I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Reconciling Reincarnation, the Interlife and Soul-Groups with Parallel Lives, Soul-Strands and Soul-Waves

By reconciling the notion of variants lives with the ideas of linear reincarnations, the interlife, and soul-groups, the notion of how many variant experiences there can be for All-That-Is increases infinitely.

4/24/2020 7:58

So let’s do this. A topic that I have had for a while now, but never got around to: soul-groups – the notion from the interlife (or life-between-life) literature where we “grow up” as a soul within a group of related souls, and reincarnate through a series of linear lives (i.e. “normal reincarnation”), and various members of our soul-group join us as always different family members or friends and so on.

Are you there?

The Club: Yes, and what a topic!  Laughing.  So, we know that souls are not singular entities, but made up of different soul-strands or soul-waves. 

The issue at the heart of this is not so much “grouping” but the linearity of reincarnation.

And so far, your assumption has been that the oversoul – another higher part of you – configures some soul-configuration and places it once in the life-space [compare “the reach of a life”].

Right, but what I have been getting now, as part of thinking about this, is “many is one.

That of course is analogous to other insights we have had, such as the part is the whole (and vice versa), identity is particularity, simultaneity is sequence.  

So, many souls or lifetimes, is ONE soul or lifetime?

Good, you see it from different angles, and that is how you have to approach it.

So, does a soul get “reused” and inserted into different life times, or just one?

Remember, the maxim is to maximize the experience.  Thereby, we already had that the oversoul will insert many variants of soul-configurations into the same life-tree (i.e. “my life” experienced by other soul-configurations).

So here is the flipside to this:  the "same" soul-configuration is inserted into many life-trees. [I put "same" in quotes, as a soul changes just like the self changes].

Do you see, it is the same principle: how to maximize experience.

Why waste a [perfectly good soul] on just a [single] life?  Why not many lives – or we laugh – all lives?

And I am getting a huge grin here from you!  Yes, I guess, if all is ultimately one, “we” go through all lives (there are).  So are saying that one soul goes through all lives?

Well, again, laughing at your perplexity,  clearly at one level is the soul, then oversoul… then over-over-over-soul.. All-That-Is,  and all life-spans are exhausted, even though there are, again we laugh, infinite ones.

Fine, I am glad you are having such a good time this morning, smiling.  

OK, so then, the linearity of lives recounted by people under hypnosis – there may be something to that after all? [I had partially argued against that ]

It all goes towards drawing some “membrane” around some sub-space of All-That-Is, or the cosmic hologram. You got into new models of mind as a superposition of states, which also include memory.  So if you appy that all towards the soul “leaving the body”—we laugh – then this model can be extended.

Thereby, because people in hypnosis are IN their body when they give their accounts of the interlife, the “sequential” nature of the soul is simply carried along to the interlife part.

However, when they talk about “past lives,” it becomes more blurry, as  here the whole notion of sub-strands gets carried along as well.

That’s where it becomes hard to distinguish under hypnosis, was this [past life] really “this soul” or part of some sub-soul [soul-strand / soul-wave ].

And again, you must see that you are each soul-strand, soul-wave, and vice versa.  So that mix is always there.

OK, so let’s go back to the notion of soul-groups or soul-family.

It is basically the same notion of soul-strands, but spread across multiple soul-configurations.

[It is] a “membrane” similar to the “individual soul,” but encompassing larger soul groupings, which then extends to larger “schools” of soul-groupings [another concept in the interlife literature] and so on.

This concept of membranes is really the key, of drawing a boundary around some subset of strands, attributes, waves and so on, that then act as a composite unit or entity.  
It all feeds upwards, it all feeds downwards.
Do you see?

Right, “membrane,” as stated, we need to have a talk about this in detail.  As far as my “techno babble,” I suspect it is similar to a subset in Hilbert Space [just a higher dimensional space used in quantum mechanics].

Ah, sigh, techno babble, we smile.
But OK, so do you see how this can work?

Yes, the model of composite entities formed by drawing membranes around subsets of All-That-Is can be extended to almost arbitrary richness.

Not “almost arbitrary,” to infinite richness!  That is the very point of it all: a “mechanism” to maximize experience.

Now, note how we talked about how this membrane dynamically evolves: as you go through life, “you” add memories of experiences to it [added: also soul-strands get weighted more or less].  So the membrane shifts, adds to it, and so keeps the self together.

And that is then carried forward into “the interlife.” The soul-configuration does have a “memory” of that life in a way [compare, the soul probability cloud], yet because of the reset that happens [at birth] when it enters a new brain – for brains can only hold so much – that memory is not carried along, however certain aspects of mental temperament are.  That is the soul’s imprint on the brain.

But the connection to the whole, that is, all soul-strands and their experience, and of course “us” as well, are always connected and feeding into that life, and also receiving feedback from that life.

Whew, it opens up more and more.

No, you learn to drop restrictions which limit you how you see it all.

By continuing to apply the same principle of “the part is the whole and vice versa,” you are undoing restrictive notions as far as space, time and lives.
It is all so fluent instead.

OK, so the other problem I always had with soul-groups is how they always or often are supposed to incarnate along with you, but at one time are my parents, at other times my children, or friends, lovers, or enemies.  They play different parts.

I always tried to access this back then from “a singular stream” of successive lives; but if you think it through, there quickly come contradictions that some befriended soul “B” cannot at the same time be my child and in the same life be my parent, and so on.

If you map that out over several generations, it all does not add up anymore.

But, I guess with the notion of parallel lives, that all can be resolved.

Exactly.  Because then the same befriended soul “B” CAN be your parent in one variant, and your child in another variant – “all at the same time.”

Yes, because ultimately all time falls away:  simultaneity is sequence.  

Right, and note how this now adds infinite variants upon variants into the whole mix.  Not only the variants of your life as seen by your soul-configuration [that is what we had so far in the variant model], but there are variants upon variants of that life as experienced with the soul-groups mixed in as different roles!

Wow. The space of possible variants, and life experiences, just exploded infinitely!

Boom! We smile.  Another blockage undone.

You know, it is… I mean I have to step back here for a second because it becomes unfathomable.

No, you got it. Infinities upon infinities, just with one life!  That’s how we said, it is a shared life-space.

All is mixed in together, influencing it all, all different yet the same;  layers upon layers, in space, time and lives, souls and soul-groupings, all seemingly different, yet all one;  all dancing through lives together.

[ Interruption, something startled me ]

The stuff you all worry about.  Laughing. […]

So to go back for a moment, so “linear” reincarnation is possibly true?

Well yes, in the grand-scheme it has to be, just is reincarnation with all soul-stands.

The issue is, when you are under hypnosis, and do an “interlife” or “past-life” regression, at that point you access the greater space [All-D] still through your mind.  It is similar to how you and us communicate right now – you called it talking through  your subconscious, or the substratum of thought.

But your 3D mind is always a part of this [when under hypnosis], and it can only receive whatever it can, which is not all, but only that for which it has some basis.*

*[I suppose, that is why you hear reports  crazy sounding stuff like Greek temples and whatnot (in the interlife):  the 3D mind casting whatever it receives into the imagery it knows of.]

So to access the greater space, it is clear that for example a “past life” remembrance then can come from any source that it connects to, and that is always all connections, its own linear incarnations (remember: simultaneity IS sequence/linear), or one of the soul-strands.

These boundaries / membranes are blurry!

And bleed through can easily happen, and your mind in the 3D cannot distinguish. Actually, it is not supposed to be able, because as you go through life, there is constant bleed through from variants and so on, only you take them to be as “your thoughts” or impulses.

Yes, see the examples, like the various miracles after Heather’s death, or the Christmas shoe miracle, etc.

Right. So really, there need to be more talks about membranes and bleed through.

Right.  I am looking forward to these.
Let’s stop, work is beckoning.

Enjoy your day, choosing.

Smiling.  Bye now.


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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