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On Filtering Reality (Maya) and Undoing Filters

To start speaking with your Higher Self takes willingness & an activation energy to start the flow

9/19/2019 8:30 a.m.

Since this last talk, I have been thinking about filtering. And I had gotten this insight yesterday morning (9/18/2019) based on a dream that night:

“To filter is a sort of abstraction. 
You strip away properties until the abstraction reflects “an essence” that consciousness can grasp or understand.”

So it’s tied to abstraction, and I looked up our previous sessions that relate to this, on abstraction, on sieving reality, that is tied to noticing, which is tied to cognition and cognitive processes which involve pattern recognition…

This all ties to filtering. We filter reality in that we notice, or pattern match.

And then, this morning a bit before writing this here was another incident that was synchronistic to all this, where the shadow of the “the blue cat” was cast into the house and perfectly framed inside one of the picture frames  (see the images below).  That frame has a glass which limits reflections, and so from one angle you saw the picture AND the shadow of the cat, and from another only the shadow.  It is like from that second angle, a filter is there that makes you see only the cat against the background, a kind of pattern matching.


Cat Shadow outside
And here is the star of the commotion:  a little ceramic figure of a blue cat that hangs outside on the porch.  That morning, the rising sun was just right so that the little rascal cast his shadow onto the wall on the insight, right into the frame of the picture that hangs on the wall.
cat shadoe with background image
This is what I saw this morning on the inside, the blue cat's shadow perfectly frames within the picture (an image by the impressionist Pizarro).  From this angle, the shadow is super imposed onto the image in the picture, and we see both.


Cat shodow blurred background
But from a different angle, the special glass in the picture frame obscures the background -- it filters the light and only the shadow of the cat is visible.  This serves as an example of how we, too, filter a figure against a ground to make it stand out.  In this case, the shadow of the cat is clearly featured, standing out, and the background (the actual painting) has dissolved to the point of not being recognizable any more.


So that’s where we are?  So Club, are you there?

The Club:  We are here.  Let’s jump right in. You had another insight that relates to seeing “an essence” for that consciousness. Now, as described often there are various scales of consciousness, from say atomic to cells to human to planetary, and so on. Each level now filters All-That-Is, for that is what is being filtered, through the means available to it…



… and sees reality as befit to that level. So it is not like there is one unique essence, but how an essence would appear to a given level as it can see it.

For example, at the level of a cell, a cell consciousness may be aware of hormones in the environment and thus reacts. Such as, you know this too well, insulin is a hormone that can lock into the receptors of a cell and open the cell to the blood sugar so that it can get its nourishment. Likewise a cell level would deal with viruses and such. That is reality as filtered through the scale of the cell.

An atomic consciousness would deal with issues of dealing with interacting with other atoms, magnetic and strong and weak force etc., and also the influence given by an observer, the double-slit and EPR experiment, and whatnot.

At the planetary level it is like what we see right now, [for example] global warming, changes in the whole system as related to the planet. [I would add, the motion of the planet based on the gravitational fields, etc].

And at the human scale, with consciousness appropriate to a human, it is just as you experience it now, as given by your senses (genetic), upbringing, and your spiritual heritage – that is a pre-tuning akin to temperament and what not.


OK, nice summary.  So now, the shadow of the blue cat this morning.


An example of how the environment itself sets up a filter, in relationship to you as an observer.

The environment was just right for this EXAMPLE of filtering to appear.  It took the sun just being right, the blue cat just hanging there just right, the frame and the glass just being right, and you being there in the right moment of time, with your senses as they are for a 3D being to see this.

So, the point is, ultimately it is All-That-Is organizing itself into a filtering system that can pick itself up “as a thing” [appearing to be separate from itself].  Do you see that?


The self-organizing universe…  or the self-organizing All-That-Is.


In a way, yes.  Remember, it is all about maximizing experience.   So an experience can only come about as something standing out against some backdrop, a figure vs. ground, signal vs. noise, whatever.



So here the filters are set to get certain experiences.  It really is All-That-Is filtering itself at some scale, even becoming a participant in the process (John A. Wheeler’s theory of the participating universe).

[As I type this up, I also realize that this is also maya, the Hindu concept of seeing the world through a veil (a filer), which originally meant to measure.]

And we even talked about how a given life space can be traversed over and over by different soul configurations, and yield different experiences – that being an example then of how your spiritual heritage links into this filtering.

So the point is, it’s really [everything] all-together that filters itself.

You, with your senses and heritage, arising out of the all, looking at this all with these filters IN ORDER to have this experience.

For example, another soul configuration of yourself which is not as good as perceiving as you, would not have even noticed this situation this morning [with the shadow of the blue cat].  And thus would have taken a completely different choice path at this point.

Do you see, that was a choice point?

For you noticed – “notice” being tied to “cognition” and thus pattern matching.  You have been setting a filter the last couple of days to see patterns that deal with “filtering” itself. So you read old sessions and had insights.  Yet another soul configuration would have not bothered at all doing this, because as we noticed in our talk two days ago, your interest level was low. Today, completely different; it flows right.


Oh, absolutely correct.  Two days ago I had a low but now it is better again.  So let’s go back to “who filters”?


Well, it all filters, and thus creates the experience as needed at its own scale.

Who or what determines the filter is as we said, genetic, environmental, spiritual heritage, but when we say environmental that also includes a [personal] history, a time component, in that this very idea of filtering, as an example, did not exist for you two days ago.  And now, you are ACTIVELY filtering, and finding examples of that, like the old sessions, and the shadow on the wall, and such.

So here is a wonderful example of how cognition sets its own filter to look at the world, then pattern matches it, and thus finds patterns. It is all what you look for…  If you set the experiment to see a certain slice of reality, that slice will reveal itself.

And that, drumroll please, brings us to the next point or question you had:  “How can you undo a filter?

Because that goes into a bigger subject, you thought about it already, about conditioning and response.

So at one point, a given filter or pattern will become conditioning, and then a certain response will follow.  Think of Pavlov’s example of how he conditioned a dog to salivate by ringing a bell.  Classical behaviorism.  So clearly, it is not as bleak as Skinner said in that we are just conditioning machines and nothing else [meaning, we are not!].  Yet, you have to see that certain conditions are learned, or are pre-given by your heritage (genetic, society, spiritual, individual) and a given response will follow.

And often, we/you learned some “bad” reactions that will limit you, like, a self-limiting pattern, a self-limiting filter.


Yes, well said.  So the question is how can we break this conditioning?  How can we undo or even see the filter?


Well, if you can become aware that a filter is there, then you can work on undoing this. Much of CBT [cognitive behavioral therapy, one of the most common approaches in therapy today] is that, right?  But CBT is more of a cognitive approach, as it involves more thoughts to first give evidence, then a new coping approach which is reinforced through more thoughts, and so on. Same with analytic psychology (Freud, Jung), they all involve talking about it.

[And thereby psychology is called "the talking cure,” as opposed to a more pharmaceutical approach.]

But we know, you are after something different!


Correct. It goes back to my friend Alex taking a 10 day course in silent Vipassana mediation.  He and I talked about how it cuts down on conditioning, how after some time you break the normal conditioned response of the body.

And this is done by “beholding.” You wrote about the original meaning of the word meditation. You wrote about it in the Steps [of Essence, my first book], now get the book and re-read.

[Get the book and find the relevant part quickly] Yes, the original Eastern term goes back to “dhyana” which means “to see, to observe.”  This also gave us the terms “Chan Buddhism” [Chinese Buddhism] and from there “Zen.
So yes, it’s true:  The original meaning of Zen, and “meditation” in the eastern word was simply to observe…


… and not measure! To simply be with “it,” and let it be, simply observing, not judging.  To take this whole sensory-cognitive apparatus out of it.  And at the extreme of it all, as in the case of the Buddha, the whole experience then becomes a merging with the other, “enlightenment” so to speak.  Although that term is soooo overloaded.

Let’s go back to the awakening you were part of. At that moment there were not more desires, you had achieved all you had set out for, so you could behold the journey as it is, nonjudging, and the you and it merged.


Correct, we should have a session on desire.

Well, they are also just another filter, seeing things that are desirable, as opposed to those that are not, or those that you already have or are being. That is the big “mistake.” But OK, back to overcoming filtering, direct beholding, without judging or reacting.

Yes, that seems hard.

And that’s why those techniques were developed, such as Buddhist or Hindu mediation.  And that is also why for you personally Lord Shiva has this special meaning, and once appeared in your dream – another kind of filter by the way.  Because Shiva is the destroyer of the word of Brahma, he who created maya [that very filtering system], and thereby merges it all back into Brahman [All-that-Is]. But that is just a story, a myth, yet based on the experience of the sages about undoing filtering.

So, direct beholding.

Try it. (We smile). It will open a completely different experience.  Enough for now.

Yes, a long talk.  Thank you.  Until next time. [9:30 a.m]

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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