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Is Energy related to Consciousness?

Inner Space & Outer Space. Integrate them and journey back to wholeness

Saturday, 10/5/2019 9:15 a.m.

Saturday morning, oh what a gray day it is. So what? – it fits my mood perfectly today. Seems like I have not been journaling for a few days as I struggle with internal doubts about all this, about how much is my subconscious and how much is potentially more. But no matter what, let’s give it a go.
 [Tuning in, becoming aware of what is]  Are you here?
[...Nothing coming through] 
Are you here? (more forcefully)

The Club: We are here! (forcefully, laughing)

So do you have anything to say today?

It is what it is.  Whatever comes through comes through. Give it the mental space to come through, and do not block, that is really all there is to it.

I am open for business (smile).

Then let’s talk about what you have been thinking about:

OK.  E = mc2.  [Einstein's equation from general relativity.]

Whatever comes will come?


So energy is what?

The ability to do work. [That's the definition in physics.]

And here it relates to mass and the speed of light, meters per second.  So you have mass, space, time, and some formula converts it into energy, the ability to do work, or expressed differently, to induce change.  Here is that word again, “to induce,” do you remember?

Just looked it up from a few days ago:  “induce” is a synonym for “trigger,” meaning “to lead into.”

Yes, and that whole dialogue was about how we can “trigger” or “induce” insights in your 3D mind. Here you have the ability to induce change, and it is linked to mass, space and time.

Space and time squared [meaning: c2].

That just makes it a more “accelerated” measure.

So is E (Energy) linked to consciousness?  Because we have in churning that it brings out both consciousness and matter, inside of time and space.  So here again are all these components.  So is energy linked with consciousness?

We can’t say, because we are in it as well.

OK, good honest answer. At last we do not speculate.

Nothing wrong with this, to speculate!  Let’s look it up, shall we?

[I look up “to speculate” ]  “View mentally, contemplate,” the act of looking, from *spek, to observe.

Yes, to look at something and through contemplation cast it forward.  So it is just not a passive observation, a simple beholding [like in mediation], but an active observation that extends a concept mentally.

At times without having any basis ….

You mean, that a verification would reveal it is not so.  Fine, no matter.  So to speculate is active.  An act is to induce change.  And an act takes energy, “the ability to do work.” So if you say, all acts are tied to consciousness, then this would imply energy.

But consciousness and matter are enfolded together!?


And iterate.  Through choice.  A mental act, that becomes part of the unfolding. Remember, all possibilities are enfolded together (in the hologram, etc.).  All-that-can-be, ever, and it takes the choice to bring that out [bring out a given situation/context].  

Now, once it is matter, space, time, to bring about a certain act will take more or less energy.  

For us to induce a thought in you, in the substratum, very little energy [is needed]: a blip, and a spark jumps over.   To make planets move, to hold an atomic nucleus together, a lot of energy [is needed].

But it is all the same principle.  Just the additions of energies, almost infinite ones, into that once act. [what was received here was, for example, how all the energies in a large scale body are added up, so that large scale movement can happen].

Sounds like you now DO associating energy with consciousness?

YOU are. At least you are giving it the mental space to be open to that possibility and speculate about it.  We just fill in the blanks, so to speak (laughing).

Mmmh.  At least a new avenue to look into.  OK, let’s stop for now.

Later in that day, I was thinking about energy, and how normally we have two types: Potential and kinetic energy.  

And both of these types of energy are relativistic!  In potential energy, we define the potential in reference to some ground-level, but that is only one possible such ground-level and there could be others.  In kinetic energy, we define it by the speed of the object, but that also has to be measured in reference to some frame.  

So both kinds of energy are only in relationship to some frame of reference.  And that frame is given by some consciousness which does the measuring.  Thereby consciousness IS in play when we define potential and kinetic energy, or at least implicitly involved.

Now, the formula E=mc2, which is from Einstein’s general relativity, is actually a generalization of E=mv2 where v is the velocity.  Normally at speeds we are used to, when you increase Energy (E), you increase the velocity part. 

But as you approach or are at he speed of light, you can't increase the speed any longer, so the extra energy increases the mass. Yes, mass changes based on the energy put in, or released. And that is actually what happens in particle accelerators that smash atoms into their constituent parts, they increase the mass of the particles. 

And yet, E is still related to mass, space, and time (c is distance/time).

Food for thought.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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