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Inner Voices, the Club: Solving problems takes due time, and on hidden assumptions

Edited Status
This text has not been edited yet, so there will be mistakes. I ask you to forgive this, and find the meaning nonetheless.

5/5/2019  4:10 P.M [written up on 5/6/2019]

I struggled that day solving a problem (a diagram expanding space-time theory).  Here it is -- not that it has any special meaning I want to convey right now other than to show what I was thinking about:

A problem to be solved
Just another Sunday problem to be solved. Sigh...

I could not pull it together.  And I felt unsatisfied, blue. So I thought, I just try a dialogue, see what comes off it.  Typically, I only try it after I get up, because my mind is in a certain state which seems to be more conductive to this sort of thing.  So I gave it a shot.

I really am not sure if the result makes sense; it IS a hard problem to work though.  It may turn out to be correct or not, I cannot say.  

Maybe the more important part is that the process will take ‘it’s due time’  and I just have to trust myself and keep going.

Hanns [H]:  It is all so hard [solving that problem].
The club [TC]: You are making it so hard. It is all so simple.

[some inner thoughts I did not write down. Go and put phone in charger, and keep getting ‘Go and do that, we will be here.’ ]

We are here. What did we say?

H: Look at the diagram.
TC: And?

H: There are all kind of assumptions [underlined] here.
TC: State them.

H: Time goes only forward.
Time has a direction.
Space and time are linear – although that diagram actually shows they are not.
*[later added: there is an origin]

TC:  They are not?  Just because they compress does not mean they are not “linear.”  They just stretch.

So Hanns, let’s go to the deeper issue.

H: That is?
V: You don’t trust yourself enough.  Just believe that inquiring is part of the process. Things will come, snap together, “in due time.”  [smiling]

H: In due time.  Hmm. What exactly does that mean?
V: Aha, made you get interested.  Look for it.

H: [look it up:  ‘due’ is from duty; what is owned from others]
V: do you get it?

H: No, I have no idea.
Hmmm. The time owed to others.
The time owed to the process.
The process takes time.

TC: Yes. But the process is tied to all else. Time, and space, and consciousness IS the process.

So to draw a diagram like that is to take something whole and express it again in human terms.

H: But how else are we to understand?
TC: Words help. Pictures help more.  Insights take a leap of faith.
You have to see the assumptions and eliminate them.
Then it will fall into place.

H: Pfff, easier said than done.
TC: OK, you had one:  Time only moves forward.
Now think of [John A]  Wheeler’s delayed choice experiment.
Time also goes backward, until a “successful measurement” is made.
So the diagram assumes a constant measurement.
But that is exactly the “i” axis [ In math, i is the imaginary number, and thus imaginary axis and plane].
That is the measurement.
Isn’t it?

H: I really don’t know.
Tc: Yes, at that time the diagram unfolds to the flat plane [ being 4D reality, 3D plus time]. Only then.

H: Pfff. Have to think about that.
TC: Glad we could help [ laughing].

H: You guys are SO funny.

A note added afterwards:  I did work on the problem some more, and by eliminating some assumptions was able to take it a bit further. 

Not sure if it turns out to be of value, but no matter,  the important thing to take away is that this dialogue did help me approach it from a different angle.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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