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Many Worlds: Giving Credence and Choosing Life Branches

How giving credence sets up the possibilities in the process of choosing between alternative life branches in a given "choice space."

3/1/2020 9:10 PM

[…] So how about we talk about health, since that virus stuff is all over the news.

The Club:  Health is when the organism operates optimally.

Optimally, what does that mean?

It means to the best of its abilities, without being deterred by other factors.
Remember, you choose yourself onto the branches.

So here is choice and branches again. I am still not sure about it why different branches are not simply random.  Ah, here is the word:  “Credence.” *

*[In Quantum Mechanics, events are not completely random, but the Born rule predicts very specific probabilities for events to happen, for example the electron of a Hydrogen atom to be in a certain region of space.  The term “credence” has come up in more recent research papers with regard to why certain branches in the Many-World-Interpretation have a higher probability than others.]

I wanted to talk about that word:  to give credence to a “chance” and outcome.  Let me look it up:


  • credibility, believability, trust
  • the belief of trust in facts derived from something different than personal experience or knowledge
  • from Latin “credential,” the belief, from “credere,” to believe, trust, from IE root *kerd “heart.”

So to go with a certain choice, to choose a given branch, is to give credence to it. But that is not really choosing, but deciding.

No, it is using the basic weights in you that ARE you, and just trusting that choice.

But would not every variant of me then choose the same?

You would think so, but that is not what happens.  That is exactly the notion of credence:  to give and explore each choice with various credence.  Thereby all choices are explored, with all variant strengths, thus credence.  

You see, all choices, all branches, are always here in every situation.
And you do perceive the alternatives, “taste” the choices. 

And each such alternative then is, call it, “bet upon” (to use the terminology from decision and game theory) with all possibly weightings.  

Thereby “you,” meaning All-That-Is, is hedging all its bets.  God does play dice, but each side does come up.

OK, but the Born rule in physics [see above] would say that some side comes up more often.

You need to distinguish between macro and microscopic levels. However, there is no firm line between them either, but a gradation between the two.  Remember that the micro and the macro influence each other.

The Born rule clearly applies to the stochastic behavior of atoms.
But not so much at the level of choice at your human consciousness.

So at the atomic level, atoms follow the Born rule distribution.  Why?

You will learn that.  Actually, you already know, but don’t understand it yet.

OK, then, let’s go on.

The macroscopic is, on one side, emergent from the microscopic, but form the other side guides [or pulls] the lower levels.

Right, we had that before.

At one end, Born rule, at the other credence to all branches with all strength.


And as you go up and down [between the two extremes] the two slowly converge into each other. To morph, so to speak.

Now here is a word I have not heard in 30 years [morphing, from my Computer Animation days].

Well, it is a linear weighting between two extremes.  Today, you could also say a superposition, but the weights are inverse of each other: x * micro + (1-x) * macro.  So, microscopic operates at the Born rule, macroscopic at all branches being explored; and all in-between is a mixture.

Hmmm, I am not sure about this.

Clearly, the choices you make are much more gray areas than a simple yes/no,  or spin up/down [the spin property of an electron].


So your “choice space” is much more larger.*

*[Typing this up, I find that word very interesting. In QM, we work with abstract vector spaces called Hilbert spaces which are multi-dimensional.  I always considered these to have a more real-world meaning, for examples as to position and velocity, but the term "choice space" opens up a new way of looking at these].

Yes. I am just not sure that another variant of me would choose some other extreme alternative, if I don’t [choose it myself].

OK, can you imagine taking some other extreme AT ALL?

In some cases, yes, in others, not.

And that is exactly how it is!  Giving credence to the available alternatives.  As we said before, some alternatives are not accepted, or seen as possible, they may as well be invisible or not existent – to the current version of you.

But others ARE acknowledged as existing, and potentially as real choices.

Those you do not give credence to, even if it is almost an non-existing [or tiny] degree, but you DO give some alternative credence, and that means that some variant of you will take it!

That is the process:  “credence-ing” means to choose – some variant chooses.  Just not you. You choose another branch [the one you are in], and proceed with that choice.

I got that part of giving it credence.  I still don’t see how I can choose, or some variant of me, can choose another alternative, other than the one I take.

That’s just the way it is.  We can’t tell you either [ or more].

That’s too easy an out.

Intriguing minds need to know, laughing.  
Fine. It’s just like this:

  1. You are in some current situation.

  2. You perceive alternatives.

  3. You give each credence.  

  4. And then take all.

  5. But the credence is a weighting for you.

What happened to “all branches are taken but with all strengths.”

Variants upon variants explore the same [choice-] space differently.

For you, the credence determines the “weight” of a path [branch].
There are other factors as well, like the “life plan” that plays into the weighting.
So, that goes into the Born rule as well; at the atomic level the Born rule set the probability that …

[Jumping in, Warning, Warning, techno babble ahead, but only for this section ] OK, I just got this insight [in a through-particle], that at the atomic level the choice of [some arbitrary vector] basis sets the eigenvectors and eigenvalues and thereby pre-sets-up the measurement.  So at the higher level, my variant is in a way a choice of basis through which I look at the choice-space, and thus, in a way, predetermine what is available and chooseable  [as an alternative], and give it credence.*

*[ Yes, techno talk, sorry. To explain this a bit.  To make any kind of measurement, we always need some coordinate system.  And that is to a large part arbitrary.  For example, to measure our position on the surface of the earth, we overlay a grid with longitudes and latitudes.  In quantum physics that is the same, measurements are done in an abstract vector space, but we still need to set some sort of origin and orientation within it, that is “the basis.” What is then measured are properties (“eigenvalues” and “eigenvectors”) of some matrix “operator” with regard to that basis.  So the basis, in a way, determines what can be measured. ]

Very good!  And from there, given that basis, you can let the Schrödinger equation simply continue.  [ This just means, that once a measurement is made, from there on the system behaves deterministically, “as if on rails”, with no weird jumps and so on ].

So the same at the higher up level.  The variant predetermines what is seen, the strength or weights [credence], and then at the moment of choice, it simply flows towards all outcomes. [That is basically the many-world-interpretation applied to a macro choice].

Only you choose yourself into THIS outcome.

Now, to return, at the atomic level, the Born rule determines the probabilities.
At the higher levels, a life plan CAN guide or nudge a certain way.
Plus our guidance.
But that may be two words describing the same thing.
No matter, you see:  it is all a play with probabilities.

Interesting. At least I now see a way out of the current predicament.

There is always a way.

OK, let’s stop. Thank you for the insight.

10:00 P.M

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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