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Mind-over-matter: Why it is possibly to heal yourself through belief, even instantaneously

Why healing yourself instantaneously though belief (mind over matter) is indeed a possibility at all.

5/10/2020 8:53 Sunday, Mother’s day 2020

I decided to split it into two posts; read the second part here, which is on beliefs being weighted compound entities that can be weakened and strengthened.

A gray, yet calm morning. It rained, yet all seems well.  Strange, normally a gray morning is nothing special to me, but sometimes when I sit here it just seems as sublime as the most beautiful sunny day.

OK, so let’s go. I want to pick up again on yesterday’s topic: “to belief,” how can in fact “change” the situation (in the sense of how we mean “change”), including  “mind over matter” as in for example instantaneous healing.

So I have had several insights about this.

We are here. [...]

So the first insight was on “some things a belief cannot change”— for example we said that I (or humans) cannot levitate because that has to do with the whole make-up of matter and so on.

But healing by belief is a possibility.

So,  I want to talk about healing.

First off, we had said in the past that healing is to bring the body back into its previous state, something like that.  There may be scars, but we resume in a state similar to before.

The insight here was that “healing,” the word means “to make whole again.”*  So…

*[I had looked it up beforehand:  Health: the state of being wholeHealing: “to make whole.”  From IE *kailo “whole.” ]

Let us take over.  Yes, you see, the body, the situation you are is …

[And now the sun breaks through the clouds, unexpectedly, as if earlier when I said it was sublime, I foresaw it turning out so beautiful.  I do take active note of this and am surprised at the warmth of the sun on my hands. ].

Well, there you go: you foresaw the day being nice, being in your mind “whole.” *

*[What was meant to come across here was:  every day is whole, with no parts missing, beautiful and sublime in its own right.  To say one is more beautiful than another is to diminish the other.  The connection here is “whole,” which connects it with the topic of “health.” ]

OK, back to the topic – smiling.

So really any situation contains all else, and thus is perfect [here is the metaphor of wholeness carried forward].

But with health, there is an “optimal” situation in which the body can perform optimally. That is how in most cases you are born,  not always, but most.  
Now, over time, through living, certain things happen and this physical wholeness, this optimal state, changes and you become un-whole.  Less so “un-whole” as more un-optimal (because any situation is really “whole”).

So this optimal state exists [as opposed to, say, human levitation, which cannot exist].

No matter if [that state was] in your past, it exists [right now] because all moments are holographic and thus, it exists right now as well as in the past and future (see sequence is simultaneity).

Thus, this state is within the choice-space as a possibility!  Whereas, “levitation” clearly is not (smiling again).

So this is why healing works in general.

You CAN move yourself over to it, because “the whole” [the optimal state] existed once and can be accessed again.  
In a way, “you remember.”

What about people who are born with an illness, so they were never “optimally healthy?”   Can they heal themselves?

It depends if in a variant life they are born without it, then bleed-through.  Otherwise it may indeed need outside intervention (like an operation).  But if in that gene-pool it is possible, then it may.  For example, epigenetics, if a gene CAN be flipped through epigenetics, then maybe yes.  It is, let’s say, a more special case.

Let’s return to “normal” healing.  You were healthy and developed [for example] a disease, and heal yourself:  you restore the optimal state of the body.

That IS possible if you believe you can.

For that health IS within your choice-space.  Plus it is a memory in your system already.  The above case of healing pre-birth conditions is not a memory, but a projection from the future (if it is possible [to heal]).

Now, normal healing is ALSO a projection from the future and a memory.  That should be clear.

You restore a state (as in memory), by aligning it with a state in the future, and you bring the present into balance between the two.

There is a lot here in that statement, and we should come back to it.  But let’s go on.

I just looked up “disease.” It stems from des- (without any) + aise “ease.”
So a disease is when we are away from “ease,” that state of wholeness, being at ease.
How interesting, it fits.

But OK, so we just got into a reason WHY healing can work in general:  It is in the choice-space, because we are restoring (normally) the wholeness we came from.

Yes, here is more to it, but that will do.

Continue reading the second part of the dialogue here:  beliefs are not singular entities, but composites, just like anything else, including the soul.  They are amassed, and that is how we can weaken them.]


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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