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Is there a Past?

To start speaking with your Higher Self takes willingness & an activation energy to start the flow

Saturday 10/12/2019 9:15 a.m.

Hello sunshine, my old friend.  After two weeks of grayness and rain, finally a brilliant fall day, and as I sit outside on this mild yet gusty morning, I can once more watch the shadow of my pen dance across the page.

I want to pick up on a topic in yesterday’s post, that I had mentioned but tabled at the time: is there a past?  

When I read [John A.] Wheeler’s paper on “It from bit” a few nights ago, there was this sentence in it that stood out to me:

“the past has no evidence except as it is recorded in the present.”

It goes back to his famous delayed choice experiment, where the setup of the experiment – measuring which path a photon will take – is only decided AFTER a photon is emitted. So in theory, if it was purely as expected, that path should be set at emission.  But it turns out, it is not.  By turning parts of the setup on/off while the photon is already in progress, we get different results.  This is one of the most curious results that quantum physics ever produced.  Wheeler goes on to ask if we can do this with light from 6 billion years from a quasar, then we today in the present would determine what the past was like.

Thereby, us in the present set the past.

What strikes me even more, though, is we only know when a photon is emitted and when it is registered. For everything in between, and this may be 6 billion years, we cannot say what is happening. Nobody knows for sure: is it a field, a wave, or whatnot? We don’t know.  

So in essence, we only know there is an emission, then a registration.

Question: Is there ANYTHING in between?  6 billion years?  Or is it just instantaneous:  Emission, registration, done – in one swoop?   “Giving the past its evidence as we record it in the present.”  So is there ever only the present?  And no past at all? A present in which we choose the past, and  reconstitute the past as it is in this present?

Enough of an intro. I would like to have a session on this, and I am anxious as to if I can do it, for I have no idea at what the answer is.  But I would like to try.  So whatever comes through, comes through. 

Tuning in… connecting with the wind, the breeze… the warmth of the sun on my skin… the birds chirping…

Are you there?

The Club: Your fear is hiding, suppressing us.  We cannot speak if you doubt already.

So let’s go from here.  Fear.  It is an emotion, but an emotion extended in time.  This is what troubles me: without a past, how can there be continuity?

We think you must distinguish between continuity of consciousness and [continuity of] matter. Consciousness can continue because it always chooses.  What?  From the alternatives perceived based on the present, the next present.  As it unfolds, along with it unfolds the moment and space and matter and variants into this.  Here, the choice comes from [or turns] potentiality into actuality, is experienced, and then re-enfolds again. As part of this, consciousness chooses from the alternatives, and thereby extends itself into the next moment. [because, by definition, it is IN that next moment it just chose.]

I am getting the notion of “skandas,” the Buddhist idea of the aggregates.  No substance exists or endures, but just as fire is passed from one candle from one candle to the next, there is continuity yet not the same.

Something similar, but it is not that easy.  We can’t explain it right now, you are too anxious.

I guess my anxiety about getting this right “is continuous,” similing.  OK, so the word “alternatives” has become another key-phrase. I was reading [Carl Friedrich von] Weizäcker’s theory of choosing from base-alternatives [“Uralternativen”], whereby he links reality again to information theory.  A topic for another session, but since we are talking about choosing between alternatives.

The choice is always in the present. The present constitutes the past. Certain “aggregates” are carried along into the present, like consciousness continues on.  The rest falls into place around it.
[As I type this up:  consciousness is like an aggregate, because it chooses a present that it is or will be part of].

OK, that is more understandable. So is there a past, a future?


Only those as chosen in the present. You can see now, as it [this dialogue] flows better, the current present, set by choice, constitutes ITS past, ITS future, based on the alternative choices.  

So there is no “the past,” “the future.” However, whatever past and future comes out along with the present…  [lost it for a moment, refocusing… ]  … is one whole.  All influence each other as a connected whole, you called them “shih” before, borrowing a term from Buddhism, a thing-event.  It is one unit, set up by choice.

The thing about “the past” not existing was shown clearly by the delayed choice experiment: the present chooses, and thus determines its past. Likewise, it should be obvious, its future ( which must contain THIS past and THIS present).


Yes, I see that. And now it flows [the dialogue flows, anxiety is gone].


So if you say “Is there a past?”, it depends.
From one view: No, there is not THE past as written and finite.
From another: Yes, there is a past aligned with this moment.

So just as you see many possible futures, there are also many possible pasts. Again, one whole based on the choice made.

At each moment, you choose amongst alternatives (linked to informational states), and that sets the past and future appropriate for that moment.

So in a way, yes, there is only the present, which comes with ITS past and future.


So can we change the past?


Remember, you do not change anything. All already exists in the All-that-Is, all variants, all possibilities.  You also liked the other term from the other day: the great ocean of all possibilities (which is just another way of saying the cosmic hologram).

So can you “change your past”?

The issue is, too, that Wheeler’s experiment is very localized: one photon is measured [at a time].  So here, that choice is in direct proportion, and amplified. This is a one “bit” decision, a yes-no decision. In your reality, though, there are billions upon billions of these bit decisions happening, all at their respective levels.


Weizäcker had this at 10120 [and he only considered the neutrinos of the universe!], Wheeler at 1088, to represent the informational state of the universe.


Yes, and this is a shared space by all consciousness in this variant. But given all variants it really is infinite!  Do you see?  

Anyways, within this number in the universe for this variant, you choose a very small subset.

So you have little power to truly change the past.

Yet notice, if YOU change just ONE bit out of these 10120,  say you choose “1,” IT IS A DIFFERENT REALITY then when it is chosen to be 0. IT IS!
[However remember:  if you choose 1, your variant will choose 0, and so all alternatives are always taken].  

And this one bit of change comes with a different past and a different future, all united as one.


Hmm.  I still see the decision-tree as going forward in time, having an arrow.

That goes into the problem of reversibility. Remember, you only experience it this way, through the process of iteration, which makes this arrow of time appear to you.  A sequence, though, can be set more arbitrarily, whereas “being embedded” in this iteration leaves no or fewer choices.
[Meaning, because it does iterate, this implies a direction].

You use iteration now interchangeably with time?

Being compelled to do it [to iterate while in 3D], yes, that is what is meant.

OK.  I need to mull all this over.  I think there is a lot of new stuff here.  Yet, a lot of questions are being raised.  Good talk, though.

See what happens, when you let it just flow, without anxiety? (smiling)

Yes. Whatever comes, comes. We can sieve through this later.   Until the next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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