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Inner Voices: David Bohm (or was it me?) on the makeup of matter, the implicate order, consciousness and Being


Last night I attempted another experiment, an inner dialogue, this time between me, and quantum physicist David Bohm, or maybe, my inner David Bohm.  I was hoping for similar insights as my first experiment with Hegel and Joyce, this time into the makeup of matter.  But last night, I was tired and searching for word, so I tend to think last night was not a success.

When I awoke this morning, the word I had been looking for was readily available to me, front and center:  the implicate order.  This was one of Bohm’s main concepts. 

And I noticed a different inner voice, with a different quality.  My inner Bohm, so to speak. Or was there more to it?

So here is the dialogue.  It had a markedly different quality to it than last night, both in the text that came out of it, and how it felt in my mind as "we spoke."

Sunday 4/7/2017, around 7am.

Hanns (H): Is this Dr. Bohm?
Bohm (B):  Yes, David.

[ And right away the term was available to me: Implicate order ]

H: Why is it there so clear right now?
B: Last night you were tired, falling asleep. Today, you are awakening. Both are a form of tired, but the direction of consciousness is different.

[ so now, Bohm is there, or my inner Bohm? .  Which one, I can’t say.  But this morning the conversation flows. ]

H: why “implicate order”?  Remind me again.
B: Because everything is implied in it.  Nothing is explicit. In our reality, things are explicit. But in the implicate, they are enfolded in some, to use your word, Hanns, [cosmic] soup. This is the primal soup of being.
And you had it already yesterday.  This soup does not only contain physical matter, enfolded, but all consciousness enfolded as well.

H: Yes, that’s what I got 2 days  ago in a flash [of insight, on 4/5/2019].
B: Yes, insight with you comes often in a flash. Your mind is different than others.

H: Don’t I know.

B: So all is enfolded in this soup.

H: What about Seth, with CU and EE?
B: That went in the right direction, but it is a bit different. It is not that CU and EE attached itself to concepts, or were there in some space matrix, but the churning brings that matrix together.

H: Why don’t I perceive you as a distinct voice?
B: [ some private info here, talking about the concept of soul strands ] ….
Only you understand, it is not a “strand,” but part of this cloud image you have been seeing [compare yesterday’s talk]. It is more like the particle/wave function.

H: Yes, David. [asking if it’s OK to call him David]
B: David is good.

H: David Hasselhof.
B: Ha Ha, Now don’t insult me.

H: I lost the thread.
B: Reread above.

H: [rereading]  Yes, the cloud.
B: No, the wave. It is all in the wave function in quantum physics.  The wave function IS the implicate order.

[9/13/2019: That is not correct. As I later on read up on this, Bohm postulated a new "quantum potential," that is in many ways similar to guiding field or "wave function", which guides electrons and particles, but it is different in that it does not attenuate over distance, unlike a wave or field. As such, it is indeed infinite, as the next sentence will state.
No matter, at this moment here, I certainly did not have "quantum potential" in my vocabulary. I already had struggled with getting implicate order, and had to sleep over it to appear again in my mind. So when I read this today, I would say that for my lack of the real term, that wave function here should be taken as to mean quantum potential. ] 

And as a side, yes, it is INFINITE.   As I wrote, there are layers upon layers, of how chaos has an implicate order.  That’s what I meant. Do you remember now?  The order [underlined] is implicate in the chaos.
The wave function expresses this. It is still “the chaos” but all order is in it.
Now don’t have stray thoughts. Stay. Reread.

H: Yes.
B: So in “the chaos” that is the primal soup, all layers are.  3D is only the first layer.  3D plus time. You had it right, it is really 4D.  But 4D is kind of weird, because there are many dimensions, so the fourth dimension could be any of the them.
Time is ONE fourth dimension.

H: How many dimensions are there?
B: Infinite [laughs]
Because you were right, too: The concept of dimensions is flawed. It is a human concept. The “3d” mind laying it’s grid over the wholeness, and seeing arbitrary layers, dimensions.
Go look up the word and you will see.

H: I am starting to loose you.
B: Refocus.
FOCUS, there is another word.  Check it out.
You are now focusing ON me and focusing me.  Your process of focusing brings me into you.  No, that is wrong.
But your consciousness focuses. So it is “All that is” focusing itself on itself. Churning. And now this focus is directed an a part of you, that is me, and we speak.

But back to the implicate layers in the implicate.

These layers include what Frank calls TGU. That is his next layer. You call it the Freds.
It is a layer of concsiouness.

But they [TGU etc]  have their own layer enfolded in them [ underlined] . They are not even aware of it. Their next pay-scale, they call it, is right there for them ready to be grasped and understood if they were to focus, I use the term, “upwards.”

H: Starting to loose you.
That is the whole secret, Hanns.

Churning is the overall process. It splits matter from consciousness.  But matter is only a small part embedded in the whole.

There are other secrets.
Focusing is churning. Refocusing on different parts.

H: I have been thinking about the milk metaphor in…
B: Yes, say it
H: Hinduism. Milk is an emulsion – is that right?  Fat molecules emulsed with others.
B: Close enough.  The Hindu concept of churning had it right. It really is a COSMIC principle. The sages perceived it. You had that it up as that whimsical story [ note: not published yet, coming soon ]

H: I am getting Dialectic [ see article on Hegel.  BTW, Bohm was greatly influenced by Hegel and his dialectic, so the connection makes sense ]
B: Yes, you see: it is also churning, a back and forth.
And the Hindus had it right that it is the serpent of time doing the back and forth [I had written about this a day before, to be published].  “Adi.”  Adi is the first part is the first part of its name, remember? Adi means awakening.

It is not just consciousness that awakens, but also matter.

H: Matter, the hard part of a tree from where growth comes [ that is the etymology of the word. I had written about it in my books ]
B: Yes. [underlined] But not a normal tree. The tree of life.  [ he laughts ] Metaphorically.

The real concepts are “soup” [of life], churning, and focusing.

Focusing is already in the realm of consciousness, but part of the process.

H: I still don’t understand what is “emulsed”  [note to me: another word to look up] in this soup that can be matter.
B: It is like you said already. The wave function IS [underlined] matter AND consciousness. It IS [underlined] the same thing.

H:  E = MC^2 [squared] propped in my mind.
B: Yes, similar thing. But do you see it, it has Mass AND Time together and you get Energy.

Energy is another “dimension.”
If you mix Mass and time (another dimension) you get energy.

If you Mass and Concsiousness you have the wave function. Time churns it into existence. Time and the implicate aspects of BEING [underlined].

[pause. I don't know what to say ]
B: Remember we can get Albert on the line, too. He is Swiss, you know, they take their time very serious. [Chuckles]

H: [pause] I am stunned. I mean, you said a lot, but most I have known.
B: Yes/No. You have felt it all along.

Remember the wave function [quantum potential, see note above] IS matter AND consciousness combined.

Your scientists already see it, but not. That is the bridge to make them understand.

H: “Entity” pops in my mind.
B: And that is the mistake, to think of matter as entities.  Buddhism had it right. There are really no entities. Atomic particles are an illusion. [not in the sense of say, Maya, but as particles].  It IS just mind focused.

H:  A focused mind can pierce through stone.  [ A proverb I wrote about in my book]
B: … which [the stone] is also just a focused mind. The COSMIC mind.

FOCUS, REFOCUS [directed at me].  I am not done yet.  I have so much more to say.

H: Has your understanding expanded (since you died)?
A scientist mind is different. It never ceases. I can see infinity from here. Others can, too. They just don’t allow themselves. They do not probe. Scientists do not cease to probe.  
TGU could probe more, too, into others, more subtle [underlined ] layers.

H: I got subtle has importance.
B: Exactly. It is all shades of subtleness.  Another word for you?  Are you taking notes? [laughter]
So, the important thing is to go away from the concept of entities.  It is all already there:

  • Buddhism (no entities). OK, you know, self existence  [  he meant mutual arising ]
  • TGU: individual vs community. The individual is just a refocusing.
  • Wave / particle
  • Singular / plural

It is not this VERSUS that in the examples, but this AND that.
That is the enfolding / unfolding.  
The churning.

And your other insight with Sunyata [Buddhist concept of emptiness] is also correct. Churning puts a seed [the etymological meaning of to churn] into emptiness. It then focuses it.

H: Did you learn all this in from Jiddu?  
B: Jiddu says hello.  [ Jiddu Krisnamurti ]  I felt it all along. Now, I can see it all so much clearly.

H: I am getting [pause] Huxley:  if the doors of perception were cleaned, all you could see is infinite (close enough)
B: infinite.

H: I am getting: If the bridges of perception are built, you could see infinite.
B: Bridges. Logs at first [ see earlier article on bridge building.  We are building a precarious bridge here, it is a beginning ]

H: Starting to lose you.
B: Yes, enough for today. Enough food for thought.
Just remember: I am always here. You just need to have the right level of focus.

H: saying “love”  [to you] as in Good-Bye.  
... But am getting: “love” is also a focus.
B: A very important focus. It is the “All access.”   It is the connection between all. Your access to all.

But don’t make connections mean it is all separate parts, entities.  
That is at the HEART of the problem.

The Heart sutra had it all along. But wrong.  Emptiness is such as bad word [it's translation]. You had it picked up.
But yes. Love is all. Through it, you can get at all.

Only it is not love [underlined] as 3D minds can perceive it. It is INFINITELY more.  Your love is THAT LOVE, that oneness experienced as well as your 3D minds can.
In “reality”  it is infinitely more. It IS all there is.

H: With self-lessness ? [ picking up on the dialogue with Hegel]
B: Yes, kind of right.
“Friedrich” , oh how he hates that term, can only see so far, too, you now Joyce is a kidder.

H: You mean Hegel’s last stage, of selflessness and love was not the absolute?
B: Remember there are infinite levels. And you had it, too:  it all enfolds back into ITSELF [underlined] or wraps around.
It has to.
Only to be churned  “apart”  by itself again.

H: Wohhhhh.
B:  Yes. Wohhhhh…  
Now remember “Ohm,”  Shiva.  Your sound of Wohhhhh expresses wonderment.
That is the access of a scientist. To wonder and be in the wonder of it all.
That was one of your words?  [wonder, in my book] Go look it up again.

H: OK, [head is] spinning.
B: A lot here.  Remember. No Entities. They are, at best, if you can grasp it, a side product.

H: Ready to stop?
B: You seem to be. I am always just a though away.

H: Love?
B: Love

H: No Freds today?
B: Oh, those [sights]?  No.

H: Losing it [the connection]. Why sighing?
B: [they are] Kidders… The universe has a sense of humor. Another word. Let’s stop at that.

H: Thank you.
B: And thank you.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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