I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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How Insights are triggered by the Higher Self using Thought-Particles, like ideomotor effects during pendulum work

How new insights are triggered by the Higher Self using thought-particles, similar to ideomotor effects in pendulum work

Saturday 9/28/2019 7:45 a.m.

I haven’t had a session in a few days now as I am going over older notes and typing them up.  OK, fall is here with a vengeance today, a cold, rainy, gray day.  To help me tune in, I decided to play a recording I made back in April of the birds outside in our yard during a light spring rain.  It was so different back then compared to today, the sounds of a world awakening instead of this gray morning.  Let’s see if I can tune in…  [Pause] Are you here?

The Club: Oh yeah, we are here!

I thought today we could talk a little about YOU, my friends.  As I go over some of these old notes, I realize that some of these insights we had talked about in our sessions were in fact already there, or at least sketched in, at the beginning of the year [before we started these sessions].

So I am wondering how much of all this is really only my subconscious, or something deeper – like for example some sort of “higher self” or spiritual guidance, etc.

The other thing that has come up [just yesterday]  is the “ideomotor effect,”* like when you use a pendulum and your pre-cognition is actually affecting your motor response.

*[The ideomotor effect:  Some people use a pendulum to get answers to questions.  You can easily try this yourself: Hold a small pendulum (a small weight on a string) between your thumb and forefinger, and then tell yourself that a back and forth movement signifies “yes, and a left and right movement means “no.” Now pose a yes-no questions for which you may not have an answer, and the pendulum will start to swing noticeable in one of the directions.  It has been shown that the mental suggestion (yes-no is that way) will cause very subtle motions before thoughts arise, that is "pre-congnitive," and the pendulum will amplify this motion.]

I always looked at this effect as an amplification of your subconscious [instead of, say, a form of divination].  So I am wondering if what I/we are doing here in these sessions is not something along these lines?  So Club:  who or what are you?

[getting a lot of jumbled thoughts all together.]


Let’s try to put all this [jumbled-ness] into words.   [And that is a good summary of what this session turned out to be about:  how insights are transferred, first jumbled or in their essence, and then unwrapped into words].

First of all, the fact that you had some insights already several months before [we started these sessions] is completely irrelevant. Because where did these insights come from?  All of a sudden, “out of the blue,” you had these insights or a connection could be seen that you did not see before. So how did this happen?

Well, it’s not a rhetorical question.  It is because you tapped into a deeper knowledge “beyond” the subconscious.  And that is what you call “us.”  Now, once that knowledge is there “at your level,” it is then either fully conscious, or semi-forgotten in the subconscious.  And the sessions here then merely act as reminders of that knowledge, drawing it back up [to more consciousness levels] to make it more clearly stated, of what was once a quick insight from a year or longer ago.  That does not diminish the importance of that knowledge for you, nor its correctness.


OK. In a way that is, though, exactly the thinking I had about all this. So again, it does not express anything particularly new.


Of course, because your thinking IS our thinking. Do you believe we only give you insights during these sessions?  NO! (Emphatically.)  We and you work together all the time.  Even during your sleep and dreams. The connection is always there.  So sometimes these little, or big, insights come during the day, out of the blue, and you have been getting better about writing them down so “you won’t forget.”  That is actually, we would say, the biggest problem:  You, or anybody really, forgets. Yet, the memory is still there, somewhere, in your subconscious, below the level of consciousness.

And that is where for example the pendulum interacts with, if you do it right, because it IS these deep levels giving you the answer – precognition!


MhHmm.  Because whenever I did this, OK it was over twenty years ago, I was sort of struck by some of the answers.  I would have not thought of them consciously. Not saying that they were correct or not, but they definitely came from the subconscious or deeper.

Exactly, or deeper!  Remember, all this consciousness is really one. What you partition into conscious, subconscious, collective consciousness, etc., is really one, and one movement: enfolding and unfolding.  

The issue, then, which you are trying to get to is this:  "is there truly anything beyond my your own 'subconscious,' which is still me but not based on an experience in this lifetime?"

As we would say, of course!

For example, how many times did you have insights that came completely “out of the blue”?


Yes, I see the point.  There were these instances where I went, “where the heck did that just come from?  No way I could have thought of that!”

Right. Now agreed, you are a pretty creative and imaginative “spirit,” but still, some of this would have been pretty out there, even by your own standards, right?


Maybe as an exercise you can go over some notes or previous write-ups and collect some of these insights [insights which came out of the blue].

Of the top of my head I remember Heather’s voice back then [mentioned in this post], which I thought that was not me. And then a lot of synchronistic events.


Correct. These [synchronicities] are like emphasis points, where the external matches the internal, and are often used to pull up certain insights [see a recent example here]. Anything that makes you go “Huh? What just happened?” is always a good wakeup call.

At any rate, remember that it all is one, to say it is all connected is such an understatement.  So to have or gain access to deeper knowledge or guidance is doable, and you have been doing this continually.


OK, but what about things like when I would like to know about science or some topic, and nothing deeper comes along?


Because, as we said, it works incrementally.  We cannot make you see things for which you do not have a basis in your 3D mind.  So we can make you have “small insights” that build on ideas you already know, but not dump the universe all at once, not that you could contain that kind of knowledge.

As we once said: “We can make leaps, but we must have a place to leap from.” So, for example, your mind could not receive physics formulas.  The discussion on numbers was as much as we could push that. Nor do we, as your deeper connection, necessarily have this in form of formulas [see below: instead it is the essence of an insight]. But again, your mind would not be able to get it.


So why not dictate me a formula, or a name, etc.?  Spell it out?

Because that can’t work while awake.  This here HAS TO flow.  It can’t work otherwise. Spelling it out is not a flow, but like counting out pennies.  For that, the connection is not deep enough. Compare that to Roberts [Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth], who was in full trance, a different thing completely.

OK, I get it.


So for this flow there can only be “sketchy” parts in your 3D knowledge to hook ourselves into.  [That could have been expressed better.  What was meant is expressed below: they briefly hook into a part of my knowledge, and let a spark jump over to trigger an expansion into language using what is in my mind] It is just all very fluent, you see?  It just has to be able to transfer a spark over, and you wrap it in knowledge.

That’s really all it is: “thought particles,” bases of insights that contain all that insight, but it has to unfold into language in your mind, and thereby it can only unfold into images, language, and yes formulas, that you can understand.  So, it’s really like the gist of the insight is sent, and you formulate it as language (or a formula) to the best of your ability.


Interesting, does that go both ways?

We would leave that for discussion at another time. Your mind is waning, as activities for the day are calling for your attention.

Yes, I need to drive B. to work. Until another time.
8:20 a.m.

Shortly afterwards, this insight came through:

Thoughts particles can only trigger, what is there already, or create a new connection, a bridge [take note, Hanns: Bridge!].

Added later:

The key word above was trigger.

In the earlier insight, I also got very distinctly the memory of how brain researchers can stimulate certain parts of the brain with an electrical probe and a memory comes up, or a movement is elicited, etc.  This is also a kind of trigger.

By that extension, a thought particle can only trigger (by the very insight it sends), and a thought is then expanded around that insight, but based on what is in the brain, wrapped into language.

However, this can only access what is stored in the brain.  I cannot get more. I can only build on top of that, create new thoughts.  And so, these sessions and dialogues here help me to drive forward this knowledge that I already possess and am able understand.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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