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Mind Drift and Context Drift

Trying to resolve the contradiction of how faraway and minute changes in the environment can be part of the mind choosing at a much higher level.

Earlier today I ran into a contradiction about many-minds and many-worlds. 

The one constant statement has always been:  the mind chooses, and thereby branches, not the world! 

But if we branch at the mind level, appropriate for the consciousness at a given level, how then does that deal with all the almost infinite events happening in the universe, like some electron in a far way galaxy changing its state?  Does the mind then not have to select a complete current state of the universe?  

After I ran the ship aground earlier, I am trying to get back going again.  Did it work?  We will see. 
[Added 4/19/2020: It did work, the seeming contradiction was resolved in this article.]

Below are just some random musings to resolve the contradiction.

14/4/2020 10:15 p.m.

1)  In the total-state formula (see last article), all these entangled quantum states involve brain states (or mental states), and system states (electrons, etc.)

But unless you are a quantum physicist, have you ever looked at an electron?  And wondered if it has spin up or down?  No!

Nor with photons, do you ever wonder if there is a photon to appear at that location in the double slit experiment?  No!   When it comes to light, you only care about if it is a sunny day, or “how to work on your tan,” etc.  

These are much, much higher level choices, appropriate to the level of your consciousness.

So, first, those quantum mechanics formulas are mostly applicable for scientist that happen to think about this.  For them, they make sense.  For others, maybe less.


2)  If you choose higher level choice "A" vs. "B," then at the next instance there are potentially different worlds.  Yes, but in most cases, there is a slow perceived local branch drift.  Remember, we talked about this. 

Unless, of course, we talk about real life and death choices, where the impact would be immediately clear [you are dead, you are alive].  This is called a "cataclysmic change" below.


[Note to me for the what follows: Remember that all elements continually choose at their respective level, you only being one of this in a shared universal context]


3) So you may say, it is a slow (perceived) context drift.   The figure [the figure vs ground], that is you, operates in a mostly similar or slowly changing environment or context, and change is mostly bought about through your choice.

But the context continually shifts slowly, and the closer you are to some element in the context, the more immediate it is, until the context drift becomes more noticeably, and variants will differ.

An Example: the proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in Japan, yes, it has an effect on the whole (it is the whole), but outside of Indra's net, it will not noticeably affect your environment (the proverbial hurricane) until, when?, maybe never in your lifetime?

Similarly, an electron switching state on Alpha Centaury, yes, it has an effect in the overall context (all electrons in the universe are linked in a universal electromagnetic field), and produces a different world, but the ripples of that  effect will never reach you in your lifetime – other than through Indra’s net (or, if true, through Bohm's quantum field), where/when the effect is there already, past, present and future, and through this it is also in you!

And that is the key: the effect IS in you, immediately and already and forever. The effect is the cause of you and all else being here and  “changing.”

So, the mind that regards the object, the effect is in both already.

Even if you deal with choices at the higher level, these higher levels are conditioned by all else implicitly.  The alternatives that appear, brought up to the moment of choice, are all there because of the holographic interspersing of all else.

You choose at your level, you branch at a higher level, and at each such higher level, all minor effects of all else are in it.


4)  Now let's go back to what was said above, because there is something new here:  a context drift.

Before, we concentrated only on the figure, not on the ground.  More succinctly, before, the branching was only at the figure level, the mind, or the object.  But now we look at the “change” or drift of the context.  Of course, “change,” how can the context change, if only the mind branches? That is exactly the question!

At that point or change, that branch, or that drift, is also possible at the world level?

That is, a distinct change happens at the mind level -- a choice is made -- and a slow drift happens at the collective world level – could that be?

What about the opposite?  Say, a rapid change at the world level, and electron decays and causes an atomic explosion, like Schrödinger’s cat on steroids.  Depending on how close you are to that change in a given context, it could be a slow mind drift for something that is far away (another country, or planet, or galaxy), or fast for close by?

So, distance starts to play a role. 

Or let's call it entanglement, because two entangled electrons can switch immediately, simultaneously, no matter how far they are apart. 

So maybe, the "closer" or "more entangled" the components are, the more immediate the branching is in both?

There is an aspect of relativity to this, an aspect of being asynchronous. Because we saw that in special relativity, there is no universal "now," but systems that are close and share the same speed (and so on) will be more aligned.

[Reminder: all elements choose at their level asynchronously in the shared universal context.]

So, a high level choice will immediately affect the close-by elements in its environment, including whatever quantum effects. The further, or less entangled these are, the less is the effect.   (Yet, it is all part of the whole).

Same the other way around, the closer a change is in my environment [some other element choosing], the more it will affect my high level choices as well.  (It ripples both ways, we talked about this)

So, assume for a minute you make your choice solely using the physical brain (smiling), then first the electrons in the brain, then those of my body (and organs), then those in the environment will affect my (physical) mental state, my choice, the "nearer" they are to me (leaving aside what "me" may mean).

Cataclysmic effects, on the other hand, in either system come with a higher weight. Clearly, if a vulcano erupts nearby, I will quickly choose to run away.

So the weight, the probability problem in quantum mechanics, maybe deals with “proximity” or "level of entanglement," or engagement?

Also, this also goes for variants and “their bleed through” effect. The closer a variant is -- in time or space or "cataclysmic" effect -- the more affected I am? the more bleed through?

This could be a reason, why after the deaths of my loved ones, I picked up various voices better, and as time passed, less.  The level of entanglement becomes less.

So, while it IS all in all, living imparts a sort of weight on the various connections, the membranes, and depending on entanglement, or proximity, some affect the current situation more or less.


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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