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Mind over Matter: different than what you think it is

Your Spiritual Heritage and casting into the word set up your life

Saturday 10/26/2019 9:15 a.m.

[…] So Club, are you there?

The Club: Yes, we are.

I have nothing [that I need to talk about].

Yes you do, it’s in the back of your mind.

Yes, I heard it, too:  If all things have consciousness, which is very different from layer to layer, can these “layers” communicate?  Thus, can my human consciousness “talk” to cell consciousness, or electron or quark consciousness?

And vice versa!  Could an electron affect YOUR consciousness?

I think that is interesting. Would such a small consciousness not carry little weight compared to mine?


So you think it has to do with the mass of the object?  Or the “nimbleness” of that consciousness?  No. Then a planet should send you lots of info, right?

But OK, so how is it that we can communicate? We called it the substratum of thought, sending through particles and so on.  Does that not also use particles [i.e. atoms, etc] in the real world, in your brain, that it has to connect to and ripple upwards?


Hmmm.  Not sure how it would work.  For “you” are non-3D entities, talking to me, a 3D entity.

It has to be similar to how the 3D unfolds moment to moment, in that case you unfold along with your information in your 3D brain structure.

[ Interruption]


Anyways.  I was more interested in asking about “Is it possible to communicate in the 3D itself between layers?  So my consciousness affecting, say, my cells or atoms?  “Mind over matter,” if you want to call it, like spontaneous healing, and so on.


Well, it is not so much that you affect them, but that in the shared All-That-Is something else gets chosen.  

Remember that all possibilities exist already, so you cannot affect or change anything in the 3D itself.  

The reason why you are, or all or an atom is in the 3D, is not to change the situation, but to fully experience that situation.  So there is strictly also no communication between layers of consciousness, it IS one consciousness expressing itself fully into that situation, and through this “split” into, say, electrons versus human [it] experiences this situation fully.

So you don’t change the situation, but progress by choosing. Now, mind over matter is if the whole system is not statistically chosen, thereby almost random at a moment, but there then is a focus.

Remember, all possibilities ARE taken.  And all possibilities exist at each layer. So when you say "I chose this reality," then this variant, that is "you," align yourself  towards that total situation where all is as chosen.  

So it is not as if you communicate between layers, but a given layer chooses a new situation where all other layers are aligned with that choice.   It can’t be any other way.


So then, why can’t we not do this all the time?

Conviction.  Being convinced that you can choose, do choose, and have chosen a given reality.  [Instead,] people doubt, as usual.

I think, there are people who believe constantly they are in some reality as they imagine it to be, but it is just not so!

It is for them!  You just said, they do believe it is so, and for them it is.  It goes back to the question, is there an objective truth or situation?

OK, so cancer:  you either have it or you don’t.  No matter if you believe it so.  … Ah, and now nothing is coming!

Again, you doubt.  But there have been cases where a person was cured instantaneously.

OK, or epigenetics, the flipping of genes..

Right, based on some circumstances.  So it is possible.  Now look up “conviction.

Here we go:  “to convince,” ultimately to overcome decisively.  “com-“ + “vincere”, meaning “with- conquer”.”

There you go: to conquer; today “to convince” means to conquer in an argument, etc, but it is still tied to “winning.” So when you are convinced of a choice, you “conquer,” and absorb that choice.

That’s an interesting twist. Before, the choice was seen as separate, but through conviction you assimilate and become that choice?

As opposed to a choice lacking conviction, where you doubt:  you split it away, see it as something unattainable, or undesirable, it is still “you” vs. “it.”

So you can distance yourself away from your choices?

Don’t people do that all the time?  “Oh, I wish I had not done that?”

It goes back into every choice is taken with all levels of conviction.

And for those with full conviction, that choice manifests in the total situation as that situation. [If you are ] totally 100% convinced you are cured, then you are cured.  [If there is ] a bit of doubt left, then maybe not. And so on.

OK, but I had instances where I was worried I had a serious illness, and it was just something minor, like an inflamed nerve.

Right, you were “worried,” but again not convinced.  Big difference.

So “mind over matter” is to choose yourself with absolute conviction into a certain possibility.

You can say that.

OK, I’ll have to mull this over…

Ah, to find the holes in our arguments, sigh! (smiling)

Yes (smiling). Let’s stop.

9:30 a.m.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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