I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Reviving old insights on time and thing-events (Shih)

The Buddhist Shih: Phenomena, Thing-Events, and Consciousness, all arising together

After this dialogue, I was not sure if I should type it up or just leave it as a friendly summer evening banter. However, it got picked up the next morning again, and seems to be leading down a new path. Now sure where it will lead, let's find out.

Tuesday 9/10/2019 6:05 P.M.

Nice summer evening, I just thought I take a minute to write something, not sure if it will work, but tomorrow morning […] I may not have time.  I think I am too revved up right now.

The Club: Then calm down.

OK, let me try to sink in, sink into this moment...  Listen to the (few) birds... notice the greenness of the fields in the distance... some gnats dancing in the summer air... the deep red of the roses on the bush in front of me... Just let me get pulled in, relax, attune...


So what would you like to talk about?

OK, I thought about this:  last night I went over some older notes from before all this dialoguing here started happening.  I went back to 6/28/2018, and found an entry on time that was interesting. [I had typed it up recently.]

Yes, you have been struggling with this for a long TIME (chuckling).

Ha, Ha! OK, but it said in that note “I struggle with it so I asked my guides for insight,” right before I fell asleep and then I got this insight.


Now that was long before I started talking with you on a regular basis, before “The Freds” and then “The Club.”

Yes, of course.  Do you think we simply materialized out of nothing?  We have been with you your whole life!

Smiling.  Now, at the time there in late June, I had not read yet the material by (for example) Seth or DeMarco and still was reading texts on the bardo and life-between-life.

Yes, but you always had your doubts about that, right?  It never gelled.  But at the time you already had read the quote in the book “Your soul’s plan” about the oversoul introducing lives into any time-frame, and that was your trigger to dig in.  At that point, all the linear notions [of time] did not fit anymore.

Now, what you really wonder about is US, right?  Because you said “I asked my guides…” And it was “guides,” plural, right?   [whereas the life-between-life literature typically only speaks of one life-guide]


So you wonder who you asked?


Well, as we said: guidance comes in many guises.  Smiling.  You like that?

So was that you, then?

Well… we, too, are many guises, so to speak, so certainly it came from one that you picked up on at that moment.  From our view, it is all fluent, from another more static.

That I don’t understand.

Remember the hologram: all is settled, and all is being created, same thing.

So then, this image of the time ripples?

Very crude indeed, but it got the point across, time ripples all ways.  We already gave you that image, what now?, over one year ago, and you finally pulled it more together the other day.

Well, what can I say, time “moves slow here.” Laughing.

No, time does not move. YOU MOVE, by way of your choices, remember?!

Yes, thank you for the reminder.  I keep get that word now, I also had it in one of the notes: “Shih,”* the Buddhist notion that there are only “thing-events.”
*[It was in one of the notes.  At that moment, I could not remember the exact word, but knew what it referred to, so I looked it up later that evening: “Shih”]. 

Yes, so time and matter are tied together. In a way, it’s that elusive tie between the quantum and relativity.*  That matter and time both are in quantum form.  Your scientists are slowly getting to that – again, sigh, time moves so slow where you are.  Laughing.

*[Quantum physics successfully describes the behavior at the atomic scale, such as of atomic particles and so on, relativity the behavior at the cosmic scale, gravity, the speed of light.  Yet, even after 100 years, the two remain separate theories, and cannot be united into “one grand theory of everything”].

So wait, you’re saying that in the notion of the Buddhist “thing-event” there may be a connection?

Well, you also had this notion now that time is localized. You progressed enough [in your studies] to understand (or remember again) that with special relativity there is no universal now.  So now it needs to be tied together to the quantum itself.

I think, Carlo also talked about this. [Carlo Rovelli, “The Order of time.”]

Maybe it’s time to go read up on your basic (and advanced) Buddhism. Fa-Tsang might be a good start, again.

Right, about the unity of all, Hua-Yuang Buddhism talked about how the future, past, and present are all integral. I seem to remember that was hard to understand, but it was correct.

So a good place to review.  Just your basic Buddhism and quantum physics, laughing…

Well, I got my work cut out, again.

As do we! (with you)

OK, enough for a bit of summer evening banter.

Let’s see where it will lead.  Sending love (to use "your phrase").

Right back atcha. . Until next time.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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