I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events, as well as some of the spiritual insights that happened before and after. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumbles upon this site. Maybe some good can come of this after all (read more here).
Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you. Hanns, May 2018

My basis of reality: From love, to souls and reincarnation, to the bardo and ultimate oneness (God)

Here is a brief summary of my current thinking about the basis of reality, based on some 25 years of research and lived experience, looking into the deeper nature of Being.  I will  expand on this further posts.

  1. All is One
  2. Love is primary
  3. We are divine spirits, or souls,  which continue on after death
  4. The body is a spiritual vessel
  5. Reincarnation, past lives, parallel lives
  6. The bardo: Life between Life.   
  7. Souls come to Earth to learn
  8. We are continually guided
  9. Free will and destiny
  10. Quantum physics
  11. Time may not be what we think it is.

1. All is One

This is the central insight of my life, based on a direct experience.  It happened at the conclusion of a year-long quest:

On Jan 28th 1999, there was an Awakening.  I could say “I had an awakening”, but that would miss the point:  the “I” merged with everything else, and revealed the oneness of all there is.   It felt more real than anything else, as if touching ultimate reality, our original Being and natural home: A place where space and time break down and all is merged. It seems like you and God are one. There still is a sense of self, but it is part of all else, and all else is part of my self.

I can say without a doubt, having experienced this, we are much more than this body.  We are all divine

My life since then has been about trying to explain that moment.  

In subsequent years I studied eastern and western philosophies and religions, mysticism, as well as quantum physics to gain insights into this.  I learned that what was experienced, some call nirvana (Buddhism) or moksha (Hinduism),  the Tao, the net of Indra,  the Samadhi of the ocean mirror (Hua-Yen Buddhism), becoming one with the Godhead  (Christian), or the holographic universe (science).

2. Love is primary

The ultimate thing is Love.  Love, as well as its related emotions compassion, empathy, grief, forgiveness, is the only emotion that unites; all other emotions separate – hate, disgust, pain, etc.  

Love is the ultimate goal on earth: to experience and give Love, for it unites us with all. When we love, we let go of separation, and experience the oneness from which we come.

This is why all religions stress love.  Jesus preached it, Buddhism stresses compassion, and so on.

A path to love is forgiveness.

3. We are divine spirits, or souls, which continue on after death

In my lifetime, I experienced four hard deaths of loved ones: my parents, a very close aunt, and the murder of my stepdaughter.

After each such death, many strange things happened -- so strange, that the only explanation that makes sense to me is that the recently departed tried to send signs to show that he or she is still here, just in other form, and is OK. I will chronicle these events in blog posts to come.

Furthermore, I have met several people who I trust greatly, including my brother in law, who have had out of body (OBE) or near death experiences (NDE).  The amazing thing about one of these NDEs is that it happened in about 1910, long before NDEs became fashionable and favorite subject of new age books.

All this shows me that death is just the transition from our incarnated state in a body to a disincarnated state.

We continue on after death, as a divine spirits or “souls”.

I believe, we are all divine beings, who just forgot our divineness:  We are souls who incarnate into the physical body, and then disincarnate back into the “world of souls” (see section below). 

The word “incarnate” literally means “to become flesh”.  And that’s all it is: we take on a body, becoming flesh, and then we shed it, continuing on in some form.

4. The body is a spiritual vessel

However, for the duration of our incarnation, the body is our spiritual vessel, created by and for the soul.

This is an incredible important point, as many of us take our bodies for granted.  We abuse it with alcohol, bad food choices, drugs, or a harmful environment.  The body will reflect this and manifest diseases.  

If we really understand how sacred the body is, we will take better care of it, with proper nutrition and exercise.   

I also believe that once we recognize the connection between the body, the mind and the soul, the body has the ability to heal itself.  There are many accounts about miraculous healing, often instantaneously.  The key to this is to believe, deeply.   

There is a scientific basis behind this. We can witness this in the placebo effect: people who are given a sugar pill often show the same results as those who get the real drug.  They only believe they are getting the drug, yet the cure manifests.

We also know from science, that the body is capable of remarkable change.  Just a couple of decades ago, we thought that once we decoded the DNA, we would know all there is about our bodies.   Today we know that some genes can turn themselves on and off based on the environment; this is called epigenetics.  

So there is much more to the body than meets the eye.

5. Reincarnation, past lives, parallel lives

Our souls incarnate on Earth not just once, but multiple times.  Some call these past lives. However from the perspective of the soul, all these lives are parallel (see the section on time below).

In my case, there are many strange indications that seem to tie me to certain time-periods and places.  Also, I have been to several places in my life that seem strangely familiar to me, as if I had been there before:  the West Coast in Florida; the hills around Rome, Italy; and Toledo, Spain.  
However, the biggest evidence for reincarnation comes from the many accounts by regressionists, who are able to lead a person back to a past life using hypnosis. In some cases, the subject gives specific details about that life that can be independently verified.  

6. The Bardo: Life between Life.   

I knew about reincarnation for a long time.  But after the death of a loved one, I had this spontaneous insight:  “Earth is a proving ground for the soul.  We come here to master life challenges.”
That was new to me. I started to research and found out that regressionists are able to lead a person not just back to a past life, but further to what happens between reincarnations.   This is called “life between life,”  “the interlife,” or “the bardo.”  I like that last term, because bardo means “the space between islands.”  It implies that our lives are like the islands, but our natural home is that space between these islands.

What makes this so credible is that all regressions, which number in the high thousands, always give a very similar description of the interlife, like this:

7. Souls come to earth to learn

We are souls, created by the source (some call this God, or “All that Is”)  outside of time and space.  This is our natural home, which is similar to the experience in #1.  

Our goal is, through spiritual learning and subsequent teaching, to become God-like again, and once more join the Source.  However, this source is never separate from us:  we are that source – which is what I once experienced.

To learn and grow spiritually, our souls set up incarnations, on Earth or other places.  We do this, because while in the bardo we can only experience oneness, or learn theoretically. But it takes direct experience to actually get the lesson.  So to grow spiritually, we must experience separation form All that Is, as well as the problems that come with that, like hate, dislike, pain, etc, so that we can master them.  That is possible only in the harsh environment of Earth.

Before we incarnate, we preplan parts of our life, including picking our parents, meeting soul mates, and setting up challenges, often painful ones, that we must master in order to grow.

8. We are continually guided

As we are going through life, we do get help “from the other side”,  for example from our spiritual teachers and guides. If you prefer, some call them guardian angels.   They place ideas and thoughts in our minds at key moments.  I am becoming better at picking up such insights.

Likewise, there are synchronicities where external conditions match our internal state. I believe, there are no coincidences.  Rather, these are arranged little pointers, like an exclamation mark to a situation, to make us take notice.

 All we must do is listen and pay better attention to receive guidance.  

9. Free Will and Destiny.

Our life plan and life challenges are akin to destiny.  However, they are not predestined in the sense that they must happen, but are only set up as high probabilities, which means, they may not happen.

Furthermore, at any time in our life, we have free choice or free will. So when a challenge presents itself, through free choice we can go either way and choose our reaction to it.  Some choices will reflect that we have mastered the test, others will not.  

So it is not that everything is predestined to happen, but we write our own lives though our choices, and thus are able to learn.

This, to me, solves the long standing problem of free will or destiny, meaning, all is predestined.  It is not free will VERSUS destiny, but free will AND destiny.

10. Quantum physics

Modern science seems to support parts of the above.  The oneness of all can be seen shining through in the holographic theory of the universe, and quantum physics.  I became interested in this, because in my experience of oneness (#1) I saw how every one of my atoms reflects every other atom in the universe and vice versa.  A hologram is a good metaphor for it, although imperfect.

So I started to investigate quantum physics.  I knew I was on the right track when for the first time I read about the net of Indra in the book “the Tao of Physics.” Subsequent readings have deepened this understanding.

There are at least six valid interpretations of quantum physics.  Only one attempts to explain what it all means or why this may be so (this is called ontology):  the quantum interpretation of David Bohm.

He states, that underlying the world we experience and measure there is a quantum field that joins everything.  This then guides elementary particles such as electrons, photons, etc.  So in a way, it sets up the probabilities for things to happen, which is very much like the idea above how we set up probabilities of events to happen.

I think, over time, science and metaphysics will eventually converge, at least in some key areas, and form a uniform understanding.

11. Time may not be what we think it is.

I am currently working myself though further ideas that deal with time.  This is my cutting edge of thinking right now.

One constant description in all regressions is that time in the bardo is not linear, but simultaneous.  We only experience time to be linear, when we are incarnated here on earth.

Immanuel Kant stated similarly about the limits of human understanding, and some theories in physics also support simultaneous time, so there is a deep basis behind this.

But there are problems that need to be resolved: If we always have free choice, in the “now” moment, then the future and past cannot be set.  So if time is simultaneous, and there is free choice, then there must be infinite parallel “universes” that express all these choices.  

Instead of a linear 4D space-time system, which is our experience, there may be one infinite united space of probabilities, which is not unlike what I once experienced. That space then unfolds into “this world and this moment” through our lived choices.

There is actually another explanation of quantum physics, Hugh Everett’s “many worlds interpretation,” which states exactly that idea: anything that can happen will happen, in parallel universes.  So my current sense as far as scientific theories is that we are dealing with possibly a combination of Bohm’s mechanics, and Everett’s many world interpretation; this is called  “the metaverse” by some.

I know… this is all very hard to grasp because it falls outside of the realm of our normal lived experience.  Especially once we start talking about parallel worlds and potential.

As I work myself through this, I hope to write more posts about this and make it clearer.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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