I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

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Signs: A murder victim sends her time of death: the package was successfully delivered

This is part of a series of posts that deal with strange events that happened after a loved one died.  I’ve experienced many such events, but this one tops the list.  If this story doesn’t blow your mind, then I don’t know what will. It happened just a few weeks after my step-daughter was murdered:

After placing an online order for something in honor of my deceased step-daughter, the tracking system tells me that the package was delivered weeks ago at the exact date and time of her murder: “Your package was successfully delivered.”

I see it as a strong sign from Heather.

Heather was murdered on Thanksgiving-day, November 23, 2017.  While we do not know the very exact time of her death, we do know that she was murdered between roughly 10:00 and 10:30am EST.   We know this from the phone records:  we had talked to her last on the phone at around 10:00am, and then by 10:30am there was already no reply to a text message.

Now, in what follows, it is important to know that we are in a different time zone, Central European time, which is 6 hours ahead. So for us, the horrible event took place sometime between 16:00 and 16:30 on November 23 (that is 4:00PM and 4:15PM).

We did not get the tragic news until some hours later during a thanksgiving celebration. But that will not be the focus of this. Rather the peculiar events that happened about three weeks later.

Tracking a death

By now it is December, and it is getting close to Christmas, and my wife and I are struggling very much with Heather’s death.  So we talk about, how can we honor her for Christmas? Well, we decide, let’s decorate the tree this year in a way that she would love.  Let’s put ornaments on the tree in her favorite color, which is purple.  So we go off to buy purple Christmas tree ornaments.  It turns out, this was easier said than done; we could not find any purple ornaments in the local stores.

So I decide to order them on the internet. I find a manufacturer’s website, and order two boxes of purple ornaments online.  That was on December 14, 2017.

On December 18, I get an email from the manufacture telling me that my order has shipped using DHL, along with the tracking information.

Now it gets strange.

I go to the shipper’s website and type in the tracking info. It shows some result.  I look it over, but, wait, something is wrong… What’s going on here?

It says “the package was successfully delivered....

That can’t be... the package had just been dropped off for shipping that day, and certainly we did not receive it. There has to be some error. I double check the tracking number.  It all matches.  Yet, it says,  the package was delivered, including where and when. I wonder, did somebody enter a digit wrong?

But then I look at the address and date in more detail. And I’m flabbergasted.

It says:  “the package was successfully delivered...  on November 23, 16:17”.

It is the same date that Heather was murdered, now some 3 weeks in the past!   Not only that, it is at the SAME TIME that she was murdered!

Below is the screenshot from the actual DHL tracking page as of that day.  The page is in German, but all you need to know is that "Die Sendung wurde erfolgreich zugestellt"  means "The package was successfully delivered."

Tracking Info Before: The package has been successfully delivered
Screenshot from the actual tracking info from the DHL website, on December 18: The package was successfully delivered, on Nov 23, at 16:17

I am stunned.  

How can that be? Now, mind you, this is not any package, not like some random widget I ordered on amazon or whatever.  This package we specifically ordered “for Heather,” so it has special meaning.  And for that package to show tracking info with those dates, her dates, is really strange. Really strange.

Again, my first impulse was to believe that somehow, something got mixed up, and I am looking at the tracking for some completely different package.

But it gets stranger.  Two days later, on December 20, we do receive the package. Out of curiosity I decide to to check the tracking info again.  And to my great surprise, it now shows the previously described delivery information (including “the package was successfully delivered”), AS WELL AS new tracking data showing that our package is on the way to our house.  (See the screenshot below)

That means, the tracking number was correct all along, and was indeed for our package!  But somehow, it was merged with the tracking for some other package which happened to be delivered AT THE EXACT TIME AND DATE OF HEATHER’s MURDER:   “The package was successfully delivered on November 23, at 16:17.”

It is uncanny.

Tracking info after: the package was succussfully delivered, with both infos merged.
Screenshot from the actual DHL tracking page, as of Dec 20.  It shows both the new info (green), as well as the old one (red).

What are the odds?

What are the odds?  And I don’t mean this rhetorically, but really: what ARE the odds, that through some weird mix-up our order gets merged with the tracking for another, which happened to be delivered the exact date and time of Heather’s murder?  

This question really intrigued me, so I actually tried to figure it out.

I found some sources (In German: focus.de, freiepresse.de ) that shows how many packages DHL delivers:

  • In 2017, DHL delivers 3 million packages on a given day.  
  • At Christmas time, it goes up to up to 8.7 million per day.

So, let’s say that in the roughly three weeks between November 23 and December 18 DHL delivered an average of 5 million packages a day.  That is probably on the low side, but just so we can come up with a number. In that time-frame there are 22 workdays.

That means roughly 110 million packages were delivered in that time-frame ( 22 days * 5 million ).

Thus, the odds are roughly 1 in 110 million of hitting another order that was delivered on that date.  Let me put that into perspective: You have a better chance to win the lottery!

But note, the above only takes into account all the packages from Dec 18 back to Nov 23. The glitch really could have connected ANY tracking info, even some long before Nov 23,  say like January 11 2017.  In that case,  the odds are in the billions!  Plus, there is the issue of a glitch happening in and of itself.  I cannot even begin to guess what those odds would be, but whatever it is, it has to be added on top of it all.  We are now talking about astronomically high odds.

But somehow, with Heather’s package, we got a glitch that linked the delivery to the date and time of her death.  

I mean, sure, it still could be chance – but with odds of at least 1 in 110 million, if not in the billions? Come on!  It just can’t be explained!

What does it mean?

So first of all, is it possible?  I have seen many other strange things happen after people died.  Many of them had to do with electricity, including lights flickering on ( again, flicker ON!), lights going off and back on, a broken TV starting to work again, a radio that can’t be turned off, and so on.  Does it extend to computers? After the death of a close aunt, a strange computer-glitch inexplicably erased some files that were linked to her without a trace (meaning, no recovery program could find any trace they ever existed).   And since everything is some sort of electrical field and vibration, I would not rule it out that “a spirit” could also flip some particular bit in a computer system that causes a glitch like what I talk about in this post.  So, yes, I do believe it is possible.

Now, before this happened, we only knew Heather was murdered sometime between 16:00 and 16:30 but we did not know the exact time of death.  

Given these tremendous odds, to me and to others I had talked to, this is a sign from Heather. It’s an incredibly strange sign, but a sign that really hit home.  It is a sign that says “I am still here.”  It is a sign that says, there is more to us than just the physical.

And it’s a sign to let us know the exact time of death:  16:17.  

Can 16:17 be valid? It would mean that after we had talked to her last at 16:00, there may have been some roughly 15 minutes or so until the unthinkable took place.  I often talked to my wife about this, Heather's mother.  She always believed that the murder took place closer to 16:00.  But Heather and her murderer were former friends, so I see it as entirely possibly that they may have been talking for some time until it happened.

Is any of this really true?  Of course I can’t say for sure.

But, the odds of this are so staggering high, that I refuse to believe it is just random chance.  

Thank you, Heather, for sending this tremendous sign. The packages was successfully delivered.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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