I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Shining a light on the soul: The Analogy of the Crystal, the laser and Probability Clouds

Heather's crystal

This is an important bridge article.  On one side it relates to a series of articles about inexplicable events that happened after loved ones die.  On the other, it links to understanding the fabric of reality and souls.

After my step-daughter died tragically , there were many inexplicable signs.  One of the signs, as I now understand it, was the crystal.

After Heather’s death, we brought back some of her belongings.  One such thing was a small necklace with a one inch quartz crystal.  I don't think it was particularly meaningful to her; it was just one of those fashion trinkets that young ladies like to wear.  However, at the time, I sensed strongly that it might have some special meaning.  I thought,  “Hmmm, maybe if I shine a light, or better, a laser through it, maybe I’ll see something meaningful. “   I don’t know what I was expecting; maybe to see a face or something.  In those moments, you cling to anything. But I felt compelled enough to try it out.  I did not have a laser, so I tried doing it with a regular light, trying to focus it.  Of course I did not get anything…   

So I set it aside, but I was kind of disappointed, because I thought there was unfinished business.

I felt there was more to it. 

How right this turned out to be…

Heather's Crystal
Heather's Crystal.When I brought it back, I had a hunch there was more to it than meets the eye...

Some background:  

I could go straight to the events that followed, but I realize not every reader will have read all the other posts, so I need to give some background.  

One of the things that has come out of Heather’s death was that I picked up my spiritual reading again.  This led me to the writings and website of Mr. Frank DeMarco. Mr DeMarco has a gift in that he can have a dialogue with non-incarnated beings, may they be a deceased friend or other entities.  If you visit his website, I invite you to judge for yourself how much you can believe this or not.  

I will just summarize some key insights that pertain to this particular post (read more here):

  1. Everything is connected; all is one.
  2. A soul is not a singular unit but rather a composite of traits and “strands.”
  3. Free Will is one the foremost principle.  As we go through life, we are constantly making choices. Through these choices, we form our character, and crystalize our souls.
  4. At every choice point, another version of us spawns off and thereby we eventually explore ALL possible life paths through countless “variant lives“.  Think alternate realities. (For the reader's of Seth: probable selves).  
  5. All these variant lives form some sort of “probability cloud” that represents the sum of the various choices the soul.

If you are new to this, you arguably will struggle most with number 4.  Alternate realities have become more accepted through science fiction; and there even is a major theory of quantum mechanics that states the same (“many world theory”).  Yet most of us would find this idea hard to apply to our lives.   That is, until you realize the possibilities hidden in that thought:  Endless words are available to you. Imagine the freedom.

So this is the premise:  Your soul is a compound being, and as part of forming a unique view on reality,  through the process of living and choosing, countless probable selves of you explore all possible versions of reality that are open to you.

Souls:  the analogy of the crystal and the laser.

Over the course of years, Mr. DeMarco and his contacts have developed many useful metaphors to describe the soul and reality.   To me, what follows is one of their most beautiful.  But it is important to bear this in mind:  the material in this post is ONLY AN ANALOGY to help us understand, and not reality as it really is.   Just as a map is not the actual terrain, this here is only a learning tool.

Having said this, let's get started:

Imagine a crystal that holds all reality, past, present and future. But not just this one reality we know, but every possible reality.  This crystal holds everything that could ever have been, is, or will be in the futures.  Every possibility, every possible choice,  and every possible outcome is contained therein.  

Thereby, this crystal is complete.  It is the absolute “container” of all time, 3D spaces, and possibilities, thus, of all possible worlds and universes.  Again, treat it as only an analogy.

Now imagine you shine a laser though that crystal. As the laser passes through this crystal, it will hit various edges, layers, surfaces, and so on, and will get deflected and split, again and again.  It enters the crystal as a singular beam and comes out as a myriad of light rays.  And if you change the angle the laser goes through the crystal,  you will get a completely different resulting pattern.

The analogy is that the laser beam represents our life-path and our choices.  Just as the laser beam splits when it hits some edge, we split when we make a choice. With the laser, hat comes of the crystal is a ‘light ray cloud” which represents how the laser beam split;  with living, what emerges is a sort of “probability cloud”  that represents all our choices.  If you change the angle of the laser, or in the analogy, take another life path, other patterns will emerge.

Don’t worry if you don't get it now, I hope the visuals below will help, which is the exact point of this post:  an image says more than a million words. 

There are no coincidences

To get on with the story, about a year after Heather’s death,  I read Mr. DeMarco’s book “Rita’s World 1,”  which contained the analogy of the crystal (p.110; The analogy, however,  originated already in 2000).  

I thought, “Wow, Frank/Rita are describing exactly what I was trying to do!  Maybe there is more to this after all.”  I wrote a note in the margins, but I never followed up.

Then, earlier this year, on 1/28/2019, I started an email conversation with Mr. DeMarco. I sent in a question for clarification, which he kindly took to his higher entity contact "The Guys Upstairs" or "TGU"  ( see my full question here, and  the response on Mr. DeMarco’s website, )

In the answer  DeMarco/TGU also mention the crystal.  I quote:   “You [TGU] once gave us the analogy of the interior of a crystal, looking one way when a laser is shined through it from one direction, and different when shined through differently. That is, each angle of vision illumines different relationships that exist always but are not necessarily always evident.”

As I read it, I was struck that the reply included the analogy of the crystal. And I remember Heather’s crystal.  And how I felt so compelled to shine a laser through it! And how, when I could not make it work, I felt strongly that there was unfinished business.

So I thought to myself, there may be something here.  “Maybe you should follow up on it... if only just to see what happens... “ a hunch said.

And so I did.

The great lightshow

The crystal and the three lasers.
The crystal and the lasers, one red, green and blue.

A few days later I ordered some laser pointers -- a red, green, and blue one -- because I actually wanted to try it out myself. 

Not that I expected much, but just to clear up some unfinished business. 

Little did I know what was to come…

Hand holding the crystal while laser shines through it
Laser is on bottom left, shining light through the crystal ( and no, it's not the Hulk holding it)

And so I shined the laser through the crystal.

Specifically, I first darkened the room, and then shined the laser through the crystal so that the diffracted rays hit the white ceiling. 

The last part is important, because you need some surface to see the light-cloud projected on it.

What revealed itself was the most amazing lightshow.   Just as the analogy stated, the resulting projection on the ceiling was a myriad of patterns.  They looked like “spatter images.”   Or a “particle cloud.”  Or, as stated, a “probability cloud.”  

(In my mind, all these terms evoke a connection to quantum physics, which uses probability functions to compute the locations of electrons and such.  Specifically, it reminded me of David Bohm’s quantum theory and the "implicate order"  – but I will leave that for another post).

Here is an example of of such a "probability cloud".

An example of the laser cloud
If you shine the laser through the crystal, amazingly beautiful laser clouds get rendered against the ceiling. In the analogy, this image here would represent one variant life and its choices taken.

The image here does not make the real light display justice, because the cell-phone camera is not good enough to capture it all in a dark room.  But that is OK, just as this analogy itself is not the real soul either but only a tool for understanding. The key ideas is conveyed.

There are couple of specific things the images does NOT convey; I would need a better camera to capture this (maybe at a later time):

  1. First, this image is much more blurred. Really, what you see are thousands of little dots on the ceiling.  This is a crucial point in what follows below.
  2. There really is no white hospot in the middle.  It is only due to the camera. All you see is green dots.

To now continue the main point: Just as the analogy states, if you change the angle of the laser just slightly, the resulting image changes slightly, or often, drastically.   You can see more examples of these amazing images in the image-gallery on the bottom of the page.

All this came out as the interaction between the laser and the crystal – all this was “hidden” in it.  

I have to say, I had a grand time changing the laser’s angle, to see the wonderful light-show.

I do have to report a couple of thing that are different from the pure analogy. 

First, when you shine a laser through the crystal, the laser itself goes straight through the material, as it is just a clear material.   It may just be this particular crystal here, Heather’s crystal, which has no interior edges or planes where the laser could split.  Other crystals may differ, I don’t know.   In this case, the beam only splits when it hits an edge as it enters and when it exits.  The most amazing light-ray clouds happen when you hit one of the sharp edges.  But remember, it is only an analogy, and I think the images convey enough of the point.

Second, I have to admit that I did take some artistic liberty to help illustrate these ideas  The pure analogy talks about one probability cloud for the soul.  In what follows, I show several probability clouds (representing variant lives) and combine them into a combined cloud.  I think it helps to illustrate this better.  And, to use another one insight of DeMarco/Rita/TGU: as below, so above. What applies to a variant life, would apply to to the greater soul, as it woul apply to an Oversoul (but that is yet another post).

Crystalizing a soul

So now that you have seen the images, let me cast them in terms of the analogy.

Staying with this analogy, the above image of the green laser lightcloud represents one life path. This is the visual representation of one variant life and all its lived choices and experiences (including all emotions).

Every little dot in that picture would be analogous to some life choice (remember that the actual display was made up of thousands of small light dots, which the images do not convey well).

If I now change the angle of the laser, I get a completely different pattern.  See image #1-#5 below in the gallery, each one beautiful its own right. Every one of these represents a different path taken by some variant life.  The end result in each case is a different probability cloud.  In the gallery below, I only show 5 individual clouds, but really there would be potentially infinitely many.

At this point, you have all these individual clouds that represent specific paths and variant lives.

The crystalized soul is then all these clouds!  It is the summation of all these variant lives, the collective of all these experiences.

The point is this: the variant lives, the probability clouds, they add up!  They are all added together into one collective soul that holds them all.     

When I say “add up”, it means a special kind of adding together, and I will write more about this in another post. You don’t have to understand the following sentence, but it holds great importance:  To give a hint, it is how waveforms add up and cause a special kind of interference.  Another hint: such interference patterns are used to build a hologram. A bridge to a holographic universe is cast... But that is enough of a teaser.

Alas, I cannot show this sort of proper adding visually; my image-editing program can only superimpose the images, which is a simplistic form of “adding up.” But I think,  you get the point that the clouds add up into something more comprehensive.

The end result, JUST FOR DEMONSTRATION with our 5 images, would look something like this:. 

The soul: All probability clouds overlayed
The soul: All probability clouds of the variant lives overlaid, forming the total probability cloud.

This is a visual representation of the model of the soul IN THAT ANALOGY to help us understand better is makeup (and remember, it is only an analogy).

There are a couple of important points here:  

First, each life is contained in in this summation.  Each lifeline is not lost, but fully in it.  And, as you will see in another post, each life can be extracted out of it. It is not blended into it, until no longer recognizable, but "enfolded"  into it, and can be brought out again.  (For those who may know, I reference Bohm here. I promise to expand on this.).

So nothing is lost.  If you worry that your individual life is lost in this, it is not the case.  It contains every detail of every life.

Second, as you can see in the image, there are some areas that have stronger overlap.  Here, the different variant lives have made similar choices, and these choices are the ones that the overall life or soul gravitates around.  Going forward, these bright spots are the “character” of the soul.

As I pointed out in my books: the word “character” literally means “imprint on the soul.”  Here you see it visually. Certain choices make your character (the one you play/played in life), and it is your soul's imprint.

As I wrote in my books: the purpose of life is to make ourselves.  Here you have the same idea.

A second soul

To help us see another point, I did the same procedure with the red laser.  Here is a resulting image, and more are shown in the gallery below.

A red laser clound
The red laser passing through the crystal.  This image represents one variant's life "probability cloud"  for another soul, Soul B.

Again, the actual light display is more beautiful than this picture can convey.  At the danger of repeating myself, what you cannot see are the myriad little scattered dots that make up the image.

The analogy is the same as before, where I had a green laser, now representing some soul A.  Here, each red image is a variant life of soul B, and each dot would represent some choice in that life.

When I then take all the red images, representing the variant lives of soul B, and add them together, we get this image, which would represent the crystalized greater soul B ( again, only for purpose of a visual analogy):

The composite cloud for the red laser
The composite red cloud, representing the composite soul B that contains all lived variants.

Souls and lives relate

Now comes another important point:  Everything relates; everything is connected.

These souls do not exist in isolation, but they “overlap.” They connect.  They "add up" with each other. In fact, EVERYTHING connects.

To demonstrate this, I superimposed the two crystalized souls A and B and we get this image here:

Superimposing the two clound images.
Superimposing the two cloud images:  this represents two souls relating and connecting.

This represents (as a visual analogy) two souls that connect and interact.  They relate.

I purposely used two colors, red and green.  Personally, as an artist, I find the color combination a bit jarring.  But I only had a green, a red, and a blue laser, so this was my palette.  Aesthetically I would have preferred green/blue or red/blue, but the blue laser was not strong enough.  For illustration purposes, maybe having red and green is not a bad choice because they contrast more, and thus get the point across.  Again, it is only an analogy to help us understand.

But back to the main points .

Just as in the composite images for the "red and green" souls ( all variant-lives added together), you also see various areas here between the red and green parts where the summation is strongest .  This is where the two souls have the strongest overlap, and the strongest interaction.  

Let’s say that soul A is your “current” life, and soul B is some other life (including a future or past version of you, some would call it (not wrong, not right) "reincarnation;" a different way would be to say "a parallel life").  It is at these points where the strongest overlap is that the souls relate, and support or influence each other.  Vice versa, if they have strong points in completely separate areas, it may indicate a conflict that they may try to resolve...

Shown here are only two souls, A and B, green and red.  But try to imagine all this with a myriad of other souls and structures -- all of which you relate to.

What emerges here, I hope, is a sort of visual analogy to how new souls are formed or "crystalized", and then interact. 

I think, you may get an idea of how complex all this is, compared to the traditional soul model, including reincarnation.  Yet, once you get it, you make the jump in understanding.  I hope these images help with that. Just remember, that this, too, is only an analogy to help you learn. There are other analogies, which I hope to present soon.

I plan on writing some follow-up articles that show more clearly how a variant life, YOUR LIFE, is not lost and fully intact or enfolded into the greater whole. More to come soon.

I hope this posting gives you an idea how much interlinked and connected everything is.  And maybe sparks an interest in you to learn more about it.

(Please see my followup article, on how this post here is linked to something potentially larger, maybe extending in time)

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.


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