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On the nature of time: repercussions and prepercussions and crosspercussions

Being One: the Whole and the Part

Saturday 9/7/2019 8:50 a.m.

Saturday morning; it’s rainy and chilly for a late summer day. Can’t rally wake up this morning, I wonder if this will work this morning, willingness does not seem to be great.  But sitting under the porch and listening to the pitter-patter of the rain helps me to tune into the total situation.  Right… And the light sting of the chill makes me wake up some more, other than the cuddly warmth of the inside of the house.

Enough pre-talk now.  Let me tune in…

The Club:  We are there.

OK, so I want to continue the insight from yesterday about delayed repercussions of our choices. Because, oh maybe an hour or so after we ended our talk yesterday, I got another insight while working, just a flash, but I jotted it down.

OK, why don’t we review a bit first?

Fine. Yesterday we talked about the consequences and repercussions of our choices, how we live them delayed as we in 3D are embedded in the time stream.  And we liked the word repercussion better than consequence, because consequence implies only linear progression, “that follows” from pat to future.  But repercussion is tied to “percussion,” a beat, often a beat in music happening at certain time intervals – so it is tied to time.

Yet if we picture a percussion instrument, like a drum, it sends a sound wave out in all directions (in space).  Likewise a choice sends out a “choice wave” – we liked that word, still smiling—out into all time:  it ripples both forward and backwards, into future and past. Thereby it creates a holistic view of time, which we also called holographic before.  All time is one

Good.  Now, let’s expand on this a bit more.   All this is good, but the way you state it is that a choice-wave only affects THIS future and past, in your current variant life.  However, there are infinite variant lives. And not only does the choice affect your time-stream, but also others.  It “bleeds” through as well, albeit the interference is much less.

But how can the choice of another of my variant lives affect me?

All is one, remember that. And at the end of all variant lives, there is this sort of probability cloud, that reflects the totality of all lived lives [all my variant lives]. So, a choice while living is no different – it gets enfolded into the whole that you are.  And thus, a different variant live can somehow ripple over into this one.  It’s not quite as separated out as it may seem.  
Let’s proceed with your insight from yesterday.

OK.  Well the term “Repercussion” makes sense as we see it from the past to the future.  It is a repetition of that choice, “that beat”, lived delayed in the future.
But if it also ripples from the future to the past, it cannot be a “repetition,” or more succinctly a “RE-petition,” as it has not yet happened in this time-stream.


So I thought about, if past-to-future means “delayed repercussions,” what could be a term for the other direction?  And what I came up with is “advanced repercussions.” Only, again, you cannot have a repercussion before it happens.

So I thought, why not simply call this a  “PRE-percussion”?

Smiling, see what I did there, I just appended a “p” and “re” turned into pre.

Smiling, too, you smug one, you!  OK, that will work.  I guess the bleed through is rarely observed, and there are no terms for it, so “inventing” this altered word will do. So you have repercussions and prepercussions to reflect the unity of time, and how it (a choice) is perceived coming from the past vs. [coming from]  the future, respectively.
Good.  So now, consider again that variant lives also bleed through.

Again, a bit hard to understand.  But I guess, Seth had this as well, with probably selves and so on, and he said as well that they influence all others.

You form one combined life, but not just in its final form, that too, but also while you go through it all [the process of living].  So, really, it all “percussions” itself into this moment: “your” past(s), “your” future(s), as well as the ones from your variants.  Remember, and that is important:  they are all you!  Always connected in the enfolded. Separation is really just an illusion. Can you see it now?

Yes. The would have to bleed through by necessity.

Right.  And it is also a way to communicate cross-lives, in a way.  Another story…
So back to your term prepercussions. The choice-wave goes in all directions, remember?  Also, Seth said that time goes not just left-right ( past-future), but also up-down.  Same thing!  So you need to have a different term to indicate this.


Good enough to start.  Just think about it in your subconscious a bit, let it linger, maybe something else will come.

Sounds good. Anything else?

We always have lots, but it’s rally up to you.  You seem to have gotten out of this what you wanted, and your energy was not that good to start out with – smiling.

OK, let’s stop.  Until the next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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