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Our body is a temple: Why the body can heal itself has to do with rebalancing energy templates

How it is possible that the body can heal itself, and how there is a beyond-3D template for our optimal healthy state that we need to get in balance with.

5/16/2020 7:47 a.m.

I want to write more on health.  The topic has been on the radar in the last few posts, but after a recent minor health scare that turned out to be nothing, it has jumped into the focus some more.

The question is:  How is it possible – at all – that the body heals itself?

And I don’t mean so much that cells can regenerate, or that our blood clods when there is a cut, so not so much the biological or physical aspects, but WHY can healing happen at all?

How do lizards regrow cut-off limbs?  How does the limb regrow into that form? 
Or how does our body know to grow into THIS form, as DNA does hold all that information?

Now, I am aware of some theories, such as morphogenetic fields, or Sheldrake’s morphic fields that guide growth;  or Franz Mesmer’s magnetism, which I think is the basis for modern energy healing, and so on.  

And then we had this great quote the other day, I’ll copy it here again:  

"Now, normal healing is ALSO a projection from the future and a memory.  That should be clear.

You restore a state (as in memory), by aligning it with a state in the future, and you bring the present into balance between the two."

We talked a lot about belief ( about healing) being amassed, that is, gathering gravity, so this notion of fields is in there implicitly, and now we have morphic fields, and “energy templates,” and so on.

What is going on?  

So  let me tune in, while asking, how can we heal at all?  How is it possible?

Are you here?

The Club: We are here.  You over-complicate it all.  All this stuff you wrote down is just jargon stuff again, “morphic fields,” whatever.

It should be clear that there is a “soul-dimension” to healing.  By that we simply mean, it is not just physical, but also “mental,” and that goes beyond the mental level of your thoughts.   That is why, it is hard to heal just by thinking about healing, because most people do it wrong.

So beliefs and such go a long way, but it goes deeper than that.

What you had right, and what resonated most with you is that there is an “energy template” for the healthy state.

Now look up “template.”

[“template:” from French templet, “weaver’s stretcher,”* a diminutive form of “temple,” form Latin “templum,” meaning “plank, rafter,” or consecrated place.

So “template” is related “temple.”

If I dig deeper into Latin “templum,” it was a space marked or cut out on which auguries (divination)  where based, some say as a section marked out on the ground, others say a section of the night sky. 
The word probably stems from PIE *tem, to cut, but also possibly from *ten, to stretch – as a string is stretched to mark off the section on the ground.” Given the meaning of temple in weaving, that is a stretching,  I would think it is the later].

*[As I write this up, the entry “weaver’s stretcher” caught my curiosity, and I looked it up, and found some pictures online, see for example this article
It turns out, in English we also call this a "temple:" it is wooden plank that can be adjusted in width, and stretches the loom so that the weave maintains its form as it is created.  
I wish I would have seen that connection during the talk, because here is literally the connection I was looking for as the talk progressed.
Shortly after writing this up, I initiated a second dialogue for this day that addresses this.]

So interesting.  Template, related to temple.

And I am getting literally “Your body is your temple.”

Well, laughing, there is that.  

But the notion of template was to distinguish some space, which then becomes used for a purpose.  No matter if it is stretched out or not.

So the other thing above was “weaver’s stretcher,” whereby we are back to weaving, interweaving, but to form some tapestry that has a certain form or function.

So here you have all the aspects:

And now, we talk about an energy template, or matrix, for the healthy body

  • Woven out of the whole….

  • Stretched around some aspect of the whole…

… to have some shape or context [function].

This then also, in the expanded idea, is clearly possibly with fields and waves and so on.

So in that sense, your body IS your temple, a template given to you, to maintain [and which maintains you].

I keep getting that word “optimal.” Health is the optimal state.

Yes, the optimal as [in] your original healthy template.

Now, the other thing we gave you was balance.

Copy here the insight from two days ago:

“How can you expect to cure yourself when you put junk* into your body!?
Your body is always in balance.
If it has junk in it,   it balances it as good as it can, and that is “unhealthy,” or “unwhole.”
It is always whole – as set to what you put in it [your body].”

*[At the time I was thinking about, that I drink too many caffeinated drinks in a given day, instead of  something healthier like, say, green tea.
But the idea expressed here is general:  anything unhealthy for you will become part of the total situation, and a new balance will be created ]

That goes also into the notion of fields and potentials.

Look, in 3D, everything is positive or negatively charged, as in electric charges of electrons and protons and so on.  And that is always in balance.

All charges, potentials are balanced.  If you change something here, the potential changes, and that creates a momentary imbalance,  and so everything rebalances.*

*[It is actually immediate, thus the change IS to rebalance].

Now, the electromagnetic charges are an outgrow of the underlying quantum fields and so on [meaning, the various charged entities such as electrons have a wave nature that interferes with each other], so it goes much deeper, and we hear your question, but will table it.*

*[Just as a side, my question was: Why does this part of space produce an electron, or fermion, or quark, or proton, or neutron, and not some other type? Yes, it all is in balance, but how and why?  ]

Right now, let’s focus on balance.

Because, in that first insight (on top), we said to bring the past memory and future state into balance in the present.

So here is balance,  set by your belief. If you amass enough evidence/ credence/ belief that you can to it, and you remember the state of health, that is, your energy template or matrix as it was (as your body can forget), and project it into the future – where it already exists as one of the possibilities, then the present non-healthy state is not in balance between the two, and it now, through belief, can be brought into balance, so that all these become one again, whole again, that is healthy.

Hmm. Sounds hard.

If you do not know how, and yes, [you] don’t quite [know how to].

Now, what about energy flow?  Inflow of energy, energy healing?

That is a topic you do not have enough basis for yet.

OK, let’s stop.  I do not feel good right now.  Hard to concentrate.*

*[I was feeling nauseated a bit;  I think it was because I drank something different this morning as part of “putting less junk” in my body.  Funny how that backfired, but I do not fail to see the synchronicity nor the irony here with regard to that topic]

Time to practice some healing.

Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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