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Mind over matter: Beliefs are compound entities that are amassed, which is why we can adjust them

How a belief like “I cannot (or CAN) heal myself instantaneously” comes to be, how it is a “compound entity” that is amassed, and how this gives us a means as to how we can weaken or strengthen such a belief.

5/10/2020 ~9:20 Sunday, mother’s day

Part 2. Today’s dialogue has two distinct sections on the same topic, so I decided to split it into two posts.

Read the first part here, which is on why it IS possible at all that we can heal ourselves, even heal ourselves instantaneously, while other things are not (say, like levitation).


[ Continuing ]

So, the second insight.  We talked about “the total belief” in the shared choice-space of all things in this moment;  and for example that levitation cannot work as gravity is built into the total choice-space.

Belief works best, or only, within the Sphere of Influence we have.
The closer something is to that sphere, the better it works.
And our cells are within that sphere.

Now, we then talked about changing* a belief;  a “core-belief” like “I cannot heal myself instantaneously.”  And we used the example of CBT [cognitive behavioral science];  and here was the sentence that stood out to me:

[In CBT] “You amass evidence that it is not so.”

This word “amass” stood out to me, because when we talked about gravitation [we used it as a reason why levitation is not possible], it is similar.  Every object, even an electron,  that has mass has some sort of gravitation.  The more such objects are grouped together, the more gravity “amasses;” so a celestial body, like the earth, has really high gravity because it “amasses” a lot of electrons.  

So the insight was this;  I copy it here verbatim [Yesterday, I had just jotted down a few sentences that express the essence of the insight:

  • Belief, amasses evidence
  • The Sphere of influence
  • Like a gravitational field
  • Every thought/ belief has a field, a sphere of influence
  • A belief has to be grounded, but otherwise it is possible if you amass belief.

So the implication is that beliefs are also amassed.

*[As I write this up, I realize how inappropriate that word, “to change” a belief is;  we choose ourselves onto a place, a state in choice-space, where the believe is changed accordingly].

Yes.  That is correct. It goes into the notion of weighting, again.
Of course, a “weight” is often tied to the idea of gravity [we mistakenly take our weight to a physical constant], but really the weight of an object is it’s mass within some gravitational field.
Your “weight” is different on Jupiter than on earth.
Your “mass” is content everywhere [ In Physics, mass expresses inertia, a measure of how hard it is to move an object].

A little excursion into physics (thank you, smiling) I feel there is more to it, like it has to do with churning out consciousness and mass.

Hmm, something to think about, laughing.  [The sense here was here is another clue to ponder].
OK, so back to today’s topic.

So, a belief amasses  credence.

Be-lief meant “be-loved,” that is something  your heart (“core”)  gives high credence to (also from “core,” heart).  So it says “the probability of this is high.”

So why is this?

Because so much evidence, past memory, faith, and so on, supports that belief.

The point is, a belief is not a solid entity, but it also a compound entity.  Just like the soul, a life, a body, everything.

Yes!  Now I see it.  That is the connection!  That was implicit the whole time!

Right.  I/We mean, it is just the universal principle:  every “thing” is a “composite entity."

If a belief forms, tacit or hidden,  there are so many other beliefs or “evidence” flowing into it that supports it.
Likewise, that belief is intimately connected with all else.

So, a belief is a weighted evidence, you might say.  A core-thought where a lot of support is weighting high.
Weighting -> amasses.  It holds a lot of mass.

So in a way, it is like a gravitational field

Yet, and here is the thing: gravitational and electromagnetic fields are global, they are just bent more around objects ( that was another clue for another day).*

*[There is a lot in that statement:  fields and waves can interfere with each other, etc. The implication is that our thoughts and beliefs are similar]

[Rereading.  Then return to the topic: ]

So then, we can weaken a belief

by amassing evidence against it.  Just as in CBT.

Because, a belief is not constant, an entity, but is weighted by all the various other [cannot read word], evidence, memory, faith, whatnot.

If one of those, call it, “negative” weights increases, the belief has to lessen.

Now, in that case “doubt” creeps in.
Doubt means “to split in two.”

So you have a spectrum:
strong belief  <-  doubt  ->  dis-belief

So take the core belief “I cannot heal myself instantaneously.”
That is what you, call it, are born into.
That is given through the experience of living.
That’s what gives it support.

But then you have reports, like the hypnosis, or of people who did heal themselves after being declared terminally ill.

Yes.  Of course, but it is still hear-say.  Although for me, I do have some extremely reliable sources.

Right.  And “reliable” means, you give it a lot of weight.

But don’t forget about the placebo effect, we talked about this.

So these are all evidence that it IS possible [ to heal yourself, even instantaneously].

Now, the question is, how much do you weaken your belief [that it is not possible]?  So much that it becomes the anti-belief:  “I can heal myself instantaneously?”  Or is there still doubt?

Yes,  I see.

But as interesting as this is, I have to stop now.  I hear stirring in the house, and since today is mother’s day, I do have “breakfast duty.”  Laughing.

Sure, big smile.  We can pick up on this again next time.

Most points [I wanted to talk about] today were hit upon.

Have a great day choosing, and working on your beliefs.

9: 45

Just got this one more insight right afterwards:  
These original beliefs about healing do server a point.  If everybody could just heal themselves, the normal circle of life would not exist in the same way.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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