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Soul membranes and bleed-through as Wave Interference and the Fluidity of Dreaming

Soul-membranes and their bleed-through is explained in terms of wave interference, superposition, and weighted wave functions. The fluidity of this process is best experienced in dreams.

4/30/2020 7:33 a.m.

A cool and misty morning, looks like one in a series of days with rain.  That’s good, ‘cause after the beautiful sunny April we have had we need the rain…  Everything goes in circles?  Maybe.

Anyways, I do have topics lined up, to continue of our discussions of bleed-through (re-, pre-, and cross-percussions) and membranes  (soul-membranes, variant-lives membranes, etc. )

Last time we left off by saying there is an overlap (branch drift) between the various variants, and thereby we have a cross-influence, that is (literally) a “flowing in” (influx) from variants that “influence” this life.  There was a startling parallel in that very word – influence – as it once meant an ethereal “fluid” that flows from the stars to influence our lives.  So here, in that word, we also have fluid similar to “blood,” and flowing as in “bleed-through,” [being influenced]  by other powers than just me.

Now, I did not write yesterday (I was too tired in the morning) but I had two further insights since.

So let’s start.  Let me tune in, into the winds, the birds, the moment, and calm down.

And I am getting “being in two places at once,” which is a nice summary of one of the insights.*

*[Strange, I did not notice it when I had the session, but what I meant, and what it should have been is:  “two being in the same time and place at once.” An interesting difference; I have to check into that.]

The Club: We are here.

So the last time, you threw me off with this sentence, “the overlap of membranes is more like a superposition.”  But I think, [the reason why it threw me off is because] I think I took this more like seeing membranes, again, as hardened entities.  Last night, then, I was reading some more in my book on wave mechanics, and there it was:

A superposition of two waves allows both to be in the same space at once.  They then add or interfere to form a new waveform, which can separate again as the two waves move past each other.

So, the key is to see membranes in their wave aspects.

Correct. You already did all the pre-work, not sure what we can add.

Again, it is all very fluid, and everything flows into one “membrane,” and vice versa.  We spoke of soul-waves, and choice-waves, and All-D waves, that all interfere with each other, and it is in this interference regions partition themselves into membranes.

So the wave-aspect of All-That-Is is very important.

As we said, the entity aspect of all, may it be an atom, a cell, a life, an oversoul, or whatnot, is but the tip of the iceberg, and it all interferes with each other.

So by nature of being a wave (and entity) they all CAN interfere.

[ I remember a section from the last talk, which talked about the enabling condition, and look it up:   “At no time is it separate, this is WHY bleed-through can happen.”]

OK, bleed-through, interference and additions, influence…

[ I am getting the urge to look up that word “interference,” but it is not in the book, and my cell-phone has not been turned on yet.  I do that, it starts up while I keep writing ]

However, as I just looked in the book I did see the entry for “inform.” We had this in our discussion on information.  “Information” literally means “to put into a form” (in-form), to give something a shape.

So here, through this bleed through, interference of waves, various grooves, valleys and tops [in the shape of the resulting wave] are formed that then condition the appearance of structures, i.e. entities.

[The cell-phone has now booted up and I look up the word:
“interference," meaning “to strike against,” from French entre- “between” and ferir “to strike,” from Latin ferire (to strike), which itself came from Latin farare “to bore, pierce,” from the IE root *bhorh “hole.”  We still have this sense in the word “punch,” as in punching a hole, which still holds that sense of hitting and striking through something]

Wow, again, how fitting is this ?!

We “interfered,” so to speak, to make you look up the word.

But yes, interference is “boring through” in one sense, the waves bore through each other.  

We also had this sense of re-, pre-, and cross-percussions, with the sense of the universal beat [The Pulse of Being], of how these waves interfere from the past, present (variants) and future.

So here in “interfere” you have all these senses.

And, as you also said, through this interference, information is created that allows shapes to form in various moments and places AS entities.  But the information is really contained in the wave already.

I am getting [David] Bohm’s quantum potential as an example, with these images [in “The undivided universe”] that show all these grows and so on.  And it was non-local.

Let’s stay here, please.  That is for another day.

So bleed-through is an interference between the wave forms between the waveforms that are various membranes.  Fine, good enough for now.

Thereby they can overlap, and influence each other.

However, it is really all that overlaps all the time.  So the other notion that is important, and was hinted at often, is the weighting of these membranes.

I reckon that is where the superposition comes in, because in QM we have a weighted superposition, such as

Total = c1 × subpart_1 + c2 × subpart_2.   *

Now, with waves, this is the sub-waves that overlap with various strengths.

*[In this simple superposition, c1 and c1 are these weights or "coefficients," which can be complex numbers, not just reals.]

There are differences.

Right.  In QM, the superposition is really between eigenvectors and eigenvalues of an observable.  Not really a wave.  The wave aspect then comes in more clearly in Schrödinger’s equations of motion [which relates how the change in energy to the velocity of the system].

Stop with the techno-babble! [both laugh] Eigenvectors, eigenvalues, whatever…

The key point is this weighted mixing of it all.

This, through weighted interference, brings very specific “vibrations” into being, and these are the “membranes,” which are “drawn” around parts of the total All-That-Is, that is a part-itioning of space [vector-space, the whole].

Where All-D may be the higher dimensional Hilbert space of QM.

Labels, labels, labels. What does it matter?

Just trying to build a bridge.

Building will come.  Now, let’s talk about your other insight.

OK, “dreams.” Here everything is very fluent.  I mean, I have the craziest dreams.  Or rather, maybe I am the only person in my little family here that often remembers dreams.  My dreams all seem very random; it’s not like Freud or Jung said that I feel I am working out issues in my subconscious, but just seem like random stories.  But, oh, what stories!  Some could be movies, great movies, for sure I say!

At any rate, it is all so fluid in these dreams, pulling and mixing together all these various elements into often a storyline that is dreamt, but I can switch from being one character to being another, as it is all me!

Stop right there:  “As it is all me.” Not, it really IS all you.

Only, in your dreams, you are more free to move into and out of.  

This is “the bridge” now to interference and membranes.

Right.  In my dreams, all these characters and elements, and moments, are still membranes drawn around some whole, but they come and go more freely.

The “boundaries” are softer.  While you are awake, the boundaries are seemingly harder.  They evolve over time as memory and experience comes in, plus are shaped by the interference with all else.

But still, during waking hours, the self is there, formed, as a central structure (compare before) but it continues on, while interfered with (and interfering with) all else.

The difference is how persistent a boundary, a membrane, is.

In dreams, membranes are oh so much fluent.*

*[Note again how "fluent" and in-flux and influence are related words, and thereby bleed-through or flow-through]

Hmmm.  Because the weights (in a superposition) can shift more?

I got this right now, also:  In QM,  a “wave function” is basically the set of weights of the superposition (of the state vectors). 

The term “wave function” only comes from the earliest time of QM, where it dealt more with waves (i.e. Schrödinger), and the matrix stuff (Heisenberg, Dirac) came after.

Yet there is a connection, and it appears to be the weights.

[Note to me: Need to read up on it again.]

Remember, though, these weights are dependent on the basis ( the origin, and axes ) and somewhat arbitrary.

But is that not what happens in a dream?  I can switch characters and environments – is that not maybe a switching of basis, to look at the whole [state-]space differently?

We remain silent. You are on a good path, but you need to learn it yourself.

Ah, that’s always your “out.” Just say that “you don’t know it either.” Smiling.

If it would please you – laughing.  No, this dialogue now [today] has evolved enough to the point where you are comfortable.  Going  beyond this would be unproductive.  
All this has to first “sync in” for you to take the next step.

Fine. Sounds like an ending.  We’ll stop.  Bye then.

Bye, have a good day choosing.


Namaste — I and the Divine in me bow to You and the Divine in You.

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