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Healing through Belief: Placebos, Prayer and Magic

Saturday 11/2/2019 6:53 a.m.

[…] Are you here?

The Club: Yes, we are.


So what should we talk about?

We could continue on the discussion from the other day, on what you call “mind over matter.

Right.  It came up last night with the placebo and nocebo effects [nocebo causes bad results through simply believing it will be so]. And then this:  Healing, and that all healing is self-healing, meaning that whatever is done to heal comes from “me” or “the person,” and anything from the outside are just stimuli for the actual healing process. […brief interruption…]


So remember, you do not heal at all in the sense that it is a course of action that is taken to cause a change.  The healed version of you already exists in the All-That-Is.  As does the diseased  version.   All you do is choose, to choose yourself “onto” or towards the healed version, that already exists.  [Remember that all versions are taken, though!] This is also why for some the time it takes to heal is different:  some are just faster in accepting the healed choice.  

It comes down to believing you are healed.  The full awakened consciousness needs verification and it …   [briefly lost the connection, reconnecting: ].  … Waking “top-level” consciousness looks for verification.  Logic analyses. Left brain analyses, and looks for verification to support the belief of “I am healing.”

For some, that can be instantaneous.  This is why the placebo effect works.  You believe and accepted that some outside help [like a medicine] will be useful, and thereby move yourself over in your choice towards the healed version.


I kind of can see this.  So do medications do nothing?

No!  They do, they do not make an active change so much, as that change already exists, but move your belief over so that you navigate into the reality where that changed [and healed] body exists.

So I have diabetes type II, and take a pill that stimulates the pancreas and liver.

And that does happen!  You moved onto a reality where the organs are in fact stimulated by the meds. But that is not the cure, but a Band-Aid.  The underlying problem is that your cells do not react to the insulin anymore as effectively as before. Why?  Some say a fat layer around the cell prevents the receptors to detect and react any longer – or whatever description you “accept.” All that is true and not true.  The fact is, you maneuvered yourself through your choices and belief onto the version of yourself [you are today].  And your belief continues to support this: “I am a diabetic.”

So can you maneuver yourself OFF such a belief?


Difficult.  What would cause you to choose a different version of yourself?  You see, that’s why the placebo effect works:  it is a impetus to start such a change in choice!   There really is no outside change, it is merely a placebo, but there is a new hope:  “I took a pill and will get better.  WILL.  The will accepts, so to speak, that a new changed reality exists, and chooses it.

So unless there is such an impetus to seeing such a version of yourself as the next choice, not a choice but the choice, then such a “change” is unlikely to happen.  So, say, the doctor tells you “there now is a new wonder pill that will cure you,” and you take it and thereby (slowly) move onto that branch.

But without it, “you” don’t accept this as possible, and so how could “you change,” that is, choose that branch with total conviction.


Here is that word again:  conviction – “with conquer,” or whatever it was.  You conquer the belief. [See last session]


Right.  It comes down to belief.  “Be-lief,” where “lief” or “lieve” once meant “leib,” meaning body.  [As a side, our word life is related to this as well].  Belief brings potential into the body, makes it real.  Potential becomes actualized into reality (as a choice).

So it starts and ends with conviction, with the belief it is real.


Hmm.  So, if there is a way to shape the belief, then you could “change” reality, that is, take that choice with conviction?


Right. That is also not only how placebos word, but also prayer done with conviction.  Prayer is an ancient method to help move over a belief.  And then “a miracle” happens.  Only it is not a miracle, but a chosen path of reality that did not seem possible at first, until prayer opened up that  possibility so much that it could be chosen.

Science, too, is a way to shape belief.  Any way that opens a possibility that then can be “verified” afterwards by the intellectual consciousness.

Intellect” – look that up later.  “Intelligence,” the trail goes there for you.

[This is another example where I go “where did this come from?” I did look it the word later (see below) and it fits very much:  Intellect – to choose between.   Now, I do remember that about ten years ago I did research the word when I wrote the Steps of Essence, but that’s a long time ago!  Yes, it could be somewhere in the subconscious, but for this statement here to be made that strongly, it makes me wonder where it came from.]  

Intelligence is a two sided sword. On one hand,  it helps, on the other it impedes.  Sometimes being dump and believing in “magic” is not a bad thing.  


I hear “magic” is just some technology too advanced for us to describe or understand it, smiling…

Right, but it captures the essence of it.  You can’t believe your eyes – thereby it contradicts previous experience and thus has to be magic.  “Magic” is just something that would contradict experience and cannot be otherwise explained through your current state  of science.  Yet it does occur.  Your scientific views are still so limited.

So believe in magic?

It’s just further along the scale than your science.  Of course, it exists.  Placebos, prayers with results, this [sort of dialogue we are having]  right here – can’t be explained by science, so you may as well call it magic.  Laughing.  OK, Harry Potter!?

Time to go buy a magic wand?  Laughing.

No, the magic is within you, it is you – you understand!


Yes, you would have to find an inner access to change your belief, with conviction.  If you call that process magic, or science, or medicine, it does not matter.

Change your belief, change your reality.


With conviction!

OK, Enough for now?

Seems like you want to stop.

Until the next time.

We are waiting with baited breath (It’s been a long time).

Now I’m worried – laughing.

7:35 a.m.

Afterwards, I looked up these words:

Intellect / Intelligence:  from Latin for “perceive, choose between,  “inter-“ + “legere” meaning “to gather, choose between.”  I wrote about this in the Steps of Essene, will have to look this up.

Accept:  ad- (to) + capere (take),  thereby “take to oneself / receive”

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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