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Inner voices, the Club: On Alexander Scriabin, music, tones, light, and vibrations

 5/3/2019 8:00, entered on 5/4/2019

Ah, got to sleep in a bit longer.  Not as tired as yesterday.  So I will try it again today.

I reread the post from yesterday.  And I got contraction vs expansion, that it is a universal principle (I added that as a note in the post yesterday).  And I also got that numbers are “the problem,” or the solution, that lead to “i = √-1 ” by simple logical progression.

Then, later yesterday, I read about Alexander Scriabin, a composer in the early 20th century who blended music with colors; very interesting.

So that sets up the dialogue that followed:

Hanns (H): So is anybody here?  Let me pull myself into the moment and see if I can pick anything up.  If not, it is OK as well. Life will go on.

[pause, concentrating]

Voice, The Club (VTC):  We are here.  [Today in a French accent. OK, I just got back from Paris a few days ago.]

H: HA, HA!  Now you are kidding me!
VTC: No, no, it is us.  [ again in a French accent ]

H: So, is “French accent”  a theme today?
VTC: Mais oui, we have a sense of humor, too.  [laughing]

H: OK, French voice, who am I talking, too?

[“Chopin”  pops in my head, but that was it, did not come up again. OK.]

Anything you want to talk about today?

[Pause. Nothing.  Listening to the birds outside chirping.  It helps to pull me in.]

Expansion/Contraction?  Numbers?  Music?  Birds singing?  Anything?

Are you here?

VTC: We are here.

H: Then what have you to say?
VTC: You just said it.

H:  What do you mean?

VTC: All of the above.  It is one and the same thing:  Being expressing itself. Along different channels.

Just relax.  Stay here.  You are trying to hard. Trying to go straight to the secret, but it takes time, places to stand on.

Look at Alexander Scriabin some more. There is an interesting connection here to optics, to Isaac Newton.  He [Scriabin] interpreted Newton’s optics as music, as tones.

So a bridge is build.

Remember your other thoughts about frequencies adding up. Here is an interesting application. Tones and light are both vibrations [or waves].  Vibrational patterns coming to life. 

Only he tried to merge the two, audio and visual.

Two access points.

To what?

So he tried to express his emotions through his music and light show and transfer these emotions over to the audience, to you.

Try it today.

See if you can pick it up.

It is another gate of truth. [see earlier article, Robert Frost]

H: Hmmm.  Interesting.  None of this I knew until yesterday or this morning [before I started writing, I read a Wikipedia article on Scriabin.  This here states it a bit the same, but differently: ], but you put a different spin  on things.

Somehow “spin”  stands out.

VTC: Want what do you think it stands for?

H: I got “spin of electrons.”   [ In physics, electrons have a spin, just a sort of property. ]
VTC:  Aha!
Electrons are dancing, too.  In a cosmic dance.
Jumping (quantum jump).
Annealing meant jumping [underlined], remember?

So electrons are quantum jumping, and thereby annealing, from one “minimum” to another, but through the process of:

  • Contraction and expansion,
  • Particle vs wave.

[ So here it links back to yesterday's article, and we have many of the points I gave in the list at the beginning of the dialogue. It all led naturally up to it. ]

H: Very interesting.
VTC:  Right, and Alexander worked with photons and light, merging it with music.

Let yourself be “inspired”  today by his music.

H: I got that “inspired” meant something.
VTC: Go look it up. There may be a surprise waiting.

H: Hmmm.  Have I not written about inspiration before?  [ In the Steps]
VTC:  yes, but you have not found the heart of it.

H: OK. I’ll stop now. And let myself be inspired.

VTC: [laughing] Au revoir  [underlined "voir"]

H: So I am supposed to look up “voir” ?
VTC: You never know what you may find.

H: Love?  [as in saying Good-Bye]
VTC: Love!  [saying Good-Bye]

Commentary added afterwards on 5/4/2019: 

It turned out to be an interesting dialogue after all.  During the day, I listened to some of Scriabin’s music, and what I had heard so far was not quite my thing.  What IS interesting, though, is his combination of music with light.  In a way, he invented the first “light organ.”  Today, we are so used to going into a club, and have lights bounce to the beat.  Maybe we are used to it more.  But in 1915 this was revolutionary.  Not just that, Scriabin developed a whole system of how tones are related to light.  

It is worth looking into further.

Another thing it lead me to was Newton’s book “Optics.”  Two things stand out:  newton was the first to see that white lights contains all colors, and that a prism can break it apart.  

Again, we have this notion here of the whole (white light)  and the part (a colored ray).

Secondly, to my great surprise, Newton makes this statement in it:
(see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opticks)

“And since Space is divisible in infinitum, and Matter is not necessarily in all places, it may be also allow'd that God is able to create Particles of Matter of several Sizes and Figures, and in several Proportions to Space, and perhaps of different Densities and Forces, and thereby to vary the Laws of Nature, and make Worlds of several sorts in several Parts of the Universe. At least, I see nothing of Contradiction in all this.”

Some people interpret this as saying, that Newton allowed for the idea of some sort of multiverse (parallel worlds). I find this astounding.


I also looked up the words “inspiration” and “voir." The later turned out to be very interesting.

“inspire”, from “spirit,”  to breathe.   To be inspired is to breath, metaphorically, the essence of something and allow it to merge with you.

“voir,”  related to our word “vision”  and “video”,  
From Latin ‘videre’,
From IE root *weyd/weid, to see.

Many words derive from that root.  Here is a partial list, some of which surprised me greatly:

  • idea ( from Greek for: appearance, form)
  • guide
  • wise
  • guise
  • wit
  • vision
  • history (from Greek)
  • Hades ( from Greek, Haidas;  the underworld,  the”invisible”
  • Veda,  as in the Indian scriptures, from Sanskrit Vedah, knowledge.

A lot is tied to this one root, and much is applicable to our discussion. 

Let me pull it together:   guidance, in guise, from the invisible “beyond”, giving wise knowledge and ideas, helping to gain a greater vision.  

And the Club made me look it up.  It makes me go hmmm.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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