does give it, strangely, a sense of authority.

So did Jane Roberts really talk to some otherworldly spirit or entity?  I believe, this material is so far out there --especially for the time it was written, in the 1970s-- that at least parts of it cannot be made up.

Frank DeMarco and TGU

I then came across the writings of Frank DeMarco, who presumably also communicates with a higher part of himself, as well as deceased friends or even select famous people.  He does not need to be in trance, but is simply in a relaxed state of mind, fully conscious, and then just enters into an inner dialogue which he writes down verbatim.  He calls this process “Intuitively linked communication” (ILC), and his higher-self-parts “The Guys Upstairs” or TGU.  

The way he thinks about this process is that he taps into some higher parts that he is a part of, and vice versa (more on this below).  Mr. DeMarco has been doing this for some twenty years now, posting his dialogues on his blog, some of which were published as books.

As with the Seth material, I find these answers very original and insightful, and it is hard to imagine this it is made up or comes from solely the subconscious – even though DeMarco himself often has his own doubts.  As he himself states in good humor, several friends apparently have told him, “Frank, you are not intelligent enough to make this up.”  

Anybody can do this

Mr. DeMarco always says that there is nothing special about what he does, and that anybody can do it.  In January 2019, I had some exchanges with him, and he encouraged me to give it a try. My first attempt was “A dialogue with Hegel and James Joyce” (4/4/2019).  It was a timid first attempt for sure, but to my amazement, a new insight came about which I was able to develop further in other dialogues.  I was actually sort of surprised that it worked.

So that’s how it started, and I subsequently have had many such dialogues with my “inner voices.”  Later on I started calling them “The Club” (it was actually “them” who suggested that name), or for a while some more cutesy names like “the Club beyond time and space.”   

The interesting thing here is that oftentimes I get some very surprising insights, or at least a different perspective that I did not think of, of saw, beforehand.

So who or what is it?

I know you are curious, just as I am, and so let me address the big question:  who or what am I talking to in these dialogues? Who are these “inner voices,” this Club?  

Clearly, I am talking to a deeper (or higher) level of myself.  My subconscious, yes, for sure.  

But where do “I” end?  And by “I,” I mean you, me, any person, because all this applies to all of us.  Am "I” simply limited to what is stored in the neural circuits of my brain?  Or do “I” somehow expand beyond that?  Is the brain the end of all, the holder of all my conscious and subconscious, or is it maybe a sort of cosmic receiver of something greater?

The idea of the subconscious was first developed by Freud.  Carl Jung then postulated another and deeper layer, the collective consciousness.  So the idea of deeper layers of consciousness, beyond our surface or day-to-day consciousness, is not new, nor arguably unfounded.  

So where do “I” end?  The following will explain more about this.

A paradigm shift: Souls are not units but composites

At the core of many spiritual believes is the idea of the soul.  Let’s just leave the idea of reincarnation and past lives out of this; that’s an interesting discussion in itself, but not the point of all this here.  Let’s just start with the notion that we are supposed to have a soul.
What I want to concentrate on is this:  In the traditional Western idea, the soul is thought of as some individual unit of consciousness, call it our essence, some kernel that somehow holds our individuality.

But ever since the experience of wholeness some 20 years ago, I have struggled with that concept. Because it is not like that experience, which was more like some holographic interlinking of all being. The experience went far deeper than any level of some soul, into complete oneness, the intermixing of All-that-is, even divineness.  Since starting up with my spiritual studies after Heather died, I have had two more experiences of wholeness, each quite different (see pure white light, a deeper experience of time and Being)

Be it as it may, the experience 20 years ago proved to me without a doubt that we are much more than this body, or some embodied mind, even more than the normal idea of the soul.

That does not mean that I doubt the soul. But it made me question the idea of the soul as a singular entity, and already in my first book “The Steps Of Essence” I argued around the notion of a Higher Self as some nucleus or essence,  and I instead argued for a self that is interwoven with all.  As a matter of fact, the reason why the book is called “the Steps of ESSENCE” is not because we should try to reconnect with some essence, but because we MAKE this essence in the process of living through our choices.  So the seed of all this was already there, some 10 years ago when I wrote the book.

Maybe that’s the reason why, when I was (re)reading about souls and reincarnation and life-between-life, while it sounded all “nice,” something seemed not right.

And then, along came this new idea, in fact, it is a paradigm shift: the soul is not a singular entity but a composite.  I, you, we, our minds, our souls, are not singular units or entities -- but instead are made up of other soul strands and traits, thousands if not millions of them.  Likewise, this composite soul feeds, as a strand itself, into other souls.  Thus it is connected, from below and towards above, with  countless other souls and traits.   

Thereby, in this view, it is all interconnected...   

… and thus much closer to the holographic experience from 20 years ago.  It’s not a perfect description because it still is sort of linear, but we have to acknowledge that any description can only be given in language, and our language is based on seeing the world as separate things and thus imposes limits of how we can describe wholeness.

[Side-note: compare all this to the Buddhist concept of skandhas (there is no soul as a unit, but only the aggregates), sunyata (emptiness, nothing is an entity), and the Net of Indra (Hua-Yen Buddhism)]

Talking with soul-strands, or the "Higher Self"

But there is a pragmatic extension to this paradigm shift.  

If we, and our souls, are made up of other soul strands, and we ourselves also feed upwards into other souls as strands, then we are intimately connected to those, or even more, we ARE these other souls and they are us.  There is no separation.

And if they ARE US and vice versa, we should be able to talk to them, communicate, and have a dialogue.  

So that is the theory, a working model behind these inner dialogues:  yes, it is simply talking with “myself,” but so, so much more.  Because is not just “I” that I am taking to, but really all-that-is me, with all my extensions and connections which reach far beyond the normal boundaries of selfhood that science would have us believe.

So then, the inner voices that we all hear, sure, many are purely our own in the normal daily chatter we have with our everyday self.  But others may indeed be from our “connected parts” (if you want to, call it “The Higher Self” as long as you don’t see it as a singular unit itself), whispering gently into our ears, helping us, guiding us along our paths.  Again, these are not parts separate from us, but integrally ourselves:  We are them and they are us, yet it is something far greater than just the gray-matter in our brain.

And quite subjectively, I might add that this is also what it feels like in those moments when the dialogue really flows: that I am communicating with something greater and wiser than just my normal everyday self.  I say “everyday self,” because it does take some effort of tuning in to get in touch with these inner voices and make it flow, so it is not that normal sort of chatter we have always going on in our minds, but it is more focused.   Also, in the worst of times, when doubt creeps in, it is a struggle, and I will write some more on it in part 2 of this post.

So, is any of this true?  

In recent times, I've come to terms with that I AM talking with my subconscious, with the provision that we don't know where the subconscious ends!  The term I chose for this is "talking THROUGH the subconscious," thereby leaving completely open where it starts or ends, and that it may hook into something even deeper, like soul-strands. 

And that's how I want to "sell this":  I simply talking with and through my subconscious, which may end up being unlimited.

So are you curious about the whole thing?  About if you can do this yourself? Don’t just take my word for it, why don’t you try it yourself and be the judge?  It’s not hard, if you are open to it.

I’m writing a second part to this post, and it talks a bit more about the process. And there are many other posts about how to do this, because for me, too, it was (and is) trial and error, and a lot of dialogues focused on how exactly to make this work.  

So I invite you, try it yourself. What do you have to lose?

And so, we’ve come to here.  

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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