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Many Minds, Many Worlds: Global is Local, and the Sphere of Influence

How reality branches at the various levels of consciousness, with each instance having a certain sphere of influence that ripples locally in 3D, and at the same time is global everywhere.

4/19/2020 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning

Gray morning, the morning fog has not burned off yet.

As I sat there, reading the news, I was mulling over the problem we are stuck on*, in my head.

*[To recap on where we currently are, feel free to skip this review:
One of the major interpretations of quantum mechanics is the so called “Many worlds”  interpretation, based on Hugh Everett’s 1957 Ph.D. thesis, which denies there is ever a quantum collapse during measurement, but that instead reality branches and all variants are taken.   Yes, we are talking about alternative realities here!  But the math behind it is pretty convincing (albeit there are problems, foremost with probabilities).
Everett's original thesis had many subsequent interpretations itself, one of them is a “many-mind” branching model, where the branch happens not at the world-level, but at the mind level.
And that has always been the constant in these sessions:  All possibilities are indeed there (in Indra’s net, interdependent arising, the cosmic hologram, or "All-That-is"), and the various consciousness-es (“minds”) choose at the level that is relevant to them.  
In a previous session, we then hit a seeming contradiction, namely, how reality branches at the mind level, and yet, in any given moment there are infinite atomic events in the universe.   Then, does the mind, when it chooses, take infinite branches, each one being a total configuration state of the universe?  If so, what is then difference between word’s branching, and the mind branching?  How can you reconcile a mind choosing, and choosing what?, with so much happening in the universe at once?
Another previous write-up  took this a bit further towards reconciling, coming up with the notions of branch difit. ]

And I had some insights come through.  Are you there?

The Club: Yes, state them in order.

OK, here they are:

  1. [As we said before: ] Consciousness always chooses at the level that is appropriate for it.
    So at the human level, we rarely if ever [what actually came through was “never”] choose some atomic configuration, but we choose only at a level appropriate for this human, such as “when I browse the internet, do I click on this link, or that link,” or whatever  [certainly, there are better examples, another one is given further below].

  2. There is a sphere of influence that a given choice has.
    This goes into the idea that choices are first local, or vice versa that some other choice made on Alpha Centauri will not influence me very much.
    So think of it as a pebble dropped into a pool of water, and the wave ripples outwards.
    The same with choices.

That last metaphor was very apt.  Because it is based on “interference.

You know that matter has a wave aspect, and can interfere even with itself (double slit experiment with single photon). But so does anything, consciousness as well, which also interferes in very subtle ways.  And we had churning, so in this “soup” of matter and consciousness (i.e. the cosmic hologram, net of Indra, universal wave function, All-that-Is) it all interferes.

So do you see it yet?

From one viewpoint, choices, atomic configurations, all that is first local, and ripples  out, in space-time.  [We had called this "branch drift" before, with both a context-drift and mind-drift.]

From another view, that of Indra’s net, all choices and atomic configurations are there already, past, present, and future, and influence each other at each choice-time.

Basically, they are all there together, but then by bringing it out into THIS moment and space, the membrane is drawn “locally,” that is, there is a weighting of the various components into this, your reality.

So from one angle, All-is-All, from the other angle, this local sphere [of influence].

OK, I am starting to see it.

Now, let’s address the first point [above]. 

Consciousness chooses at the level appropriate for it: humans at the human scale, atoms at the atomic scale, etc.
But it is always a choice, and always a branching at the level of mind, some mind, yours, or that of another.

That weaves the total situation you are in,
top to bottom (you influencing, for example, atoms),
bottom to top (atoms influencing you [i.e. the 3D context you are in] ).

All intersperse in Indra’s net.

While all have local spheres of influence, yet a total situation is woven that you are in.

And here, at that level, alternatives present themselves [for choice] to the various levels.

For you, [these are] high level alternatives:  “Do I keep writing” or “do I get up and eat some breakfast “ – NOW [at this moment] ?
At the atomic level, choices are “do I appear here or there.” 
[Due to the interference effect, an electron has a certain probability to appear in this region of space, as opposed to some other].

So it is all a choice space”, we had that word before, appropriate for a given level.

And that’s where it branches. At that level, that local sphere of influence, and yet, it all merges together, bringing up the next situation for the various parts.

OK, so I [at my human level of consciousness]  do not chose then a total configuration of the universe?

Oh yes, you do!  Only, there are not infinite versions of you at a given moment, [because so it might appear as if] the universes branches infinitely.

No, you only choose the local situation AS IT PRESENTS itself to you.

Normally, there are only a few alternatives to choose from at the higher level.
But it is the culmination of all else choosing, into this moment, as perceived by you.

So lots of tiny changes at the low levels, bubble up into,  say, your body machinery choosing [activity of cells, and organs, hormones, etc, which run fairly autonomously, yet are interlinked], and then your consciousness choosing.
Vice versa, that choice trickles down, and influences more and more [lower levels], as it ripples in time.

Yet, you know, sequence IS simultaneity,  particular IS identity, and so on.

So overall, it all merges, interferes, but it is still ….

[Disturbance.  B brings something outside. ]

Lost it.

No, we can keep going.  
[Picking up from above:  “So overall, it is all merges, interferes, is”] in the net of Indra, mutual arising, cosmic hologram, the All-That-Is, always,
[“… but it is still”  ] in this moment in your reality, weighted into THIS moment, space, consciousness, for all levels.

Interesting.  And how does this extend “upwards” [in All-D levels] then, past the individual soul?

Your higher All-D levels, which you called “oversouls,” are the same way.  They choose at their level, appropriate for them, such as “do I create a new soul configuration,” or “let’s mix A and B and see what happens,” and so on.

So in a way, it all comes down to interference, waves?,  with both global and local effects.

Well, again, waves are a spatio-temporal term. They need space and time to propagate [ λ (wave-length) is space, and f or ω (frequency, angular frequency) is time].
So that is only the space-time expression of a deeper principle, that you – being in the space-time-manifest – cannot perceive, nor hope to measure.
Other than through the experience (enlightenment).

But given the lack of any other terms that make sense,  “interference” is as good as any.

I mean, I get it, in a way about global and local… and at the same time I don’t get it.

Look, you already had these seeming dualism [opposites] that resolved themselves:
Particular IS identity
Sequence IS simultaneity

[There was a third; I was fishing for it when I wrote this, but could not come up with it:  determinism IS non-determinism]
And you clearly understand this.

This here is but another aspect of the same:  global IS local, and local IS global.

It is just how it is perceived.

From one end:  Particular / sequence / local.
From the other:  Identity / simultaneity / global.

It’s the same thing, that All-in-All, expressing itself into THIS, an atom, a moment, a through in consciousness.

OK, something like another category or axis in all this?

Be careful with these words because they imply dimensions, which really do not exist.

The preferred basis problem, again?*
*[A problem in the many-worlds interpretation, stated simplified, how do we set up the frame of reference and its axis, that is, “the basis” of some vector space ].

We know, you are baiting us, but we are not going there right now.


No quantum mechanics right now.
I think we said enough for this dialogue, and you need to let it “sync” in.

OK, Time for breakfast then!

Enjoy.  I mean, we could go on, but it is best to stop.

Hmm.  A choice is to be made!

And thus, there would be a branch point of you, one who keeps writing, and one who does not, and each choice has a sphere of influence, first very local, then over time it interferes with more and more, and so on.

Yes, I see it.

And that choice point, here is where your level splits, and is recorded in the overall “soul record” or “soul probability cloud” as you once called it.
Yet, it “interferes” with all else, and all else “interferes” with it – meaning of course, how it is in Indra’s net.

I’ll have to write up something on it [Indra’s net] , the term is so implicit everywhere.

Yes, you can do that on your own, we don’t need a talk on that.

Yes.  So thank you for that last example, or demonstration of choice.
NOW I’ll stop. Thanks!

Yes, enjoy your day now – you hear?

10:10 a.m.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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