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Mind over Matter: The role of the Intellect in choosing Possibilities

Sunday  11/3/2019 7:49 a.m.

I would like to continue from yesterday with our discussion on "mind over matter" and placebos...

The Club: We are here, state your difficulties.

One thing that stuck out to me was this sentence:
“… to open up a possibility that can be ‘validated’ by the intellectual consciousness,” 
and then your insistence to look up the word “intellect.”

Right, and did it fit?  


Yes!  Here was this whole discussion on mind over matter, and how it is really our choice that lifts us onto a branch of reality where all is different.  And this word “intelligence” has the root “legere” in it, which means “to gather, choose between.”  I did look it up in the “Steps of Essence” this morning, and it seems it never investigated “intelligence” [as I had stated yesterday], but “legere” is an important part in others words, such as dialogue, lesson and legend. [...]

And here is this word “intelligence” and it is tied to all this:  “to choose between” alternatives.

So is it intelligence that chooses?  Because that was not what “to choose” meant!


No.  We did not say in that sentence that intelligence chooses, but that it “validates” a possibility.  So in a way, it is something that happens before a choice is made.

In the book, you also had this in the chapter on choice, that awareness uses a “ward-warn-word-worth” process to bring alternatives up to be chosen, to set their worth!  [Steps of Essence, p. 84;  I had just reviewed this a few minutes earlier, so it was fresh in the mind.] And then choice happens, which is like “tasting the alternatives,” quite literally.

So intelligence is part of this process, of evaluating it, “gathering” possibilities, and seeing if they seem realistic, so that only the realistic ones come up for choice.  To “validate,” as we said, the possibility as possible – using the intellect, you see?  Thereby, anything that seems “too far out there” would never happen [meaning, be chosen].

This is why placebos work!  Because the intellect gets fooled; to think a cure is possible, and thereby the reality that holds the healthy person CAN be chosen.


Interesting.  So it’s our intellect that prevents us from jumping reality-lines?

It’s one of the things, yes, that is part of this. Now go on to your second difficulty.


Yes, the other thing we often talked is that all variant branches are taken with all convictions.  So if I take the route of the placebo, “a miraculous cure,” then another version of me chooses not to take that. So with every choice, each alternative is recognized and taken by respective branches / variants.

But does this not mean that in my branch “my intellect” validates the possibility, and in another branch “his intellect” (the other me) did not validate it?


No.  It just means that a recognized alternative was simply not chosen!  The process of bringing  up the choice, the alternative, is the same [for all variants] and will involve the intellect.  But the choice is where multiple outcomes are possible and taken.

In your new found language of quantum mechanics [I am currently studying it, including the math], in the potential of the choice all alternatives are superpositioned, and the choice “collapse” it into the various branches.  And that is where QM is wrong, because it does not collapse it into just one reality, but all -- Everett and Copenhagen merged, so to speak [Hugh Everett’s many-word-theory, the Copenhagen interpretation, and possibly Bohm’s pilot wave as well -- as I have long suspected ] .


I am sure we lost some here, but yes, I get it.   So the intellect, in a way, preps the system, like when we measure the spin(s) of a system [spin is a property of an electron that can be measured].

Now, don’t get too deep into this.  It is only a metaphor.  Hold your horses; more will come as you learn. (smiling)

OK. I am done for today.

It’s not that you are done, but you feel pressured to go on to other things in your life, and do not give yourself the space to do more right now.  If you did, you could literally do this all day.  Also, it is your ongoing anxiety about this process, that noting will come forth, or you don’t have the answers “in you” yet, so you break it off.

Well said, but that is how it is, and it has worked pretty well so far.


Because you never experimented with the other way. So your INTELLECT steps in and says “Enough!  Nothing more will come,” instead of letting it flow.  You see, with you, it is all cerebral. Your intellect is always involved with validating this talk:  is this really possible? Is this not just me? Or is it more? So yesterday when we brought up “intellect,” it stunned you:  “where did that come from?”

With you, the intellect is a strong guard, instead of letting it simply flow.  Every one of these talks here is like a mini-test, a mini-placebo,  that tests your intellect.  If you were to let your guard down some more it would be helpful – not too much as, we know, as you are wondering about other spirits interceding (the hungry ghosts).  But with you that would be hardly a problem, your intellect will never go down that far.


Interesting. So a trance medium, like Jane Roberts with Seth, her intellect is taken completely out?

Yes.  Or just very much in the background. You could never do that, as we said before, as you are too much a control freak to allow this to happen in a “non-drugged” state.  [compare that to how for example shamans reach a trance, sometimes using natural narcotics].

So how can I lower my intellectual shield?


That’s a good question, and we don’t have an answer for it yet.  The one thing you benefit from is your strong curiosity and willingness to try out things.  Like this sort of writing  here]. For you, it starts with the belief that this is possible.  Like in the last two weeks, your belief wavered, and you stopped doing this a bit [these sessions here].

Well, I also had no questions.

Right, for you, the question opens up an emptiness that your intellect cannot answer or fill, and here your intellect allows this sort of dialogue as a possibility to explore – which it will then validate or not. We smile. You see how this involves your intellect?

Clearly.  [pause]  Not sure where to go with this.

Well, leave it at that and mull it over:  to lower the intellectual shield.

OK, let’s stop.  Time for breakfast.


8:38 a.m.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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