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Hesse: On Inner Space, Outer Space, and Wholeness

Is Energy related to Consciousness?

My inner Herman Hesse, on inner space and outer space, integrating them in a journey back to the center, to the wholeness we all came from

5/29/2019 8:30 a.m.

I’ve been looking at the book of quotations, just to prime the pump a bit. Few stood out to me, and then this one came up:

“There is no reality except the one contained within us. 
That is why so many people live such an unreal life. 
They take the images outside of them and never allow the world within to assert itself”
– Hermann Hesse.

Now, Hesse is a man and writer I greatly admire.  He speaks to me. His style is hypnotizing, being able to weave long sentences that sometimes span a whole page without loosing the thread or becoming boring. A rare gift.

So anybody here?

The Club: We are here.

Would you like to comment on this?

Well, we could, or we could try to get Hermann on the line for you?

My inner Herman Hesse?  I did not know I had it/him in me. [Laughter]

[A voice comes on with a slight German accent]

Hesse: Well, Hanns,  you now it is like this, you have been reading my novel “The glass bead game,” and since it contains so many of my thoughts, you are internalizing the writer yourself.

So before you were external, and through my studies you become a part of me?

Hesse: Yes and no. It is like, I have always been a part of you, but now you make it more explicit. As you said above, I always spoke to you, through my works, say Demian, and Siddhartha, and now  ‘The glass bead game.’  But now, we actually speak in a dialogue.

I think that is cool.

Hesse:  You Americans always have such a way to twist [he used another more "descriptive" word] language.  Can I say that? [laughing]

Well, you should hear young kids talking today. [laughing]
So, reality; outer and inner reality?

Hesse: Yes, both are spaces, an outer space you link to through your senses and an inner space you live in with your thoughts.  I am not denying the existence of an outer space, but no matter what happens, you always live in your inner space, the space of your feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts. Of course, you also live in the outer space, but the inner space brings it all alive for you.

And most people deny themselves that experience, looking for fulfillment from the outside, validation, pleasure, sex, whatever, from the outside, when all the marvels of the universe are right there for them inside.

Of course, it is wonderful to have outside experiences, and integrate them back inside, that is life, that is the process of learning you have been writing about.

But so many deny themselves the pleasure of being in touch with their inner wisdom, as you said, to tap into their being, and let it flow.

Now it connects to yesterday’s discussion on “being the key” and “being in key.”

Hesse: Exactly, it is an inner experience. It is like David [Bohm] said: a proprioception of thought.  Thought knows where it is in this inner space, and feels itself into that space, inwards, and feels the position and movement in this space, and if used well, can feel its way towards the “center,”  the “source,” the inner being, the root of all wisdom and answers.

So it is all to become aware, not just of what is outside, but really become aware of the inner space, and see how inside and outside integrate into a whole, the whole where they come from, the whole where they want to go, return to, merge with once again.

So why think that it is an outside journey, it really is an inner journey: back to the center.

If you let the outside dominate, you will loose the way.  
If you stay purely in the inner, there is no growth.
It is through the integration of both, that the journey leads to growth and to the center.  

But most people get lost in the outside and forget that they live really inside, well, both outside and inside, but the inner space is their experience.  

Do you see?

So when I sit here now, and look at the flowers, that is not good?

Hesse:  No, on the contrary. You create an integral experience, in this sort of meditative state that does not block the outside, but lets it flow in, unfiltered, fully experienced in inner space, and thereby creating a whole again, tapping into the whole, being in key, so then “the universe is in tune” and sings itself into being, experienced in inner space, becoming in touch with that inner world, uniting.

Right. That is the experience. Stillness. Sereneness. But also becoming.

Hesse:  Yes, that last part is quite important. Without becoming, stillness and sereneness would be static, dead.  There has to be change for there to be life. The two are synonymous.

So now, just sitting here, drinking in the colors, absorbing the sounds, being?

Hesse:  Being. Becoming. Let outer space become inner space and take it deeper to wholeness, and bringing that wholeness back out. Pulsating, as you wrote yesterday, about the Pulse of Being.  A pulse means it is alive, the universal process.  And thereby tapping into the deeper layers within you, trusting you, the wisdom that is within you.

OK, I think we can stop for now.  I’d like to talk some more.

Hesse: There is always more time. I’ll be here.

OK, thank you. I’ll just sit here now and “be” a little bit, in inner space experiencing this reality.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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