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Living the delayed consequences and repercussions of choice

Variant lives, Alternate Realities & the Balance of Past and Future

Friday 9/6/2019 7:55 a.m.

Sitting outside, it’s getting chillier, especially in the morning.  Yet the sun is hitting my face, warming me, as is the fresh cup of coffee.  Birds are singing again.  I wonder where they all went during the dog days of summer. Do birds go on vacation, too?  Similing.

Alright, Club, Last night I had a nice insight on “choice.” Are you there?

The Club:  We are here.  State it!

Well, the question was, if at a choice point all paths are taken, one by me “going left,” the other ones by variant lives “going right,” then what is the point?  And we had belabored that point before.


But last night’s insight was:  “Because it YOUR choice, and from that point forward you are living the delayed consequences of that choice!  You are, so to speak, experiencing that choice through the process of living.  So you ARE, in a manner of speaking, that choice, embodied and lived.

And that is exactly right and the whole point of it.  Remember, the meaning of life is to maximize experience.  Living all these choices maximizes experience.  Yet for you, your life out of all variants, every choice is crucial, because it sends you down the path that no other variant has gone or will go.

So every choice of course has repercussions down the line, and thereby will have a different experience, and some of these will be, as you said, “delayed consequences.” Although we like the word repercussions better.  It may be helpful if you look them up, maybe later, because there are subtle differences.

OK, I understand all that. I had a thought though come in about how the future plays into all this.  Because consequences, and repercussions, implies going from the past forward.  But we have seen cases where the future also pulls you towards certain events, that is, it sends ripples backwards in time [see an example here:  Heather’s star].

There is no difference. Time is one whole, or as you said, holographic.  Remember that you do not create any of the 3D situations (and in a way, you do as well, as we said).   But this purpose,  assume that all is preconfigured.  You just choose a path through this preconfigured space.  So by necessity, the future and the past do meet up, because as they were preconfigured.

You see?  The future is always there, NOW, just as the past, and you just navigate through the space.

OK, that makes sense.

But from YOUR perspective, as you navigate, choose, and live, it does seem like a directed life, it has to, as you only have a [physical or cognitive] system for memories based on the past.

But sometimes the future bleeds through.

To people who are well attuned, absolutely;  plus sometimes we intervene as well – again well attuned.

But going back, the point really is the experience.  Every choice sets you on a path, and that path will have some very unique experiences.  Along with “YOU,” many other versions of you take the same path until at another time they split of one-by-one in another choice. So, you can say, all these variants ARE always you until a given choice point when “you” split (similing).

Anyways, again, the experience is unique along some path. And you are living these repercussions delayed.  For once, because in the 3D world, you are living IN time, so it is linear instead of simultaneous, like for us if we want to be (we can jump in or out).  So right there, in the linear experience, the repercussions are delayed!

Also, a given choice, in that linear experience, may not come fully to fruition until many years later, etc.  At which you experience the full brunt of it.

Understood.  I keep getting the prompting now to look up these two words.

Then do it, enough has been said, and a little break won’t hurt.

Interlude, I look up the words:
“Consequece” – con + sequence.  From *seq, to follow

"Repercussion"  –  re + precussion.  “Percussion: a beating, striking; a beat as a measure of time.”
Re = again + per = through + quatere = to strike, shake

So I did look it up, and the difference is indeed striking.
A consequence is something that follows as in a sequence.  So in a way, we make a choice and what comes after “follows” as a natural extension.

A repercussion, though, is literally “to strike through again.”  “Again” is the key here, because it ties the word to “percussion,” and that is also like a beat in music. It also has this sense of reverberance.

Right.  So a repercussion is also tied to time. And as you once had “the pulse of Being,” the endless enfolding / unfolding of all elements that are.

So here now is the notion of a beat, for lack of a better word, and that beat is one of your choices that you took. That choice is now reverberated in your life.  It is like “hitting a drum,” and a [sound] wave goes out in all directions.  That is, concretely, towards the future and the past!

The repercussion of that choice ripples through time – in both directions!  And thus, the whole, or holographic nature of time can be seen.

So you are living the repercussions of every choice, the ripples forward (towards the future) and back (towards the past), and experience this in the present moment.  

Some choices will “reverberate” more in the present moment, some less, having to do how they all interact with all other such “choice waves,” we smile [at that word],  and produce the experience of the present.

“Choice wave,” huh?  That’s a good one, smiling, too.

However a wave attenuates over time and distance, that is, it diminishes as it goes out.  The choice wave may not, does not.

Right.  Schrödinger’s wave versus, for example, Bohm’s quantum potential.

Something like that.  Because each choice becomes enfolded, so it is in the All-That-Is or hologram, well, “forever” – we would have to say using temporal language.

Got it.  So both sequence/consequence and repercussion do fit, but repercussion is maybe better word. As it reflects the real nature of time better. I hesitate to say “real,” as for us, it is sequential.

Correct.  Seen from one angle, consequence; seen from the other, repercussion.  You know what we mean.

OK. I thought this would be a little talk, just expanding on that insight, but apparently a lot more came through.

Yes.  [Maybe it’s] time to expand on or write up these diagrams on time which you reviewed last night – it all starts to fit together now, doesn’t it?

Yes,  I can see that now.  Let’s stop on that note.

“Note.” We like that word.  Tied to beats, and pulses, and >frequencies< .  That will be another topic.

OK.  Until later.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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