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On becoming aware, and how we sieve wholeness into our perceived reality

5/19/2019 9:40 a.m.

I already had a dialogue earlier this morning on ‘noticing,’ how it is one of the basic cognitive functions.  As we left oft, TCB asked me "to keep noticing," as if there was more to it.

A bit later, a word pop in my mind:  “awareness – becoming aware.”  

I l looked it up.  The underlying meaning of  Awareness is “to raise, life, hold suspended” ( from IE root *wer-) .

And then, to my surprise, the dialogue picked up again.

The Club beyond Time and Space:  Do you want to do some more?

Hanns: Seems you are up to it.

We are always up to it. So, what did you just learn?

Well, before it was “to notice,” which is tied to knowing. But now “awareness,” to hold up.


Exactly, that is really all the first distinction.
Yes, but becoming aware of it, that is at the bottom.

Consciousness becoming aware, to hold up, lift, raise, a figure out of the ground.
That is the basic process. Noticing, and becoming aware.

And then numbers and such follow. And abstractions, generalizations, all follow.

And through becoming aware, and then noticing (a more subtle, further stage)….  Let's backup.

With your language, it would first be to become aware. BE-COME AWARE. Being comes to see a distinction, lifting it up, then notices it -- and notice it is tied to knowledge, building knowledge, knowing.


[I got the word “distinct,” so I looked it up; from “distinguish.” Uncertain origin, either to pick apart, are to push apart.]


It does not matter, really. “To distinguish” is to push apart, or prick apart, something that was whole before.  Awareness, notice  -> distinction; wholeness picked apart.

Signal, noise.


*[Not sure if that one fits, nor if I received it right.  It clearly referred to semiotics, the study of signs.  My feeling was it was not so much Saussure as maybe Charles Sanders Pierce being referred here.  I’ll have to think about it some more. 
I also keep getting “discrete,” as in objects and space becoming discreet. So I briefly look it up.  The underlying meaning of “discrete” is to form a part, to be sieved. ]


Now that [“discrete”] is going into the same direction, but it is very insightful. Because now awareness applies a pattern to wholeness, and sieves, all at once, along that pattern.

It discerns, as before, a pattern, as abstraction, generalization and now applies this to all wholeness.

Thereby the grid gets cast. Such as geometry. That is to sieve wholeness through that whole pattern, a measurement, and apply it to space.

You see? It is all the same process


Yes. And how do we get back to wholeness?  [ As in, how can we regain that feeling ]


By merging. The figure has to merge back into the ground. Meditation is a good access.  

Still the mental process.
Still awareness.
Still lifting out as separate and distinct.

That is not the same as dead.  It is still alive, breathing, universally breathing, but to not see it distinct from you, but let the breath, “spirit,” be one.
Atman* becomes universal.

*[Referring to the Hindu notion of Atman; the word is related to German “Atem”, also meaning breathing or breath, as does “sprit.” ]


Easier said than done.


You did it once, can do it again. Note how in that second sentence I left out “you.” Because it [becoming one again] is universal, without a subject.
Now go do it.
Try for a bit.
This here, and your work, can wait.


I'd like to.

Then do.  Namaste!

Oh, a different sort of ending?!

One full of respect.

Ok, Namaste.

After this, I went outside and meditated for a while.  Stilled the mind.  It was nice to do this.

When I stopped, I noticed some raindrops on the leaves.  

If you look really closely, examine them, you can see the whole world reflected in that raindrop: The part containing the whole.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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