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Mind over Matter: Belief and its Sphere of Influence

Change your belief, change your reality, we say – but it only works within your sphere of influence. Within that range, realize your limiting core-beliefs and weaken them until alternatives become possible for you. This includes healing the body: mind over matter.

5/9/2020 8:15 a.m. Saturday

Gray day, slight drizzle. I had all these plans for the day. All week it was sunny and on this one day I have off, it rains!  Oh well, so much for plans.

Anyways, last night I read one of my really older posts from about nine years ago about “can the mind heal the body.”  In it I describe how a person was hypnotized and told he would be touched with a really hot object, which in reality was only an eraser on the tip of a pencil. 

Nonetheless, a burn blister formed!

I now have found several (of what I believe to be) trustworthy independent accounts of this happening.

So, if a mind can do that, then can it not also heal the body?  This goes into the previous discussions we have had about “mind over matter,” which in our context means to choose yourself into a reality branch in which you are healed.

The other thing the previous article talks about is how the person under hypnosis strongly believes this is happening.  Hypnosis is a state much similar to sleep where your mind is more influenceable.

Just like in a dream, the boundaries [membranes] are more malleable or permeable, and all is much more fluent, and the rules of normal life are not as rigid.  We talked about it in our talk on membranes, bleed-through, and the fluidity of dreams.

So I want to talk about “belief.”

The underlying sense* is: to be in trust with that which is “be-loved”.  Similarly, we already had “credence,” which is related to “core,” the heart. 
*[I looked it up before:  Belief: from Germanci ga-laubon "to hold dear, esteem, trust,” from IE ga + *leubh “to care, desire, love.” ]

With belief and credence we assign probabilities to how we see reality.  We say “I believe this,” and thereby set a probability of 100% ( or whatever) that it is so.

Some of it may be based on accumulated evidence, some on hearsay or faith, nevertheless, the belief is a convection* that it is so.   *[conviction: com + vincere, to defeat ]

So your belief ("your beloved") defeats doubt.

That is the topic  Whew, longest intro I wrote in a while.

Let me tune-in while holding that thought in my mind, calming down.     …

So are you here?

The Club: We are here.  What can we add to that intro?  It is all a belief.

You hold dear the reality you chose yourself into.  Because that IS you, or your reality.

All variants have others.  At your level, the choices, bleed-through and whatnot, have brought you to this moment and that set your belief.

The belief is based on past experiences, less so on future influences, it is tied to the memory structure of the entity going through life.

That sets the belief-space of what is seen as possible.

Now, in dreams, all this is much more fluent.  The boundaries, membranes, ARE much less solid as during waking.  So all kinds of things can happen that are more or less strange.  Yet, that too draws on the structure of memory that you are used to: [In dreams] human still look like humans, and everyday objects are there like cars, but it all can change so much easier.

And then you have cases like this one here under hypnosis, that show you how much of what you call real reality is in fact the same as a dream, and things can in fact change instantly if you “believe” it is so.

So if I believed it was so, I could levitate?
[I picked one of the most far out ideas I could think of, just to push the envelope. ]

Hah!  That would be a feat, wouldn’t it.  In theory, yes – we simile.  In practice, no.

Because at this moment, all these beliefs hold you down.  Not just YOUR beliefs, but the collective beliefs of all levels that feed into you [and this total situation].  It is a shared choice-space, a shared belief-space, that sets the rules to how you act and respond.  
Gravity, too, is built into that.

Yet, in a dream, where all beliefs can be suspended, there you can [fly or levitate].  In that dream, your belief-space is more isolated, and you are freer to implement your own belief.

This is new.  We had “sphere of influence” before.  But now, we have something where during waking we are in-fluenced (in-flowed, in-fluxed) by all the other beliefs that surround us?

Of course.  In waking, you are within the 3D construct, not just “churned out” into reality by yourself, but already [along with] all else that comes with it.  In dreaming, your mind aspect is more in the mental realm.

Now wait a minute.  Then how is it possible that a burn-blisters forms under hypnosis?

Well, remember how the lower influences the higher levels,  AND the higher levels influence the lower?  
In that case, the hypnosis actually works on several levels, influencing them all.
The mind accepts it, and reconfigures the senses [i.e. “it will be hot”], and the cells, and the whole “body of entities” reacts as if it is so.

Yet, it still acts within the framework of reality: if something hot touches my skin, I burn, and form a blister.  That sense is not taken away.

Note how you cannot do the reverse: touch a skin with a superhot  object and do not burn (all that walking on hot coals only works because coals transfer heat very slowly) [in other words, don’t try to walk on super heated metal! ].

So the basic rules are still there, the belief cannot[?word?] reconfigure it.

So what about healing? Is that not also “change” at the cellular level?

Right.  The cellular level, that which is within you,  can be affected.  These are within the sphere of influence.  But, say, to reverse gravitation, well, we are talking about celestial bodies and the makeup of matter,  so that is pretty hard – smiling.

Aha, so some things are more possible to influence by belief?

Of course!  The lesser the total belief is, of all elements involved, the “easier” it gets.

To flip a cell from cancer to not cancer, to “re-absorb” the cancer is a completely different thing than undoing the gravitational influence or belief of gazillions of cells, you see?

So your sphere of influence is much higher with different things that are partially yourself.

But is it not really a choice, like I can choose myself into a universe where I can levitate upon command?  [Smiling,really trying to push it here].

Smiling, you really are stuck on that!?

Laughing, only because it seems so unrealistic, as the most drastic example.

So no.  Again, [it's] some thing about the makeup of matter.  This is really a bad example, because you simply do not have influence over it.

Fine, so then healing.

OK, let’s go back to belief – belief as in how you see yourself, or what you see as possible for yourself.

Now, [as a pure example] say as a young child you have all the confidence in you, there are few limits.  And then a single incident happens, where maybe children make fun of you, or you get a bad grade, or whatnot, and from that moment on you believe you are a looser.
Thought is irrational sometimes, and this can happen.


So here is a single event that – more or less arbitrarily – sets the tone for a life.  Other variants of that life may not be like that [their interpretation of that moment was different], but in that life because of the incident and the interpretation,  that person sets the belief “you are a looser, and from that moment on sees the world as filtered by that “core “ belief.

Right.  And in psychology, in CBT [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy], that is a big issue, finding the core beliefs, and we use techniques like "downward-array” to find them.

Right. So here it is:  “Core belief.” “Core” means “heart” and thereby it is related to “credence” [which also stems from “core”].

A core-belief is the most fundamental belief.

An example is:  "I cannot instantly heal myself"* – only that is sort of baked into the experience of living.

Now, what do you do in CBT to overcome such core-beliefs?

You amass evidence that it is not so.**

*[As a side note: "to heal" is related to the word "whole." When we heal ourselves, we make ourselves whole again.]

**[As I write this, the word “amass” stands out; to gather mass. It implies that certain beliefs carry a greater weight, have a certain gravity. ]

Exactly. So this story of the hypnotist and so on, it undermines a belief. It lessens the credence that it is so.

Again, some things you CAN influence.  Once you realize this, so much is possible.

But is that not “the law of attraction?”

Well, you know, there is a difference between this and wishful thinking!

Changing a core-belief that has to do with levels of the fabric or reality that your sphere of influence can indeed influence, that is no small task.

No matter, IF you succeed in changing such a belief, then yes, you can choose yourself onto a branch where that is possible.

Remember, at any moment you do not have ALL possibilities open to you – no, you cannot levitate – but only those within your sphere of influence.

So I could “reverse” my diabetes.

Well, again, that means to change billions of cells in your body; it is much less localized than, say, a burn-blister.  But in theory, yes.

Change your mindset top-down into cells, and the cells will react.

You should try working at that mindset.  All is possible here.


Time to stop?

Certainly time to ponder on this.  Thank you.

Believe in your power to choose, just see a bit more as possible than before!  Open up the choice-space, not to the impossible (for example, levitation) but within your sphere of influence.  

The body is well within that range (although you cannot undo the process of aging, or something like that).  

So you need to figure out your choice-space, and what is possible within it, and so, to change your beliefs.

But that seems like a circular thing.  I still hold some things as impossible – like levitation, or reversing aging – but then some other  things seem possible [to change] ?  Is that not another belief?

Right.  You need to play with this.  That’s all we can say right now.

Sounds like an ending.

V: Have a great day choosing.


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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