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Information and Context

We only know reality through models (concepts, abstractions), but a model is not reality

Wednesday 10/9/2019 9a.m

[…] I want to try a quick dialogue, to communicate through my subconscious.  I’ll tune in quickly… and ask, are you there?

[Nothing is coming for a while, then: ]

The Club:  We are here.


So to continue on information and annealing.*  The first thing I noticed about yesterday’s session is that we did not talk about “context.” The same information regarded in different contexts may transmit differently.

*[Yesterday The Club left off by suggesting to look into annealing again.  Annealing is a technique used in AI to train neural nets, where a network is briefly stimulated to break out of a rut and find a better solution. The term stems from metal work, where metal is alternately heated, annealed, and cooled to make stronger steal.]


That is correct. That’s why we said, we hope that what you receive is the same that we transmit. It is always to be seen in the total situation, that is, the context. Change the context, and you get a different “interpretation.”

Interesting word, interpretation.  So is there a difference between information and its interpretation?


Well the interpretation is part of the observer. What you had yesterday: information is an energy pattern given significance.  So the pattern here would be given, the decoding would be (hopefully) given [and correct], but the giving of significance is then an act of the individual consciousness, that also draws on the whole background, the context.

And that now links to annealing, you see?  It means to take a step back, and regard the information broader, to pull in more of the context.

In a way, that is your “tuning-in” process. You step back from your thoughts, from yourself, and thereby create an opening where wider patterns may be observed.


Yes, I copied down these two sentences on annealing from that post:  "Annealing:  By relaxing, you are able to add more auxiliary information, and let your ‘subconscious’ find new connections.” […]  "To break out of this, a process of “annealing”  is used, in which you 'pump' some more energy into the system to let “the ball”  break out of the minimum and it is free again."

Hmm, again: ... “to let your ‘subconscious’ find new connections.” Not sure about the “pump more energy” part…


Well, that last bit is from metallurgy, where a metal has to be heated to break the existing structure, so that it can resettle in a more optimal state.  With 3D minds, obviously, it does not need to be heated, but calmed. That is what meditation does, a sort of mental awakening.  And “let the subconscious find connections” is also that, a broadening of the context.  That is what you are doing now [when we communicate].

Fine.  Back to context for a moment. A “con-text” has “text” in it.  So a text, read in different contexts, gives different meaning.  Context sets meaning. [I wrote about this in "The Steps of Essence"].  So where is the information?


There may be a confusion between information and meaning. The meaning is interpreted on top of the information.  The information is, how should we say, pure, given.  But a lot of other things happen to it. The information is an “energy pattern,” which then has to be encoded, call it a text, and regarded in a certain context, and thereby meaning arises or is “signified.” Sign-fifed has “sign” in it, also sign-al, but the signal, the information may be misconstrued in the process.

That is basically the problem with communication. As you once said, “it’s a wonder that we (humans) can communicate at all.”

And even when you say “information is an energy pattern given significance,” the detection of the energy pattern AS such a pattern depends also on the body that looks for such patterns, where body is to be taken general, “the experiment” could also fit.  So here again, you have context. A given body [or apparatus], a given experiment, may only have these and these senses available, so the pattern may look different. Basically, remember, All-That-Is is filtered by the apparatus, and that (as we once stated) is then “maya.”


It seems hopeless.

Well no, that whole process above IS in fact a pre-requirement for life and nature to arise: to see information differently, and thereby bring about the myriads of shapes, and histories, and experiences.
It is “YOU” (3D beings and entities in general) looking at All-That-Is, which contains all, and filtering out THIS, this space and moment.  It is really something beautiful, you see!

Yes. But it seems like we then have no way to ever get at this pure information!

In a way.  Remember what we said yesterday: even this “information” is only an abstraction, a model for your mind to grasp the All-That-is.  It may be a different  hook into it, to sink deeper into it, but you in your 3D-ness can never grasp it.

OK, on that note, let’s stop.  

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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