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Setting up the conditions for guidance by talking together

Setting up the Condition for Guidance by Talking Together

6/15/2019 9:30 a.m.

Hanns(H):  I did some prep work. Yesterday some new words stood out, and I looked up their deeper meaning:

Conductive (conduct, conduit): to lead together or along.  It has a strong sense of guidance.

To affect:  to act upon (something already existing) and thereby to change.

And the this came up also:
Condition:  originally it meant "talking together."

So let me tune in. …
So how about we talk about a condition that is conductive for an affect ( not effect, but affect)?

[ had to move inside due to noise.  Now a slight pause…]

The Club:  It’s all too cerebral. Note how you are trying to do this and it does not work. Just relax into it, and it will come to you. Let us come to you.  Let you and us connect.  Talk together, setup the condition for flow, just by talking, simply talking, letting the words flow.  Not blocking, but slowly writing yourself into the situation.

I can start to weave together.

Yes, weave, talk together.  From there to agreement, from there to stipulate/provision, from there to a situation [compare the appendix in yesterday’s post] that is conductive, meaning leading together two sides forming a whole, conductive, open to guidance, you slightly steering by setting the topic, us giving some insights, and thus affecting (that is, change what is existing) the whole, the moment, into the next moment where it can start anew. Do you see?


And the access was this time?

Just talking together.  That conditioned the moment, opened a gate of truth. [ “condition” = talking together]

Yes, a dialogue.  Letting it flow to a common ground.  But that is important to be open to it, and not holding on to firm ground, because then it can divert into fighting, blocking, but just be open to receive.  So just this sort of free flow writing, being open to guidance, just slightly steering with your questioning and curiosity.

So I am curious about “affecting.” Because it means to cause a change in something existing.

Yes, because all that can exist already does, remember?  So to affect is just to bring out another already existent.  To draw a boundary around a certain set, or to move, affect the boundary around what-is into a next what-is.

And what-is is always the total situation, the inner and outer.  And now replace "situation" with "condition(ed)."  So then, because it means “talking together,”  it (the conditioned or situation) is the result of all talking together, all “voices” of the universe, inner and outer, coming into an agreement of the total condition, the situation, the world.  Do you see?

It is all a balance, the only balance of what can be at a given moment.  Of all choosing, your choice and everybody’s and everything’s choice at that moment, flowing together, influencing or affecting each other.  It is a universal flow, a dance, a play.

Now, within all this, you have the greatest power, because you interpret yourself, through your inner world, into this total conversation, talking together. For each individual (which is wrong, as it is already a sum of voices, soul-threads) it is that inner conversation, that inner choice, that makes the world light up for that individual/ community-being in a certain way.

So while you are embedded in a universal situation, [a universal] dialogue, you can change how it appears to you. Then, the universal becomes individual and the individual becomes universal.  Again, it is the great dialectic, each part containing the whole.

So you can find the access without/outside yourself (a gate of truth) or within yourself (another gate of truth). Both have the power to be an access.

But the situation, the condition, yes, it is the great talking together, to form an agreement of what the moment is to be.

Not sure where to take this.

Why take it anywhere?  Let it carry you.  You see, that is the beauty of it all.  You can try to gently steer it, or let guidance carry you, “to lead together,” that is, conduciveness.

It really is also another interplay, one containing the other. Your question already contains our guidance, flowing into a synthesis, the answer.  Our guidance already contains your questioning, as we must know what is missing to guide you.  Out of this interplay flows the synthesis, the answer.

So you see, your questioning IS a big part of this. It helps to affect the situation, the talking together, the dialogue, and thus causes change, growth and insight if it is done openly.
One part within another, mutually, “holographically,” forming a whole.

But sometimes answers are hard to come.

You sometimes ask very advanced questions, like “how to combine relativity and quantum mechanics?” [laughing] Goll! How are we supposed to know, if even give you an answer? Nobody solved this YET,  so no answer is available.  You are missing the building blocks, all we can do is gently lead you to have something to stand on, so that answers can come. 

But this notion of universal heart beats was pretty good, a local one and a universal one, maybe now with the new part about the whole containing the part, and the part containing the whole, you are ready to go deeper into this.  Do you see?

Yes, a glimmer of a new approach.

Not new, you just were thinking too much from the end of separate.

Woh, I wasn’t sure if I was ready this morning, but now so much was said.

None of it really “new,” just making things more explicit.  All these words [looking at the roots of these words] are also gates of truth, if one is perceptive, right?

Right. So much hidden in language.

In the “taking together.”

So how do “things” talk that do not have a language?

You don’t need language to “communicate,” to come to a common agreement.  It can be done in so many ways.  Actually, all we are doing here is to overcome the limitations of language, of how it locks you into a certain mode of being, of being separate.  But communication can be done in so many ways, mind to mind, particle to particle, as in entanglement:  A change here affects (with an ‘a’) the other, as they really are one whole.

OK [sighing].  Let’s stop for now.

Yes, again, let it “sync” in.

Thank you.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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