I dedicate this site to the memory of my stepdaughter, Heather, who was murdered on Thanksgiving 2017. I want to chronicle some of the events and spiritual insights that happened. It is my hope that this may help some other souls who stumble upon this site. Maybe some good can come off this after all (read more here).  ~ May 2018

Soul Surfing: Surf the energy of your Soul’s inner guidance

Soul Surfing: Surf the energy of your Soul's inner guidance

6/4/2019 8:45 a.m.  Tuesday

Hanns (H): So let me do what I learned:

Willing? Check.  Gathering energy, mental energy?  Yes, feels good.  AT-Tuning?  Check.

The question is: “Why me?”  There seem to be many other people who could do this sort of thing. That is, write up their dialogue. Just as on Frank’s blog [Frank DeMarco], some other people sometimes put in guest-posts, and it is just like this here, if not at times better.

So, club, are you there?

The Club beyond Time and Space (TCB):  We are here. The point really is, there is nothing special to all this. Anybody can do this.  But with you, it is easier. Because you have become good at listening to your thoughts.  Intuition, that is your strong suite.  And trusting yourself.  Being able to march to an inner drum.  No, even being that drum.

Of course there are others who can this was well. And not surprisingly you will find many congregating around Frank’s blog, because it acts as an attractor.  [Isn’t] this is how you, too, found this?

So, yes, anybody can do this, but it is easier for some to learn than for others. It takes a certain “based-tuning,” a set of “strands” to make it easier.

H: Hmm….  So where do I take this?

TCB:  You don’t take anything. You let it flow. At best, you try to give it certain direction. Like you can channel water, channel the flow.  But there is a certain energy in this flow, and if you try to go upstream, as some will and have, then it becomes impossible or very hard.

Just like a river already has a flow, an energy that it has, so does this.

You can direct the flow. Or “surf” the flow, the wave. The idea of surfing is very good here. Because the wave has an energy that is directed, but the surfer has a freedom on top of this wave to move wherever he/she wants to, but it has to stay “in the flow” of the overall system.

The same with you. You can surf the flow. But not against it.  You can paddle out against the flow with difficulties, if you are skilled and maybe situate yourself in the right spot to catch the energy.

But then you catch the energy, that wave, and let it flow, “through you” and just ride it.

Just as right now, the words are just flowing out of you.

And that, my friend, is why you.  You are a “soul surfer.”

You always liked that word, did you not?  [laughing]

H: Yes, maybe that’s why these cheesy surf movies from the 80’s resonated so much [laughing].

TCB:  Yes, because that one was all about soul surfing.  Connecting, reading the ocean, being in the flow, then it becomes effortless and completely enjoyable.

Those movies were a parable for this ( insert the names later).  
[ Here are some: “North Shore,” “Surf’s up” (animated),  “Point Break,” and more recently “Mavericks” ]

So they were all not about the mechanics of surfing, perfecting the mechanics, but the spirit of being one with the ocean, of being the ocean while surfing, feeling the energy, knowing where it flows.  How much similar is this not to Taoism, simply letting it all flow.

H: Yes. Like that story by Chuang Tzu about the butcher who just feels and thereby cuts efficiently.

TCB:  [laughing] From surfing to a butcher, but OK,  yes same thing.

And the whole thing here is the same.  You have to feel the energy, and then just ride the wave, gently steering and see where it takes you, working together as one, you and it merging, you gently steering, and trusting that the outcome is all good, because it always is:  It’s all good.

H:  That’s what Heather used to say:  It is what it is.  It is all good.

TCB:  Because she knew. She had learned that lesson. Fighting it, it’s pointless, you can’t win against the energy of the universe. But to surf that energy, that is another matter altogether.

H: Just got “silver surfer” in the back of the my mind.

TCB: Well, yes, he was a product of the sixties, you know, Beach Boys and then Silver Surfer when the surfing “fad” hit music.   But nonetheless, the Beach Boys, too, were all about harmonics, at least early, you know?
H: Of course.

TCB:  But maybe that is enough for today.

So surf. Surf the energies, the flow. Don’t fight it. Be with it, feel it, slightly direct it, give the flow shape.  

That’s the secret.  And that’s why you. Because you have been doing it all your life already, just implicitly, and now you make it explicit, you are becoming aware of that mental movement or flow, and give it shape. It’s just a bit easier for you than others, but they can learn as well.

Let’s stop. You need to work and earn some money now, right? [laughing]
H: Yes [laughing also].  But now I am OK, and can do it.

TCB: See!?
H: Yes, very much. Thank you. Bye.

Namaste — I bow to you and the Divine in you.

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